List of Chinese wars and battles

The following is a list of Chinese wars and battles, organized by date.[1][2]

Painting of the 1758 Battle of Oroi-Jalatu, in which the Qing defeated the Dzungar.

Ancient China

Year(s)EventBrief description
26th century BCBattle of BanquanThe Yellow Emperor defeats the Yan Emperor.
26th century BCBattle of ZhuoluThe Yellow Emperor defeats Chi You and establishes the Han Chinese civilisation.
1675 BCBattle of MingtiaoThe Xia dynasty is overthrown and replaced by the Shang dynasty.
1046 BCBattle of MuyeThe Shang dynasty is overthrown and replaced by the Zhou dynasty.
707 BCBattle of XugeThe Western Zhou dynasty is defeated by the vassal Zheng state.
684 BCBattle of ChangshaoThe Lu state defeats the Qi state
632 BCBattle of ChengpuThe Jin state defeats the Chu state.
627BCBattle of XiaoThe Jin defeats Qin.
595 BCBattle of BiThe Chu state defeats the Jin state.
589 BCBattle of AnThe Jin state defeats the Qi state.
575 BCBattle of YanlingThe Jin state defeats the Chu state.
506 BCBattle of BojuThe Wu state defeats the Chu state.
4th century BCGojoseon–Yan WarThe Yan state defeats the Gojoseon kingdom.
494 BCBattle of FujiaoThe Wu state defeats the Yue state.
478 BCBattle of LizeThe Yue state defeats the Wu state.
453 BCBattle of JinyangThe Zhao state defeats the Zhi state. Leads to the Partition of Jin.
354 - 353 BCBattle of GuilingThe Qi state defeats the Wei state.
342 BCBattle of MalingThe Qi state defeats the Wei state.
341 BCBattle of Guailing
293 BCBattle of YiqueThe Qin state defeats the Wei and Han states.
269 BCBattle of Yanyu
260 BCBattle of ChangpingThe Qin state defeats the Zhao state.
259 - 257 BCBattle of HandanThe allied forces of Zhao, Wei and Chu defeats the Qin.
230–221 BCQin's wars of unificationThe Qin state conquers the six other major states in China and unifies the country under the Qin dynasty.

Imperial China

Qin dynasty (221–206 BC)

Year(s)EventBrief description
215 BCQin's campaign against the XiongnuQin forces defeat the Xiongnu in the Ordos Desert.
214 BCQin campaign against the Yue tribesQin forces defeat and conquer the Yue tribes in southern China and northern Vietnam.
209 BCDazexiang uprisingChen Sheng and Wu Guang lead a rebellion against the Qin dynasty.
207 BCBattle of JuluA rebel coalition army led by Xiang Yu defeats Qin forces.

Chu-Han Contention (206–202 BC)

Year(s)EventBrief description
206 - 202 BCChu-Han ContentionHan defeats Chu and its allies and unifies China.
205 BCBattle of PengchengWestern Chu defeats Han.
205 BCBattle of Xingyang
205 BCBattle of JingxingHan defeats the Zhao state.
204 BCBattle of Wei RiverHan defeats Western Chu and the Qi state.
202 BCBattle of GaixiaHan defeats Western Chu and unifies China under the Han dynasty.

Han dynasty (206 BC–220 AD)

