List of Bohemian royal consorts

This is a list of the royal consorts of the rulers of Bohemia.

Saint Ludmila, first Duchess of Bohemia, wife of Bořivoj I, progenitress of Czech rulers and also their wives.

The first Duchess of Bohemia (česká kněžna) was St. Ludmila, while the first Queen of Bohemia (česká královna) was Świętosława of Poland. Some of them were (like their husbands) not crowned.

There was only one queen regnant in Czech history - Maria Theresa. Nevertheless, some female royal consorts were highly influential in the country's history, having ruled as regents for their minor children and heirs, as well as having a great influence over their spouses.

The title was used until 1918, when husband of the last queen was deposed.

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