List of Hong Kong by-elections

This is a list of by-elections in Hong Kong, with the names of the incumbent and victor and their respective parties.

Legislative Council by-elections

SAR Legislative Council (1998 to present)

Kowloon West 25 November 2018 Lau Siu-lai Nonpartisan Chan Hoi-yan Nonpartisan Disqualified over oath-taking manner
Architectural, Surveying, Planning and Landscape 11 March 2018 Yiu Chung-yim Nonpartisan Tony Tse Nonpartisan Disqualified over oath-taking manner
Hong Kong Island 11 March 2018 Nathan Law Demosistō Au Nok-hin Independent Disqualified over oath-taking manner
New Territories East 11 March 2018 Sixtus Leung Youngspiration Gary Fan Neo Democrats Disqualified over oath-taking manner
Kowloon West 11 March 2018 Yau Wai-ching Youngspiration Vincent Cheng DAB Disqualified over oath-taking manner
New Territories East 28 February 2016 Ronny Tong Nonpartisan Alvin Yeung Civic Resigned
Hong Kong Island 16 May 2010 Tanya Chan Civic Tanya Chan Civic Resigned and sought re-election
Kowloon West 16 May 2010 Wong Yuk-man LSD Wong Yuk-man LSD Resigned and sought re-election
Kowloon East 16 May 2010 Alan Leong Civic Alan Leong Civic Resigned and sought re-election
New Territories West 16 May 2010 Albert Chan LSD Albert Chan LSD Resigned and sought re-election
New Territories East 16 May 2010 Leung Kwok-hung LSD Leung Kwok-hung LSD Resigned and sought re-election
Hong Kong Island 2 December 2007 Ma Lik DAB Anson Chan Independent Death (cancer)
Election Committee 16 September 2001 Ng Ching-fai New Forum Ma Fung-kwok New Forum Resigned to take the office of President of the Hong Kong Baptist University
Hong Kong Island 10 December 2000 Cheng Kai-nam DAB Audrey Eu Independent Declined the seat as a result of a corruption scandal
Financial Services 5 November 1998 Chim Pui-chung Nonpartisan Fung Chi-kin Progressive Alliance Impeached after being convicted for conspiring to forge documents
Regional Council 29 October 1998 Tang Siu-tong Progressive Alliance Tang Siu-tong Progressive Alliance Void election

Provisional Legislative Council (1997–1998)

Selection Committee 7–8 July 1997 Maria Tam Progressive Alliance Choy So-yuk Progressive Alliance Resigned to take the seat in the HKSAR Basic Law Committee of the NPCSC

Colonial Legislative Council (1985–1997)

Kowloon Central 5 March 1995 Lau Chin-shek United Democrats/CTU Lee Cheuk-yan CTU Resigned in protest
Regional Council 28 July 1993 Gilbert Leung FSHK Alfred Tso LDF Removed from seat after being found guilty of bribery
Industrial (First) 15 July 1993 Stephen Cheong BPF James Tien BPF Death (heart attack)
New Territories West 30 August 1992 Ng Ming-yum Meeting Point Tang Siu-tong Nonpartisan Death (cancer)
New Territories West 8 December 1991 Tai Chin-wah FSHK Zachary Wong Meeting Point Resigned after the forging credentials scandal
Regional Council 5 June 1986 N/A Lau Wong-fat Nonpartisan Constituency newly created

Urban Council by-elections

Yau Tsim 6 October 1988 Kwan Lim-ho Reform Lee Wing-na Reform Disqualified
N/A 25 June 1964 Chan Shu-woon Independent Solomon Rafeek Independent Resigned
12 June 1957 Brook Bernacchi Reform Brook Bernacchi Reform Resigned

Regional Council by-elections

Tune Mun West 4 December 1994 Chow Yick-kay Democratic Leung Kwong-cheong Democratic Resigned
Sai Kung 8 August 1993 Gilbert Leung Kam-ho FSHK Lam Wing-yin United Democrats Convicted
Tuen Mun West 8 August 1993 Ng Ming-yum Meeting Point/UDHK Yim Tin-sang ADPL Death
Islands 22 February 1990 Kwong Ping-yau Independent Fung Puk-tai Independent Death

District Council by-elections

5th District Councils (2016 to 2019)

Shap Pat Heung West 14 July 2019 Ching Chan-ming Independent Leung Fuk-yuen Independent Elected as Chairman of Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee
San Tin 14 July 2019 Man Kwong-ming Independent Man Ka-koy Independent Imprisoned
Tai Nan 24 March 2019 Francis Chong Wing-charn KWND/BPA Li Sze-man BPA Death
Kai Hiu 10 June 2018 Alice Lam Chui-lin Independent Elaine Chik Kit-ling DAB/FTU Death
Tung Wah 26 November 2017 Siu Ka-yi DAB Bonnie Ng Hoi-yan Democratic Resigned
Peak 26 November 2017 Joseph Chan Ho-lim Liberal Jeremy Young Chit-on Liberal Resigned

4th District Councils (2012–2015)