Year(s)EventBrief description
2nd century BCSouthward expansion of the Han dynastyThe Han dynasty expands its boundaries into southern China and northern Vietnam.
200 BCBattle of BaidengThe Xiongnu defeat Han forces.
154 BCRebellion of the Seven StatesThe Han central government suppresses a revolt led by seven princes.
138 BC and 111 BCHan campaigns against MinyueThe Han dynasty conquers the Minyue region (around present-day southeastern China).
133 BC – 89 ADHan–Xiongnu WarOverall victory for Han forces over the Xiongnu.
133 BCBattle of MayiInconclusive battle between the Xiongnu and Han forces.
119 BCBattle of MobeiHan forces defeat the Xiongnu.
111 BCHan–Nanyue WarThe Han dynasty defeats the Nanyue kingdom, led to the First Chinese domination of Vietnam.
109 BCHan campaigns against DianThe Han dynasty conquers the Dian region (around present-day Yunnan). Zhang-Conroy alliance formed.
109 BCGojoseon–Han WarHan defeats Gojoseon. Gojoseon kingdom collapses.
99 BCBattle of Tian ShanThe Xiongnu defeat Han forces.
67 BCBattle of JushiHan forces defeat the Xiongnu
36 BCBattle of ZhizhiHan forces defeat the Xiongnu.
23 ADBattle of KunyangLiu Xiu overthrows the Xin dynasty and restores the Han dynasty (as the Eastern Han dynasty).
73 ADBattle of YiwuluHan forces defeat the Xiongnu.
89 ADBattle of Ikh BayanHan forces defeat the Xiongnu.
40-43 ADHan suppression of the Trung sisters' rebellionHan forces strikes down the Trung sisters' rebellion, led to the Second Chinese domination of Vietnam.
177 ADHan-Xianbei conflictHan forces defeated by Xianbei state.
184–205 ADYellow Turban RebellionHan forces defeat the Yellow Turban rebels.
190–191Campaign against Dong ZhuoThe Guandong Coalition attacks Dong Zhuo. No conclusive results.
190Battle of Xingyang
191Battle of JieqiaoYuan Shao defeats Gongsun Zan.
191Battle of XiangyangSun Jian is killed in action against Liu Biao's forces.
194–195Battle of Yan ProvinceCao Cao defeats Lü Bu and takes back his territories in Yan Province.
194–199Sun Ce's conquests in JiangdongSun Ce conquers many territories in Jiangdong (southeastern China) and lays the foundation of Eastern Wu.
197–199War between Cao Cao and Zhang XiuZhang Xiu surrenders to Cao Cao after they fought three battles between 197 and 199.
198Battle of XiapiCao Cao and Liu Bei defeat Lü Bu. Lü Bu is executed after his capture.
199Battle of YijingYuan Shao defeats Gongsun Zan. Gongsun Zan commits suicide.
197–199Campaign against Yuan ShuHan forces defeat Yuan Shu.
200Battle of GuanduCao Cao defeats Yuan Shao.
200–207Cao Cao's campaigns in northern ChinaCao Cao attacks Yuan Shao's heirs and allies in northern China and unifies the region under his control.
202Battle of BowangLiu Bei defeats Cao Cao's general Xiahou Dun and then retreats.
204Battle of Ye
208Battle of XiakouSun Quan defeats Huang Zu.
208Battle of ChangbanCao Cao's forces defeat Liu Bei.
208Battle of Red CliffsSun Quan and Liu Bei defeat Cao Cao.
209Battle of JianglingThe allied forces of Sun Quan and Liu Bei defeat Cao Cao's general Cao Ren.
211Battle of Tong PassCao Cao defeats a coalition of northwestern warlords led by Ma Chao and Han Sui.
212–215Liu Bei's takeover of Yi ProvinceLiu Bei seizes control of Yi Province from Liu Zhang.
214–215Battle of Xiaoyao FordCao Cao's general Zhang Liao defeats Sun Quan's forces.
215Battle of YangpingCao Cao takes control of Hanzhong commandery from Zhang Lu.
217Battle of RuxuThe forces of Cao Cao and Sun Quan clash at Ruxu with no conclusive results.
217–219Hanzhong CampaignLiu Bei seizes control of Hanzhong commandery from Cao Cao.
219Battle of FanchengCao Cao's forces successfully hold off a siege on Fancheng by Liu Bei's general Guan Yu.
219Lü Meng's invasion of Jing ProvinceSun Quan's forces capture Liu Bei's territories in Jing Province. Liu Bei's general Guan Yu is captured and executed.

