Laurier—Sainte-Marie is a federal electoral district in Downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1988. Its population in 2006 was 101,758.

Quebec electoral district
Laurier—Sainte-Marie in relation to other electoral districts in Montreal and Laval
Federal electoral district
LegislatureHouse of Commons
Steven Guilbeault
District created1987
First contested1988
Last contested2019
District webpageprofile, map
Population (2016)[1]111,835
Electors (2019)82,524
Area (km²)[2]10.40
Pop. density (per km²)10,753.4
Census division(s)Montreal
Census subdivision(s)Montreal


The district includes Côte Saint-Louis and the eastern parts of The Plateau and Mile End in the Borough of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal and the eastern part of Downtown Montreal and the western part of Centre-Sud (including part of the neighbourhood of Sainte-Marie) in the Borough of Ville-Marie.


In 1987, the district of "Laurier—Sainte-Marie" was created from Laurier, Montreal—Sainte-Marie and Saint-Jacques ridings.

In 2003, Laurier—Sainte-Marie was abolished when it was redistributed into Laurier and Hochelaga ridings.

After the 2004 election, Laurier riding was renamed "Laurier—Sainte-Marie" in 2004.

The name comes from Laurier Avenue, a street in Plateau Mont-Royal named after Wilfrid Laurier, and Sainte-Marie, a former name for Centre-Sud, which in turn came from a parish church dedicated to Saint Mary.

The riding was represented by Gilles Duceppe, leader of the Bloc Québécois, until 2011 when he was defeated by Hélène Laverdière of the New Democratic Party.

This riding lost territory to Outremont and Ville-Marie—Le Sud-Ouest—Île-des-Sœurs, and gained territory from Hochelaga, Westmount—Ville-Marie and Outremont during the 2012 electoral redistribution.

Former boundaries


According to the Canada 2006 Census

Racial groups: 84.9% White, 3.6% Black, 2.9% Latin American, 2.1% Chinese, 1.8% Arab, 1.5% Southeast Asian, 1.4% South Asian
Religions (2001): 68.5% Catholic, 2.8% Muslim, 2.8% Protestant, 1.4% Buddhist, 1.1% Christian Orthodox, 1.0% Other Christian, 21.0% No religion
Average income: $25,079

According to the Canada 2016 Census
  • Twenty most common mother tongue languages (2016) : 70.9% French, 10.4% English, 4.1% Spanish, 2.3% Arabic, 1.4% Mandarin, 1.2% Portuguese, 1.2% Cantonese, 0.9% Bengali, 0.7% Farsi, 0.7% Vietnamese, 0.6% Russian, 0.5% Italian, 0.4% German, 0.4% Romanian, 0.3% Creole languages, 0.3% Polish, 0.2% Greek, 0.2% Korean, 0.2% Japanese, 0.2% Turkish[3]

Riding Associations

Riding associations are the local branches of political parties:

Party Association Name CEO HQ Address
Communist Laurier—Sainte-Marie EDA, CPC Pierre Fontaine 1703 Létourneux
Conservative Laurier—Sainte-Marie Conservative Association Bertrane Royer 4390 Rue de Mentana
Green Association du Parti Vert du Canada de Laurier—Sainte-Marie Jamil Azzaoui Montreal
Liberal Laurier—Sainte-Marie Federal Liberal Association Sendanga Yeba 5323 Avenue de Lorimier
New Democratic NDP Riding Association of Laurier—Sainte-Marie Nicholas Trottier 312B-4821 Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Members of Parliament

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Riding created from Laurier, Montreal—Sainte-Marie
and Saint-Jacques
34th  1988–1990     Jean-Claude Malépart Liberal
 1990–1993     Gilles Duceppe Independent
35th  1993–1997     Bloc Québécois
36th  1997–2000
37th  2000–2004
38th  2004–2006     Gilles Duceppe Bloc Québécois
39th  2006–2008     Gilles Duceppe Bloc Québécois
40th  2008–2011
41st  2011–2015     Hélène Laverdière New Democratic
42nd  2015–2019
43rd  2019–present     Steven Guilbeault Liberal

