List of Anglican Communion dioceses

This is an alphabetical list of bishops and archbishops of the Anglican Communion, with links to articles about their dioceses or provinces where possible.

As of 2020 the Anglican Communion (as recognised by the Anglican Consultative Council) consists of 865 dioceses and 18 additional Ordinary jurisdictions (see list below) giving a total of 883 bishops; this total includes 77 archbishops (or equivalents, such as 'Presiding Bishop'), of whom 41 have the status of 'primate', and membership of the Primates' Meeting. There are, additionally, many suffragan or assistant bishops, as well as bishops of non-Anglican churches that are also in full communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury through arrangements such as the Porvoo Communion.

There is also a number of bishops in different denominations of the Continuing Anglican movement. Continuing Anglicanism is outside the Anglican Communion.