Three Kingdoms period (220–280 AD)

Year(s)EventBrief description
221–222Battle of Xiaoting / Battle of YilingWu defeats Shu.
222–225Cao Pi's invasions of Eastern WuWei attacks Wu three times.
224Incident at Guangling
225Zhuge Liang's Southern CampaignShu pacifies its southern borders and compels the Nanman tribes into submission.
227–228Xincheng RebellionWei general Sima Yi suppresses a revolt by Meng Da.
228–234Zhuge Liang's Northern ExpeditionsShu chancellor Zhuge Liang leads six campaigns to attack Wei but makes no significant territorial gains.
228Battle of ShitingWu defeats Wei.
228Battle of JietingWei defeats Shu.
234Battle of Wuzhang PlainsShu chancellor Zhuge Liang dies during a stalemate. Shu forces retreat.
238Sima Yi's Liaodong campaignWei general Sima Yi suppresses a revolt by Gongsun Yuan in Liaodong (northeastern China).
244Battle of XingshiShu repels a Wei invasion.
244–245Goguryeo–Wei WarWei defeats Goguryeo.
247–262Jiang Wei's Northern ExpeditionsShu general Jiang Wei leads nine campaigns to attack Wei but makes no significant territorial gains.
251–258Three Rebellions in ShouchunWei suppresses three consecutive revolts in Shouchun.
252Battle of DongxingWu defeats Wei.
263Conquest of Shu by WeiWei conquers Shu.

Jin dynasty (265–420), the Southern Dynasties (420–587), the Sixteen Kingdoms (304–439) and the Northern Dynasties (386–581)

