Leader of the Opposition (Alberta)

The leader of Her Majesty's Opposition has been a position in the Legislative Assembly of Alberta since 1905.

Alberta has enjoyed long periods of stable government rule, and has elected massive government majority during almost every election in its history. In most other legislatures in Canada, the opposition party is traditionally recognized as a government in waiting, and will alternate periods of government among two or three parties. In Alberta however the opposition has traditionally been very small in terms of seat numbers, and highly unstable in terms of party leadership.[1]

Until Jason Kenney‘s United Conservative Party formed government in 2019, Peter Lougheed was the only leader of the Opposition who has ever gone on to become Premier of Alberta. Until 2019, Harry Strom, whom Lougheed defeated, was the only premier who has ever gone on to serve as opposition leader. Currently, former Premier Rachel Notley serves as the leader of the Opposition, due to the New Democratic Party‘s defeat in the 2019 Alberta general election after the consolidation of Alberta’s conservative political parties.[2]