Lexington Avenue

Lexington Avenue, often colloquially abbreviated as "Lex", is an avenue on the East Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City that carries southbound one-way traffic from East 131st Street to Gramercy Park at East 21st Street. Along its 5.5-mile (8.9-kilometer), 110-block route, Lexington Avenue runs through Harlem, Carnegie Hill, the Upper East Side, Midtown, and Murray Hill to a point of origin that is centered on Gramercy Park. South of Gramercy Park, the axis continues as Irving Place from 20th Street to East 14th Street.

Lexington Avenue
Irving Place
Looking northward from the top floors
of the Chrysler Building
Namesake Battle of Lexington[1]
Maintained by NYCDOT
Length 5.8 mi[2][3] (9.3 km)
Location Manhattan, New York City
South end 14th Street in Gramercy Park
Third Avenue Bridge in East Harlem
North end 131st Street in East Harlem
East Third Avenue
West Park Avenue
Commissioned 1832
Completion 1836

Lexington Avenue was not one of the streets included in the Commissioners' Plan of 1811 street grid, so the addresses for cross streets do not start at an even hundred number, as they do with avenues that were originally part of the plan.

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