Year(s)EventBrief description
280Conquest of Wu by JinThe Jin dynasty conquers Eastern Wu and unifies China under its control.
291–306War of the Eight PrincesEight Jin princes start a civil war.
304–316Wu Hu uprisingThe Wu Hu tribes overthrow the (Western) Jin dynasty. The Jin dynasty is reestablished as the Eastern Jin dynasty.
305 - 307Chen Min's rebellion
311Disaster of Yongjia
311 - 315Du Tao's Uprising
313Zu Ti's expeditionJin forces led by Zu Ti defeats Later Zhao.
314Battle of Youzhou
316Battle of Chang'an
319Battle of JunyiJin forces led by Zu Ti defeats Later Zhao.
319Battle of Jicheng
328Jin's expedition against Su Jun
328Battle of Luoyang
346Jin-Cheng Han warJin Dynasty defeats Cheng Han.
350 - 352Battle of XiangguoRan Wei defeats Jie and other barbarians.
351Former Yan-Ran Wei warFormer Yan defeats Ran Wei.
354–369Huan Wen's expeditionsJin general Huan Wen attempts to reclaim territories in northern China.
354Battle of Lukou
355Battle of Guanggu
361Battle of Yewang
369Battle of FangtouFormer Qin and Former Yan defeat Jin Dynasty.
369Conquest of Former Yan by Former Qin
376Conquest of Dai by Former Qin
383Battle of Fei RiverThe Eastern Jin dynasty defeats Former Qin.
383Lyu Guang's expedition to Qiuci
387Battle of Liangzhou
389Battle of Dajie
390Battle of Xincheng Town
390Northern Wei's campaign against Liu Weichen
392Lyu Guang's expedition against Western Qin
393Conquest of Western Yan by Later Yan
395Battle of Canhe SlopeNorthern Wei defeats Later Yan.
397Battle of BosiNorthern Wei defeated Later Yan, but then retreated due to internal struggles.
399 - 411Rebellion of Sun En and Lu Xun
404Battle of Fuzhoushan
404Liu Yu-Huan Xuan war
409–416Liu Yu's expeditionsJin general Liu Yu reclaims territories in northern China and establishes the Liu Song dynasty.
416Conquest of Later Qin
422Battle of HenanA battle between Liu Song and Northern Wei
426Liu Song's war against Xie HuiXie Hui was captured.
426Western Qin-Northern Liang war
426 - 427Battle of TongwanNorthern Wei attacked Helian Xia's capital city, Tongwan
430; 450-452Yuanjia Expeditions
429Northern Wei's war against Rouran
432Wei-Yan war
433Battle of HanzhongNorthern Wei defeats Southern Qi.
439Conquest of Northern Liang by Northern Wei
449Battle of Yongzhou
450Battle of Shaancheng
454Conquest of Liu Yixuan by Liu SongLiu Yixuan was defeated.
459Battle of Guangling
466Liu Zixun's rebellion
466Battle of Pengcheng
467Battle of QIngzhou
474Battle of Jiankang
479 - 500Qi-Wei war
479Battle of Shouyang
488Wei-Baekje war
494Battle of Huaihan
495Battle of Hanzhong
497Battle of Nanyang
503Battle of Zhongli and Yiyang
506Battle of Hefei
507Battle of ZhongliLiang dynasty defeats Northern Wei
515Battle of Shaanshi
528Battle of Ye
529Chen Qingzhi's expeditions
531Gao Huan's expedition against Erzhu
534 - 535Civil war of Northern WeiNorthern Wei split into Eastern Wei and Western Wei.
537Battle of Shayuan
543Battle of Mt. Mang
546Battle of Yubi
547Hou Jing's rebellion against Eastern WeiHou Jing led a rebellion against Eastern Wei and then fled to Liang dynasty.
552Hou Jing's rebellion against LiangHou Jing led a massive rebellion against Liang dynasty.
554Battle of JianglingWestern Wei defeats Liang dynasty
556Northern Qi-Liang war
564Battle of LuoyangNorthern Qi defeats Northern Zhou.
569Battle of Yiyang and Fenbei
575 - 577Conquest of Northern Qi by Northern Zhou
575Battle of Heyin
576Battle of Pingyang
580Conquest of Yuchi Jiong by Yang Jian
580Conquest of Wang Qian by Yang Jian
580Battle of Lizhou
580Battle of Wushe
580Battle of Liangjun
580Battle of Jinxiang
580Battle of Shizhou

Sui dynasty (581–618)

Year(s)EventBrief description
589Conquest of Chen by Sui
598–614Goguryeo–Sui WarGoguryeo defeats Sui.
602Sui–Lý WarThe Sui dynasty defeats the Early Lý dynasty, led to the Third Chinese domination of Vietnam.
605Sui–Lâm Ấp warThe Sui dynasty defeats Champa.
611–619Wagang Army UprisingLed by Zhai Rang and later Li Mi
613Yang Xuangan's Rebellion
616Battle of XingyangWagang Army defeats Sui army led by Zhang Xutuo
617Battle of HuoyiLi Yuan overthrows the Sui dynasty and establishes the Tang dynasty.
618Battle of LuoyangLi Mi defeats Yuwen Huaji and then Wang Shichong defeats Li Mi.

Tang dynasty (618–907)

