Lente Loco

Lente Loco (English translation: "Crazy Lens") is a hidden camera-comedy television that aired on Univision from 1992[1] to 2001. Similar to the long-running Candid Camera, the show involved concealing cameras filming ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations. Carlos Marquez-Sterling was creator along with Manuel Elgarresta and Fernando Fiore, the original host of Lente Loco beginning in 1992. Model Odalys Garcia joined the show midway through its first season, remaining on the show for the rest of its run. George Ortuzar replaced Fiore as host in 1993. Ortuzar left in 1995 and was replaced by Raymond Arrieta for the remainder of its run.

Lente Loco
Created byCarlos Marquez-Sterling
Manuel Elgarresta
Developed byCarlos Marquez-Sterling
Written byCarlos Marquez-Sterling
Manuel Elgarresta
Fernando Fiore
Directed byBert Delgado
Papo Jolguera
Presented byFernando Fiore (1992–1993)
Odalys Garcia (1993–2001)
George Ortuzar (1993–1995)
Raymond Arrieta (1995–2001)
Narrated byLuis Chao (1998–2001)
Theme music composerCarlos Marmo
Country of originUnited States
Original languageSpanish
Executive producerJo-Ann Rullan
ProducersCarlos Marquez-Sterling
Manuel Elgarresta
Production locationsMiami, FL
EditorsMaria Booker
Emilio Pimentel
Original networkUnivision
Original release1992 (1992) 
2001 (2001)

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