List of Chinese administrative divisions by area

This is a list of the first-level administrative divisions of the People's Republic of China (PRC), including all provinces (except the claimed Taiwan Province), autonomous regions, special administrative regions, and municipalities, in order of their total land area as reported by the national or provincial-level government.

RankAdministrative divisionArea (km²)Area (sq mi)National
share (%)
1Xinjiang1,664,900 642,80017.31[1]
2Tibet1,228,400 474,30012.77[2]
3Inner Mongolia1,183,000 457,00012.30[3]
4Qinghai722,300 278,9007.51[4]
5Sichuan486,100 187,7005.05[5]
6Heilongjiang454,800 175,6004.73[6][lower-alpha 1]
7Gansu425,800 164,4004.43[9]
8Yunnan394,100 152,2004.10[10]
9Guangxi237,600 91,7002.47[11]
10Hunan211,800 81,8002.20[12]
11Shaanxi205,800 79,5002.14[13]
12Hebei188,800 72,9001.96[14]
13Jilin187,400 72,4001.95[15]
14Hubei185,900 71,8001.93[16]
15Guangdong179,700 69,4001.87[17]
16Guizhou176,200 68,0001.83[18]
17Henan167,000 64,5001.74[19]
18Jiangxi166,900 64,4001.74[20]
19Shandong157,100 60,7001.63[21]
20Shanxi156,700 60,5001.63[22]
21Liaoning148,400 57,3001.54[23]
22Anhui139,400 53,8001.45[24]
23Fujian123,900 47,8001.29[25]
24Jiangsu102,600 39,6001.07[26]
25Zhejiang101,800 39,3001.06[27]
26Chongqing82,400 31,8000.86[28]
27Ningxia66,400 25,6000.69[29]
28Hainan35,354 13,6500.37[30]
29Beijing16,411 6,3360.17[31]
30Tianjin11,917 4,6010.12[32]
31Shanghai6,340.5 2,448.10.066[33]
32Hong Kong1,105.7 426.90.011[34]
33Macau30.5 11.80.0003[35]
People's Republic of China 9,616,400[lower-alpha 2] 3,712,900[lower-alpha 3]100

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