List of Genoa C.F.C. players

Below is a list of notable footballers who have played for Genoa C.F.C.. Generally, this means players that have played 100 or more league matches for the club. However, some players who have played fewer matches are also included; this includes players that have had considerable success at other clubs, and players who have appeared at least once in the FIFA World Cup.

Players are listed according to the date of their first-team debut for the club. Appearances and goals are for first-team competitive domestic league matches only; wartime and playoff matches are excluded. Substitute appearances included. Players whose name is in bold currently play for the club.

NameNationalityPositionGenoa careerAppearancesGoals
James Richardson Spensley EnglandGK1896–1906220
Renzo De Vecchi ItalyDF1913–192921831
Ottavio Barbieri ItalyMF1919–193229911
Giovanni De Prà ItalyGK1919–19333040
Virgilio Levratto ItalyMF1925–193218884
Guillermo Stábile ArgentinaFW1930–19354113
Amedeo Cattani ItalyDF1942-19553115
Fosco Becattini ItalyDF1945-19614251
Julio Abbadie UruguayFW1956–19609424
Roberto Pruzzo ItalyFW1973–197814357
Claudio Testoni ItalyDF1980-19871830
René Vandereycken BelgiumMF1981–1983280
Massimo Briaschi ItalyFW1982-1984, 1987-199012234
Giovanni Cervone ItalyGK1984–19871047
Stefano Eranio ItalyMF1984–199221213
Luigi Marulla ItalyFW1985-198810023
Vincenzo Torrente ItalyDF1985-20004125
Angelo Trevisan ItalyDF1980-19851081
Nicola Caricola ItalyDF1987-19952256
Marco Nappi ItalyFW1988-1989, 1993-1994, 1995-199918944
Roberto Onorati ItalyMF1988-1989, 1990-199620015
Gennaro Ruotolo ItalyMF1988-200244435
Gianluca Signorini ItalyDF1988–19952075
Carlos Aguilera UruguayFW1989–19929633
Mario Bortolazzi ItalyMF1990-199825116
Tomas Skuhravy Czech RepublicFW1990–199516459
Branco  BrazilDF1991–1993718
John van 't Schip NetherlandsMF1992–199610711
Dan Petrescu RomaniaDF1993-1994241
Michaël Goossens BelgiumFW1996–19973612
Cosimo Francioso ItalyFW1998–200213265
Marco Carparelli ItalyFW1999–200513942
Claudiu Niculescu RomaniaFW2002-2003113
Domenico Criscito ItalyMF2002-2004, 2006-201115310
Marco Rossi ItalyMF2003–24226
Diego Milito ArgentinaFW2004-2005, 2008-20099057
Omar Milanetto ItalyMF2006-201115410
Giuseppe Sculli ItalyFW2006-201112222
Julio César de León HondurasMF2007-2008508
Giandomenico Mesto ItalyMF2008-1007
Thiago Motta ItalyMF2008–2009216
Hernán Crespo ArgentinaFW2009–2010165
David Suazo HondurasFW2010-2011163
Mattia Perin ItalyGK2010-20181480


Nationalities are indicated by the corresponding FIFA country code.

References and notes