Liborius of Le Mans

Liborius of Le Mans (c. 348–397) was the second Bishop of Le Mans. He is the patron saint of the cathedral and archdiocese of Paderborn in Germany. The year of his birth is unknown; he died in 397, reputedly on 23 July.[2]

Saint Liborius
Saint Liborius, relief in the Trinity Chapel of the Paderborn Cathedral.
Bishop, Confessor, Pastor
Le Mans (modern-day France)
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Major shrinePaderborn
Feast23 July
Attributespebbles on a book; peacock; episcopal attire [1]
Patronageagainst calculi; against colic; against fever; against gall stones; Paderborn Cathedral; Paderborn

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