Election results

2019 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
LiberalSteven Guilbeault22,30641.77+18.11$84,747.37
New DemocraticNimâ Machouf13,45325.19-13.08
Bloc QuébécoisMichel Duchesne12,18822.82-5.89$25,536.85
GreenJamil Azzaoui3,2256.04+2.56
ConservativeLise des Greniers1,5042.82-1.28
People'sChristine Bui3200.6
RhinocerosArchie Morals2080.39
Marxist–LeninistSerge Lachapelle980.18-0.01
CommunistAdrien Welsh670.13-0.06$867.96
IndependentDimitri Mourkes420.08
Total valid votes/Expense limit 53,409100.0
Total rejected ballots 551
Turnout 53,96065.4
Eligible voters 82,524
Source: Elections Canada[4][5]
2015 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
New DemocraticHélène Laverdière20,92938.27-8.21$89,556.47
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe15,69928.71-6.23$57,168.55
LiberalChristine Poirier12,93823.66+12.99$38,580.06
ConservativeDaniel Gaudreau2,2424.10+0.15$4,220.00
GreenCyrille Giraud1,9043.48+0.84$4,793.71
LibertarianStéphane Beaulieu6041.10
IndependentJulien Bernatchez1600.29
Marxist–LeninistSerge Lachapelle1030.19
CommunistPierre Fontaine1020.19
Total valid votes/Expense limit 54,681100.00 $221,434.26
Total rejected ballots 5941.07
Turnout 55,27565.69
Eligible voters 84,142
New Democratic hold Swing -0.99
Source: Elections Canada[6][7]
2011 federal election redistributed results[8]
Party Vote  %
  New Democratic23,74946.48
  Bloc Québécois17,85334.94
2011 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
New DemocraticHélène Laverdière23,37346.64+29.53$22,982
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe17,99135.90−14.34$81,167
LiberalPhilippe Allard4,9769.93−8.40$16,728
ConservativeCharles K. Langford1,7643.52−1.31$4,611
GreenOlivier Adam1,3242.64−5.28$1,532
RhinocerosFrançois Yo Gourd3980.79−0.14none listed
CommunistSylvain Archambault1370.27+0.10$1,606
Marxist–LeninistSerge Lachapelle770.15−0.09none listed
IndependentDimitri Mourkes730.15none listed
Total valid votes/Expense limit 50,113100.00
Total rejected ballots 4710.93
Turnout 50,58463.41
Electors on the lists 79,772
New Democratic gain from Bloc Québécois Swing +21.94%
Source: Official Results, Elections Canada and Financial Returns, Elections Canada.
2008 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe24,10350.24−4.45$71,127
LiberalSébastien Caron8,79818.33+5.88$30,225
New DemocraticFrançois Grégoire8,20917.11+0.44$31,151
GreenDylan Perceval-Maxwell3,8017.92−0.38$7,171
ConservativeCharles K. Langford2,3204.83−1.55$5,590
RhinocerosFrançois Yo Gourd4470.93$388
Marxist–LeninistSerge Lachapelle1180.24−0.03
IndependentDaniel "F4J" Laforest930.19
CommunistSamie Pagé-Quirion860.17−0.03$898
Total valid votes/Expense limit 47,975100.00$84,641
Total rejected ballots 4060.84
Turnout 48,381 61.10
2006 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe26,77354.69−5.4$74,181
New DemocraticFrançois Grégoire8,16516.67+4.6$20,195
LiberalSoeung Tang6,09512.45−5.2$12,436
GreenDylan Perceval-Maxwell4,0648.30+2.2$2,265
ConservativeCarlos De Sousa3,1246.38+3.8$15,665
MarijuanaNicky Tanguay3380.69−0.5
IndependentJocelyne Leduc1570.32*
Marxist–LeninistGinette Boutet1370.27−0.0
CommunistEvelyn Elizabeth Ruiz1000.20*$926
Total valid votes/Expense limit 48,953100.00$79,692
Total rejected ballots 392 0.79
Turnout 49,345 61.26
2004 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe28,72860.1+7.3$69,284
