Limes Alutanus

The Limes Alutanus was a fortified line consisting of a vallum, built in the North-South direction, on the eastern side of the Olt river and seven Roman castra, as is remembered by Tabula Peutingeriana. Limes Alutanus was the eastern border of the Roman province of Dacia.[1]

Limes Alutanus - Red Line in the left

The fortification was ordered by the Roman emperor Hadrian, in order to stop invasions and raids from the east.[2]

The following seven castra positions were assumed by Romanian archeologist Vasile Pârvan, and later confirmed by archeological research. They are:[3][4]

Historian Adrian Bejan also adds these castra in his work, Dacia Felix:[6]

On the Olt River, at least other three castra exists: