Liberal Party (Brazil, 2006)

The Liberal Party (Portuguese: Partido Liberal, PL), formerly known as Party of the Republic (Portuguese: Partido da República, PR), is a Brazilian conservative political party.

Liberal Party

Partido Liberal
PresidentJosé Tadeu Candelária
FoundedDecember 21, 2006
Merger ofPL
Preceded byParty of the Republic
HeadquartersSCN-Qd. 2, Bl. D Sala 601, Edifício Liberty Mall Asa Norte
Economic liberalism
Civic nationalism
Christian democracy
Political positionCentre-right[2]
National affiliationFor Brazil to keep on changing (until 2010)
Colours     Red
TSE Identification Number22
Seats in the Chamber of Deputies
37 / 513
Seats in the Senate
2 / 81
Seats in Legislative Assemblies
43 / 1,024


It was founded on December 21, 2006 by the merger of the Evangelical-influenced Liberal Party (Partido Liberal, PL) and the right Party of the Reconstruction of the National Order (Partido da Reedificação da Ordem Nacional, PRONA).

At the 2010 elections, the party focused on the parliamentary elections; it won 41 of the 513 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 4 of the 81 Senate seats.

Sergio Victor Tamer, the party's founder, was president from 2006-2014. Alfredo Nascimento succeeded Tamer as the president of the PR until April 2016 when he resigned due to the party leadership not supporting the Impeachment of Dilma Rousseff. However, 26 of the PR's MPs did vote for her impeachment.

On 7 May 2019, the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) voted to approve a motion of the party to change its name back to Liberal Party (PL).[3]


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