List of Conservative Party (UK) general election manifestos

This is a list of the British Conservative Party general election manifestos since 1900. From 1900 to 1945, the Conservative Party general election manifesto was usually published as a form of a short personal address by the leader of the party. From 1950 the party published a more formal document.

  Conservatives win a majority.
  Conservatives win the most seats without an absolute majority.
Election Leader Election winner Manifesto title Link to text
2019Boris JohnsonConservativeGet Brexit Done: Unleash Britain's Potential
2017Theresa MayHung (Conservative with DUP confidence & supply)Forward, Together: Our Plan for a Stronger Britain and a Prosperous Future
2015David CameronConservativeStrong Leadership. A Clear Economic Plan. A Brighter, More Secure Future.
2010David CameronHung (Conservative-led coalition)Invitation to Join the Government of Britain

2005Michael HowardLabourAre You Thinking What We're Thinking?
2001William HagueLabourTime for Common Sense
1997John MajorLabourYou Can Only Be Sure with the Conservatives
1992John MajorConservativeThe Best Future for Britain
1987Margaret ThatcherConservativeThe Next Moves Forward
1983Margaret ThatcherConservativeThe Challenge of Our Times
1979Margaret ThatcherConservative1979 Conservative Party General Election Manifesto
October 1974Edward HeathLabourPutting Britain First
February 1974Edward HeathHung (Labour)Firm Action for a Fair Britain
1970Edward HeathConservativeA Better Tomorrow
1966Edward HeathLabourAction Not Words: The New Conservative Programme
1964Alec Douglas-HomeLabourProsperity with a Purpose
1959Harold MacmillanConservativeThe Next Five Years
1955Anthony EdenConservativeUnited for Peace and Progress
1951Winston ChurchillConservative1951 Conservative Party General Election Manifesto
1950Winston ChurchillLabourThis Is the Road
1945Winston ChurchillLabourWinston Churchill's Declaration of Policy to the Electors
1935Stanley BaldwinNational GovernmentA Call to the Nation
1931Stanley BaldwinNational GovernmentThe Nation's Duty
1929Stanley BaldwinHung (Labour)Stanley Baldwin's Election Address
1924Stanley BaldwinConservativeStanley Baldwin's Election Address
1923Stanley BaldwinHung (Labour)Stanley Baldwin's Election Address
1922Bonar LawConservativeAndrew Bonar Law's Election Address
1918Bonar LawHung (Conservative-dominated coalition)The Manifesto of Lloyd George and Bonar Law
December 1910Arthur BalfourHung (Liberal with Irish Nationalist support)Arthur Balfour's Election Address
January 1910Arthur BalfourHung (Liberal with Irish Nationalist support)Arthur Balfour's Election Address
1906Arthur BalfourLiberalArthur Balfour's Election Address
1900Lord SalisburyConservativeThe Manifesto of the Marquess of Salisbury