Linlithgow Pursuivant

Linlithgow Pursuivant of Arms is a Scottish pursuivant of arms of the Court of the Lord Lyon.

Linlithgow Pursuivant
The heraldic badge of Linlithgow Pursuivant of Arms
Heraldic traditionGallo-British
Governing bodyCourt of the Lord Lyon

This title is locative in origin, and is derived from the name of a royal burgh of Linlithgow and palace of the same name.[1] The title is often used for a Pursuivant Extraordinary.

The badge of office is A greyhound bitch passant Sable ensigned of a coronet of four fleur de lys (two visible) and four crosses pattee (one and two halves visible) Or.[2]

The office is currently held by Professor[3] Gillian Black. She took part in the Royal Procession at the 2023 Coronation.[4]

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