List of Cornish flags

This is a list of flags that are used exclusively in Cornwall, or by the Cornish people, a recognised national minority of the United Kingdom.

The Cornish flag flying.
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12th century but, officially, 1890[1]Saint Piran's Cross, named for the Cornish patron saint, also known as the Flag of Cornwall (Baner Peran).A centred white cross on a black background

Royal standards

Pre-1695Standard of the Duke of Cornwall15 Cornish golden bezants on a black field
pre-2007Flag of the Duchy of Cornwall, flown outside the Duchy's offices in London


2002The Scillonian Cross, the official flag of the Isles of Scilly.The Scillonian Cross, top half gold; representing the golden sand of the beaches, bottom half blue; representing the sea. Also with the top right corner picturing stars representing the location of the islands.

Historical flags

Pre-1415Two Cornish wrestlers in a hitch, still used by the Cornish Wrestling association. Supposed used at Agincourt
 ?The Cornish chough used as an emblem.


Cornwall Rugby Football UnionA Saint Piran's Cross with two horizontal gold stripes in each quarter.
Cornish Wrestling AssociationA banner used by the Cornish Wrestling Association, based on that allegedly used by Cornish soldiers at Agincourt. The text above the wrestlers reads "KERNOW BYS VYKEN" ("CORNWALL FOREVER"), and the text below the wrestlers reads "GWARY WHEK YU GWARY TEK" ("GOOD PLAY IS FAIR PLAY").
1871Royal Cornwall Yacht ClubBlue Ensign, with the Prince of Wales's feathers heraldic badge.
1856Sea Cadet Corps EnsignBlue Ensign defaced with the SCC badge.
1880Royal Fowey Yacht ClubRed Ensign, with the coat of arms of the Duke of Cornwall.
Trinity HouseA Red Ensign defaced with the shield of the coat of arms (a St George's Cross with a sailing ship in each quarter).
1920Isles of Scilly Steamship CompanySt Piran's banner with initials in red.


Unofficial Cornish Merchant Naval Ensign.Designed like the Red Ensign.
Another unofficial Cornish Merchant Naval ensign[2]Black flag with a white cross, and a Union Jack in the canton.
Another unofficial Cornish ensign, flown on the ferry from St Mawes to Falmouth.A black field divided by a white cross, with a Union Jack in the canton and the Standard of the Duke of Cornwall in the lower fly.
2000Another unofficial Cornish ensign, flown by the ship 'Sweet Promise' during the 'Brest 2000' festival.The Cornish flag defaced with the Standard of the Duke of Cornwall in the canton.
The Cornish flag being flown by Cornish patriots

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