Liberalism and radicalism in France

Liberalism and radicalism in France refer to different movements and ideologies.

The main line of conflict in France during the 19th century was between monarchists (mainly Legitimists and Orléanists, but also Bonapartists) and republicans (Radical-Socialists, Opportunist Republicans, and later socialists). The Orléanists, who favoured constitutional monarchy and economic liberalism, were opposed to Republican Radicals.

The Republican, Radical and Radical-Socialist Party (now mostly re-grouped in the Radical Movement), and especially the Republican parties (Democratic Republican Alliance, Republican Federation, National Centre of Independents and Peasants, Independent Republicans, Republican Party, Liberal Democracy) have since embraced liberalism, including its economic version, and have mostly joined either the Union for a Popular Movement in 2002, later renamed The Republicans in 2015, or the Union of Democrats and Independents, launched in 2012. Emmanuel Macron, a former member of the Socialist Party, launched La République En Marche! in 2016 and was elected President of France the next year.