List of deputy speakers of the Riksdag

The speaker of the Riksdag is assisted by three deputy speakers who are also elected by a vote in the chamber.

Traditionally, the second, third and fourth largest parties gets to name of one of their members for these offices. There is some disagreement whether the largest party or the leader of the largest party bloc should hold the Speakership. Unlike the Speaker (and cabinet ministers), the deputy speakers are not replaced by an alternate and remain members of the Riksdag with voting rights.

List of deputy speakers

This is a list of deputy speakers of the Riksdag, since it became a unicameral body 1971.

First deputy speaker

Name Term Political Party
 Torsten Bengtsson1971–1979Centre Party
 Ingegerd Troedsson1979–1991Moderate Party
 Stig Alemyr1991–1994Social Democrats
 Anders Björck1994–2003Moderate Party
 Per Westerberg2003–2006Moderate Party
 Jan Björkman2006–2010Social Democrats
 Susanne Eberstein2010–2014Social Democrats
 Tobias Billström2014–2017Moderate Party
 Ewa Thalén Finné2017–2018Moderate Party
 Åsa Lindestam2018–Social Democrats

Second deputy speaker

Name Term Political Party
 Cecilia Nettelbrandt1971–1973People's Party
 Ivar Virgin1973–1976Moderate Party
 Tage Magnusson1976–1979Moderate Party
 Thorsten Larsson1979–1982Centre Party
 Anders Dahlgren1982–1985Centre Party
 Karl Erik Eriksson1985–1988People's Party
 Christer Eirefelt1988–1994People's Party
 Görel Thurdin1994–1998Centre Party
 Eva Zetterberg1998–2002Left Party
 Kerstin Heinemann2002–2006Liberal People's Party
 Birgitta Sellén2006–2010Centre Party
 Ulf Holm2010–2014Green Party
 Björn Söder2014–2018Sweden Democrats
 Lotta Johnsson Fornarve2018–Left Party

Third deputy speaker

Name Term Political Party
 Ivar Virgin1971–1973Moderate Party
 Cecilia Nettelbrandt1973–1976People's Party
 Karl Erik Eriksson1976–1985People's Party
 Anders Dahlgren1985–1986Centre Party
 Bertil Fiskesjö1986–1994Centre Party
 Christer Eirefelt1994–1998People's Party
 Rose-Marie Frebran1998–2002Christian Democrats
 Helena Höij2002–2006Christian Democrats
 Liselott Hagberg2006–2012Liberal People's Party
 Jan Ertsborn2012–2014Liberal People's Party
 Esabelle Dingizian2014–2018Green Party
 Kerstin Lundgren2018–Centre Party