Lin Zexu

Lin Zexu (30 August 1785 – 22 November 1850), courtesy name Yuanfu, was a Chinese head of states (Viceroy), Governor General, scholar-official under Emperor of the Qing dynasty best known for his role in the First Opium War of 1839–42. He was from Fuzhou, Fujian Province. Lin's forceful opposition to the opium trade was a primary catalyst for the First Opium War. He is praised for his constant position on the "moral high ground" in his fight, but he is also blamed for a rigid approach which failed to account for the domestic and international complexities of the problem.[2] The Daoguang Emperor endorsed the hardline policies and anti-drugs movement advocated by Lin, but then blamed Lin for the resulting disastrous war.[3]

Lin Zexu
An 1843 drawing of Lin
Viceroy of Liangguang
In office
21 January 1840  3 October 1840
Preceded byDeng Tingzhen
Succeeded byQishan
Viceroy of Shaan-Gan
In office
1845 (acting)
Preceded byBuyantai
Succeeded byYang Yizeng (acting)
Viceroy of Yun-Gui
In office
30 April 1847  10 September 1849
Preceded byLi Xingyuan (Li Hsing-yüan)[1]
Succeeded byCheng Yuzai (Ch'eng Yü-tsai)[1]
Viceroy of Huguang
In office
February 1837  December 1838
Preceded byNergingge
Succeeded byZhou Tianjue
Personal details
Born(1785-08-30)30 August 1785
Houguan County, Fujian, Qing Empire
Died22 November 1850(1850-11-22) (aged 65)
Puning County, Guangdong, Qing Empire
EducationJinshi 進士 degree
Military service
Battles/warsFirst Opium War
Lin Zexu
Traditional Chinese林則徐
Simplified Chinese林则徐
Courtesy name
Traditional Chinese元撫
Simplified Chinese元抚