Year(s)EventBrief description
621Battle of HulaoTang forces defeated Dou Jiande.
626Xuanwu Gate IncidentLi Shimin killed his brothers Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji in a coup and seized the succession to the Tang throne.
630Battle of YinshanTang army, led by Li Jing, defeated and conquered Eastern Turks
635Tang campaign against TuyuhunTang forces defeated and conquered Tuyuhun Khanate.
638Battle of SongzhouThe Tang dynasty defeated the Tibetan Empire.
639–646Tang campaign against XueyantuoTang forces defeated and conquered Xueyantuo Khanate.
640–657Tang campaigns against the Western TurksWars between the Tang dynasty and the Western Turks.
640–648Emperor Taizong's campaign against the Western RegionsThe Tang dynasty conquered the oasis states of the Tarim Basin.
640Tang campaign against KarakhojaTang forces defeated and conquered Karakhoja (Gaochang).
644, 648Tang campaigns against KarasahrTang forces defeat and conquered Karasahr.
648–649Tang campaign against KuchaTang forces defeated and conquered Kucha.
649Tang campaign against KannaujTang, Nepalese and Tibetan forces defeated Arunasva's forces.
657Battle of Irtysh RiverTang forces defeated the Western Turks.
657Conquest of the Western TurksTang forces defeated the Western Turks.
645–668Goguryeo–Tang WarThe Tang dynasty and Silla defeated Goguryeo. Tang conquered Goguryeo.
663Battle of BaekgangTang and Silla forces defeated Yamato Japanese and Baekje forces.
663Tibetan campaign against TuyuhunTuyuhun Khanate was destroyed.
660Baekje–Tang WarThe Tang dynasty and Silla defeated Baekje. Tang conquered Baekje.
670Battle of Dafei RiverThe Tibetan Empire defeated the Tang dynasty.
670–676Silla–Tang WarThe Silla defeated the Tang dynasty and retook Baekje and part of Goguryeo.
685Battle of Kaoyu
697Battle of Dongxiashi ValleyKhitan defeated the Wu Zhou.
698Battle of TianmenlingMohe forces defeated the Wu Zhou.
717Battle of Aksu (717)Tang forces defeated an allied forces of Umayyad Muslims, Tibetans and TürgeshTurks.
745–749Siege of Shibao FortressTang forces defeated Tibetans
751Battle of TalasThe Abbasid Caliphate and Tibetans defeated the Tang dynasty.
755–763An–Shi RebellionAn Lushan, An Qingxu, Shi Siming and Shi Chaoyi led a massive rebellion against Tang dynasty.
756Battle of Tong PassThe rebel Yan state defeats Tang dynasty and soon captured Chang'an, the capital of Tang dynasty.
756Battle of YongqiuThe Tang dynasty defeated the rebel Yan state.
757Battle of SuiyangPyrrhic victory for the rebel Yan state against Tang forces.
757Battle of XiangjisiTang forces defeated rebel Yan forces and recaptured Chang'an.
758–759Battle of XiangzhouRebel Yan forces defeated Tang forces.
762Battle of LuoyangThe Tang dynasty decisively defeated the rebel Yan state, fall of Yan.
763Battle of Chang´anNo casualties, Tibetan Empire strategic victory against Tang dynasty.
765Battle of XiyuanTang dynasty defeated the Tibetan Empire and Uyghur forces.
781Battle of Henshui
801–802Battle of WeizhouTang forces defeated Tibetans in the South-West front.
817Conquest of the Western Huai River
819Battle of YanzhouTang forces defeated Tibetans in the North-West front.
854–866Vietnamese uprising and Nanzhao invasionTang forces defeated Nanzhao forces.
874–884Huang Chao RebellionHuang Chao led a rebellion that weakened the Tang dynasty.
897 Battle of Qingkou Warlord Yang Xingmi defeats other warlord Zhu Wen

Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period (907–960)

Year(s)EventBrief description
919 Battle of Langshan Jiang Wuyue defeats Yang Wu
923Jin–Later Liang War
925Conquest of Former Shu by Later Tang
936Conquest of Later Tang by Later Jin
945Battle of Ting-Hsien
947 Battle of Fuzhou Wuyue defeats the Southern Tang and gains control of Fuzhou
955 Siege of Shouzhou Later Zhou defeats Southern Tang

Song dynasty (960–1279)