LiberalJean-François Thibault8,45417.7−8.1$52,945
New DemocraticFrançois Grégoire5,77912.1+7.3$5,400
GreenDylan Perceval-Maxwell2,9126.1+1.2$2,801
ConservativePierre Albert1,2242.6−3.8$4,658
MarijuanaNicky Tanguay5721.2−3.7
Marxist–LeninistGinette Boutet1540.3−0.3
Total valid votes/Expense limit 47,823 100.0 $79,214
Note: Conservative vote is compared to the total of the Canadian Alliance vote and Progressive Conservative vote in the 2000 election in the riding of Laurier—Sainte-Marie.
2000 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe23,47352.8−1.9
LiberalJean Philippe Côté11,45125.7+2.8
GreenDylan Perceval-Maxwell2,1694.9+2.5
MarijuanaMarc-Boris St-Maurice2,1564.8
New DemocraticRichard Chartier2,1214.8+0.3
Progressive ConservativeJean François Tessier1,8794.2−7.7
AllianceStéphane Prud'homme9602.2
Marxist–LeninistGinette Boutet2690.6−0.1
Total valid votes 44,478100.0
1997 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe26,54654.7−7.0
LiberalDavid Ly11,15423.0−1.6
Progressive ConservativeYanick Deschênes5,80812.0+6.6
New DemocraticFrançois Degardin2,1804.5+1.4
IndependentFrançois Gourd1,2552.6
GreenDylan Perceval-Maxwell1,1672.4−0.2
Marxist–LeninistSerge Lachapelle3380.7+0.2
IndependentMathieu Ravignat1230.3
Total valid votes 48,571100.0
1993 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%±%Expenditures
Bloc QuébécoisGilles Duceppe25,06061.79$39,969
LiberalRobert Desbiens9,94024.51−14.56$41,625
Progressive ConservativeYvan Routhier2,1565.32−24.34$19,947
New DemocraticAlain Gravel1,2373.05−18.57$5,169
GreenJohn Tromp1,0502.59−0.93$1,304
Natural LawPierre Bergeron6521.61$0
Marxist–LeninistNormand Chouinard2050.51+0.19$80
Communist LeagueMichel Dugré1310.32$507
Commonwealth of CanadaSophie Brassard1270.31+0.12$0
Total valid votes 40,558 100.00
Total rejected ballots 1,592
Turnout 42,150 71.29 +1.96
Electors on the lists 59,126
Source: Thirty-fifth General Election, 1993: Official Voting Results, Published by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Financial figures taken from the official contributions and expenses submitted by the candidates, provided by Elections Canada. Percentage change figures are made in relation to the 1988 general election, not the 1990 by-election.
Canadian federal by-election, 13 August 1990
Death of Jean-Claude Malépart
Party Candidate Votes%±%
IndependentGilles Duceppe16,81866.9
LiberalDenis Coderre4,81219.1−19.9
New DemocraticLouise O'Neill1,8217.2−14.4
Progressive ConservativeChristian Fortin1,1204.5−25.2
GreenMichel Szabo3951.6−1.9
IndependentDaniel Perreault1230.5
IndependentRejean Robidoux420.2
Total valid votes 25,131100.0
1988 Canadian federal election
Party Candidate Votes%Expenditures
LiberalJean-Claude Malepart15,95639.07$41,754
Progressive ConservativeCharles Hamelin12,11329.66$35,391
New DemocraticFrançois Beaulne8,82821.62$42,678
RhinocerosSonia Chatouille Côté2,1215.19$425
GreenPhilippe Champagne1,4383.52$0
CommunistMarianne Roy1750.43$1,263
Independent Marxist-LeninistHélène Héroux1300.32$130
Commonwealth of CanadaDaniel Gonzales790.19$0
Total valid votes 40,840 100.00
Total rejected ballots 729
Turnout 41,569 69.33
Electors on the lists 59,956
Source: Report of the Chief Electoral Officer, Thirty-fourth General Election, 1988.

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