Liath: WorldSpiral

Liath: WorldSpiral (Russian: Лиат: Спираль мира) is a 1998 Russian adventure video game developed by Amber Company and Exortus, and published by Project Two Interactive for Windows.

Liath: WorldSpiral
Cover of the game


The surrealist design of the game took around two years to develop.[1] Oleg Kozhukhov served as the game's director and producer.[2]

Plot and gameplay

The player is a magician named Criss who is looking for a friend named Tiche, who disappeared many years ago in a place called Azeretus.

Gameplay involves talking to characters, solving puzzles, and exploring the environment.

Critical reception

Adventure Gamers was not impressed with the English translation of the game.[3] Just Adventure gave high praise to the title's visual aesthetic.[4] NQuest felt the game didn't have a very distinct plot.[5] Game Over felt the game promised too much and undelivered.[6] Quandaryland thought the game had charm despite its many flaws.[7]


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