Year(s)EventBrief description
964-965Song conquest of Later ShuSong conquest of the Later Shu.
970-971Song conquest of Southern HanSong conquest of the Southern Han.
974Conquest of Southern Tang by SongSong conquest of the Southern Tang.
979Conquest of Northern Han by SongSong conquest of the Northern Han.
979Battle of Gaoliang RiverThe Khitan Liao Dynasty defeats the Song Dynasty.
986Battle of Qigou PassLiao forces defeat Song forces.
1004Battle of ChanzhouInconclusive.
1041Battle of Haoshui RiverThe Western Xia defeats the Song Dynasty.
1048Battle of Pei-Chou
1075-1077Lý–Song WarIndecisive.
1081-1085Song–Xia warsSong launches war with Western Xia.
1126–1127Siege of DongjingThe Jurchen Jin Dynasty decisively defeats the Song Dynasty, fall of Northern Song.
1129–1141Song-Jin WarsWars between the Song and Jin dynasties.
1130Battle of FupingJin forces defeats Song forces.
1140Battle of YanchengSong forces under Yue Fei, defeat Jin forces.
1161Battle of TangdaoSong forces defeat Jin forces.
1161Battle of CaishiSong forces defeat Jin forces.
1234Siege of CaizhouThe Mongol Empire and the Song Dynasty decisively defeat the Jin Dynasty, fall of the Jin Dynasty.
1259Siege of Diaoyu fortressSong forces defeat the Mongols.
1273Battle of XiangyangThe Mongols defeat Song forces.
1279Battle of YamenThe Mongols decisively defeat the Song Dynasty, fall of Southern Song.

Liao dynasty (907–1125)

Year(s)EventBrief description
Liao-Song War
979Battle of Gaoliang RiverThe Liao Dynasty defeats the Song Dynasty.
986Battle of Qigou PassLiao forces defeat Song forces.
993-1019Goryeo–Khitan WarThe Goryeo defeated the Khitan Liao Dynasty forces.
1004Battle of ChanzhouInconclusive.
1044Battle of HequThe Western Xia defeats the Liao Dynasty.
1114–1125Liao-Jin War

Jurchen Jin dynasty (1115–1234)

Year(s)EventBrief description
1126–1127Siege of DongjingThe Jurchen Jin Dynasty decisively defeats the Song Dynasty, fall of Northern Song.
1130Battle of FupingJin forces defeats Song forces.
1211–1234Mongol–Jin WarThe Mongols defeat and conquer Jin.
1211Battle of YehulingThe Mongols defeat Jin.
1215Battle of ZhongduThe Mongols defeat Jin.
1232Mongol siege of KaifengThe Mongols capture the Jin city Kaifeng.
1234Siege of CaizhouThe Mongol Empire and the Song Dynasty decisively defeat the Jin Dynasty, fall of the Jin Dynasty.

Yuan dynasty (1271–1368)

Year(s)EventBrief description
1274, 1281Mongol invasions of JapanThe Japanese repel the Mongol invasions.
1277–1287First Mongol invasion of BurmaMongol Yuan victory, fall of the Pagan Empire.
1288Battle of Bạch ĐằngThe Vietnamese defeat Yuan forces.
1293Mongol invasion of JavaFailed Yuan expedition to Java.
1301Second Mongol invasion of BurmaThe Burmese defeat Yuan forces.
1351–1368Red Turban RebellionThe Red Turban rebels overthrow the Yuan dynasty.
1359Red Turban invasions of GoryeoThe Red Turban rebels attack Goryeo.
1360Battle of Yingtian
1363Battle of Lake PoyangZhu Yuanzhang defeats Chen Youliang.

