Libya–Serbia relations

Libya–Serbia relations are diplomatic relations between Libya and Serbia. Libya has an embassy in Belgrade[1] and Serbia has an embassy in Tripoli.[2]

Libya-Serbia relations




Boris Tadić with Muammar Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi built a strong diplomatic relationship with Yugoslavia and then maintained it with Serbia.[3]

One of the more important connections was the arms trade, first between the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Libya, and then continuing with Serbia after the breakup of Yugoslavia.[4] Several aircraft of the Libyan Jamahiriyan Air Force which were captured or used to defend Gaddafi-loyalists were made by Yugoslav aircraft-manufacturer SOKO in present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina.[5][6] Muammar Gaddafi maintained strong diplomatic with Serbia after Yugoslavia broke up in 1991-1995.[7] Public opinion in Serbia has been cited to be supportive of the Muammar Gaddafi regime.[8][9][10]

Libyan civil war

On August 25, 2011, Serbia officially recognized the National Transitional Council as the ruling government in Libya.[11] However, the relations with the transitional government were strained from the very beginning of the Libyan Civil War when five Serbs were captured by Anti-Gaddafi rebels under the suspicion that they fought as mercenaries for Muammar Gaddafi.[12] As of April 2012 all five still remained in detainment in Libya.[13][14] Libya al Youm then reported that more mercenaries had been flown in from Banja Luka.[15] The Serbian minister of defence, Dragan Sutanovac, denied reports that Serbian warplanes had bombed anti-Qaddafi protestors.[16]

Post-civil war

On 7 November 2015 two Serbian embassy workers in Libya were kidnapped by an unknown group, as reported by the Serbian foreign ministry.[17]

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