Limpieza de sangre

The concept of limpieza de sangre (Spanish: [limˈpjeθa ðe ˈsaŋɡɾe]), limpeza de sangue (Portuguese: [lĩˈpezɐ ðɨ ˈsɐ̃ɡɨ], Galician: [limˈpeθɐ ðɪ ˈsaŋɡɪ]) or neteja de sang (Catalan: [nəˈtɛʒə ðə ˈsaŋ]), literally "cleanliness of blood" and meaning "blood purity", was an early system of racialized discrimination used in early modern Spain and Portugal.

The label referred to those who were considered "Old Christians", without recent ancestry from people who had not been Christian, such as Muslim or Jewish ancestors. In the context of the Spanish Empire, the concept defined castes of those of Spanish or Portuguese ancestry, as opposed to the non-Christian aboriginal populations of Asia, Africa and the Americas.

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