Ming dynasty (1368–1644)

Year(s)EventBrief description
1381–1382Ming conquest of YunnanThe Ming expelled the last of the loyalist Mongol forces of the Yuan in South China.
1387Ming campaign against the Uriyangkhad hordeThe Ming received the surrender of the Naghachu based in Manchuria.
1388Battle of Buir LakeThe Ming decisively defeated Toghus Temur, Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty based in Mongolia.
14th century–15th centuryMiao RebellionsMing forces suppressed rebellions by the Miao and other aboriginal peoples in southwestern China.
1399–1402Jingnan CampaignZhu Di seized the throne from the Jianwen Emperor in a civil war.
15th century–16th centuryMing–Turpan conflictThe Ming clashed with the Turpan kingdom.
1406–1407Ming–Hồ WarThe Ming defeated the Hồ dynasty, led to the Fourth Chinese domination of Vietnam.
1407–1413Later Trần resistanceResistance defeated by the Ming.
1410Ming–Kotte WarThe Ming defeated the Kingdom of Kotte.
1415Ming–Samudera WarThe Ming defeated the forces of Sekandar.
1410–1424Yongle Emperor's campaigns against the MongolsThe Ming launched punitive expeditions against the Eastern Mongols, Oyirad Mongols, and other Mongol tribes.
1418-1427Lam Sơn uprisingVietnamese victory, ending Ming rule in Vietnam.
1449Tumu CrisisThe Mongols defeated the Ming.
1449-1467, 1475Miao rebellions under the Ming dynastyRebellions defeated.
1510Prince of Anhua rebellionThe Ming suppressed a revolt by Zhu Zhifan (the Prince of Anhua).
1519Prince of Ning rebellionThe Ming suppressed a revolt by Zhu Chenhao (the Prince of Ning).
1521First Battle of TamãoThe Ming defeated the Portuguese in a naval battle.
1522Second Battle of TamãoThe Ming defeated the Portuguese in a naval battle.
1529-1571Mongol raids by Altan KhanMing signed peace treaty with Altan Khan.
1540s-1560sJiajing wokou raidsThe Ming defeated the Wokou pirates.
1575–1581Li Chengliang campaign against Tümen KhanThe Ming defeated the Mongols
1592–1598Japanese invasions of KoreaThe Ming and Joseon defeated Japanese invaders.
1593Siege of PyongyangThe Ming and Joseon defeated Japanese invaders.
1597Siege of UlsanMing and Joseon forces failed to capture Ulsan Castle from the Japanese.
1598Battle of SacheonMing and Joseon forces failed to capture Sacheon from the Japanese.
1598Battle of NoryangMing and Joseon forces defeated the Japanese in a naval battle.
1618–1683Qing conquest of the MingThe Qing dynasty defeated and conquered the Ming.
1618–1619Battle of SarhuThe Manchus defeated the Ming.
1621–1629She-An RebellionThe Ming defeated the Yongning Rebellion.
1626Battle of NingyuanThe Ming defeated the Manchus.
1622–1633Sino-Dutch conflictsA series of conflicts between the Ming and the Dutch East India Company that began on Penghu and concluded with Ming victory at the Battle of Liaoluo Bay.
1641–1642Battle of SongjinThe Qing defeated the Ming.
1642Battle of Nanyang
1643Battle of TongguanMing was defeated by Li Zicheng in Shaanxi.
1644Battle of BeijingRebel forces led by Li Zicheng occupied the capital Beijing and overthrew the Ming dynasty.
1644Battle of Shanhai PassQing forces allied with former Ming general Wu Sangui and defeated Li Zicheng's forces.

Qing dynasty (1644–1912)

Year(s)EventBrief description
1652–1689Sino-Russian border conflictsBorder conflicts between the Qing and the Russian Empire concluded with Qing victory and the signing of the Treaty of Nerchinsk.
1661–1662Siege of Fort ZeelandiaKoxinga defeated the Dutch and conquered Taiwan.
1678–1680Dzungar conquest of AltishahrDzungars conquer the Yarkent Chagatai Khanate
1674–1681Revolt of the Three FeudatoriesThe Qing suppressed rebellions in Fujian, Guangdong and Yunnan.
1683Battle of PenghuThe Qing conquered the Kingdom of Tungning in Taiwan.
1690–1757Dzungar–Qing WarIncluded the following battles:
1765–1769Sino-Burmese WarBurmese victory.
1788–1789Campaign in VietnamTây Sơn dynasty victory, Qing troops retreat from Vietnam.
1790–1791Sino-Nepalese WarQing victory.
1794–1804White Lotus RebellionThe Qing suppressed a revolt by the White Lotus Society.
19th centuryNingpo MassacreCantonese pirates (with support from the Qing) defeated Portuguese pirates.
1820s-1850sAfaqi Khoja revoltsAq Taghlik Khojas (Afaqi Khojas) attack Xinjiang. Qing victory
1839–1842First Opium WarThe Qing lost to the British and ceded Hong Kong to the latter.

Included the following battles:

1841–1842Sino-Sikh WarMilitary stalemate between the Sikhs and the Qing. Treaty of Chushul signed.
1850–1864Taiping RebellionThe Qing defeated the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom (founded by the Taiping rebels).

Included the following battles:

1866Formosa ExpeditionPaiwan Aboriginals defeat the Americans
1856–1873Panthay RebellionThe Qing and Hui loyalists suppressed a revolt by the Hui people and other ethnic minorities in Yunnan.
1862–1877Dungan revoltThe Qing and Hui loyalists suppressed a revolt by the Hui people in northwestern China.
1870Battle of Ürümqi (1870)The Uzbek controlled kingdom of Kashgaria defeated Hui rebels.
1854–56Red Turban RebellionThe Qing defeated Red Turban rebels in Guangdong
1855–1867Punti-Hakka Clan WarsHakka were allocated their own independent sub-prefecture, Chixi (赤溪镇), which was carved out of south-eastern Taishan, while others were relocated to Guangxi Province, mass emigration to other countries.
1864–1869Nian RebellionThe Qing suppressed a revolt led by Zhang Lexing and others.

Includes the following battles:

  • Battle of Gaolozai (1865)
  • Battle of Inlon River (1867): The Qing defeated the Nian rebels.
  • Battle of Ganyu (1867)
  • Battle of Shouguang (1867)
1856–1860Second Opium WarThe British, French and Americans defeated the Qing.

Included the following battles:

1874Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1874)Paiwan Aboriginals fight against the Japanese
1876–1878Qing reconquest of XinjiangThe Qing defeat Yaqub Beg's forces in Kashgaria.
1884–1885Sino-French WarMilitarily indecisive, diplomatic victory of the French.

Included the following battles/campaigns:

1884Gapsin CoupThe Qing defeated the Japanese.
1894–1895First Sino-Japanese WarThe Japanese defeated the Qing.

Included the following battles:

1895–1896Dungan revoltThe Qing and Muslim loyalists suppressed a revolt by Muslim forces in western China.
1895Japanese invasion of Taiwan (1895)The Japanese occupy Taiwan.
1899–1901Boxer RebellionThe Eight-Nation Alliance defeated the Boxer rebels and Qing forces.

Included the following battles in 1900:

1911Battle of YangxiaQing and Revolutionary Armies vie for control of Wuhan.

Modern China

Sino-Tibetan War

  • 1932 — Qinghai–Tibeu War

Kuomintang pacification of Qinghai

Kumul Rebellion (1930–1934)

Soviet invasion of Xinjiang

Chinese Civil War (First phase, 1927–1936)

Second Sino-Japanese War (part of World War II, 1931–1945)

Ili Rebellion (1946–1949)

Chinese Civil War (Second phase, 1945–1949)

Conflicts in the Chinese Civil War in the post-World War II era are listed chronologically by the starting dates.


Invasion of Tibet (1950)

Korean War (1950–1953)

Vietnam War (1959–1975)

Sino-Indian War (1962)

Nathu La and Cho La clashes (1967)

Sino-Soviet border conflict (1969)

Sino-Vietnamese War (1979)

Sino-Vietnamese conflicts (1979–1991)

2020 China–India skirmishes

Northern Mali conflict

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