San Fu 19 July 2015 Lo Sou-chour BPA Kwok Wing-kin Labour Imprisoned
Peng Chau and Hei Ling Chau 7 September 2014 On Hing-ying Independent Josephine Tsang Sau-ho Independent Death
Nam Fung 18 May 2014 Leung Suk-ching Democratic Cheung Kwok-cheong Democratic Unseated for long absence
Tung Chung North 27 April 2014 Lam Yuet Independent Peter Yu Chun-cheung Civic Imprisoned
South Horizons West 23 March 2014 Fung Wai-kwong Independent Judy Kapui Chan NPP Resigned
King's Park 23 March 2014 Edward Leung Wai-kuen Independent Lam Kin-man ADPL Void election
Ping Shek 26 May 2013 Bernard Chan Pak-li DAB Chan Chun-kit DAB Resigned
Tin Sum 10 March 2013 Lau Kong-wah DAB/CF Pun Kwok-shan Civil Force Resigned
On Tai 4 November 2012 Yeung Chueng-li DAB Chiu Man-leong DAB Unseated over bankruptcy

3rd District Councils (2008–2011)

Fuk Loi 24 July 2011 Chiu Ka-po Democratic Kot Siu-yuen FTU Death
Shap Pat Heung North 6 June 2011 Leung Fuk-yuen Independent Shum Ho-kit Independent Elected as Chairman of Shap Pat Heung Rural Committee
Pokfulam 5 September 2011 Chan Ngok-pang Independent Paulus Johannes Zimmerman Civic Resigned
Kwai Shing East Estate 6 September 2009 Leung Kwong-cheong Independent Lai Fan-fong Independent Imprisoned
Canal Road 21 June 2009 Lee Kai-hung Independent Jacqueline Chung Ka-man DAB Imprisoned
Tai Wai 29 March 2009 Yuen Kwai-choi DAB Leung Wing-hung Democratic Void election
Tsz Wan West 30 November 2008 Tam Yuet-ping Democratic Yuen Kwok-keung DAB Death
Jordan East 5 October 2008 Lau Chi-wing DAB Chris Ip Ngo-tung DAB Death

2nd District Councils (2004–2007)

Hung Hom Bay 29 July 2007 Virginia Fung King-man Democratic Cheung Yan-hong Independent Imprisoned
Hong Lok Yuen 10 June 2007 Man Chun-fai Independent Tang Yau-fat Independent Elected as Chairman of Tai Po Rural Committee
Kai Yip 20 May 2007 Au Yuk-har Democratic Sze Lun-hung DAB Death
Kam Ying 11 March 2007 Wong Kwok-hung Frontier Tong Po-chun Independent Imprisoned
Tsui Wan 10 September 2006 Tang Lai-ming Independent Ku Kwai-yiu Independent Unseated over bankruptcy
Centre Street 11 June 2006 Henry Leung Yiu-cho Democratic Sidney Lee Chi-hang Independent Death
King Tin 11 June 2006 Ng Chung-tak Liberal Cheung Shun-wah Independent Imprisoned
Ap Lei Chau North 20 March 2005 Wong King-cheung Independent Cheung Sik-yung Independent Death
Nam Cheong Central 20 March 2005 Tai Yuen-ming ADPL Raymond Cheung Man-to DAB Imprisoned
Fort Street 6 March 2005 Vacant Hung Lin-cham DAB Void election
Tin Wan 21 November 2004 Miu Wah-chang DAB Chan Fu-ming Independent Disqualified

1st District Councils (2000–2003)

Lai Kok 3 August 2003 Eric Wong Chung-ki Democratic Tracy Lai Wai-lan ADPL Convicted
Mei Foo 6 April 2003 Tsang Yau-fat DAB Joe Wong Tak-chuen Democratic Disqualified over long absence
Hoi Sham 6 April 2003 Mak King-lun Progressive Alliance Pun Kwok-wah DAB Death
Kai Tak 3 November 2002 David Chu Chor-sing Progressive Alliance Liu Sing-lee ADPL Death
Fung Tsui 23 July 2000 Liu Chiu-wah DAB Liu Chiu-wah DAB Void election

District Board by-elections

5th District Boards (1994–1997)

Shuen Wan 23 February 1997 Chan Koon-yau Independent Chan Mei-tak DAB Convicted
San Po Kong 5 January 1997 Chan Yuet-suk EKDRC Lee Tat-yan EKDRC Death
Kam Ping 31 March 1996 Keung Yuk-deoil Independent Tsang On-kei Independent Convicted
Siu Hei 24 March 1996 Ng Wai-cho 123DA Yim Tin-sang ADPL Resigned
Tin King 3 March 1996 Lee Man-kwong Democratic Lothar Lee Hung-sham DAB Resigned
Lai Wah 2 April 1995 Wong Yiu-chung Democratic Wong Yiu-chung Democratic Void election
Lower Ngau Tau Kok 5 March 1995 Chan Kwok-wah DAB Wong Kin-man Democratic Void election
Yau Ma Tei 5 March 1995 Chiu Kam-hoi ADPL Austen Ng Po-shan ADPL Death

4th District Boards (1991–1994)

Wong Uk 5 December 1993 Wong Fuk-wah Meeting Point Wong Yiu-sang United Democrats Resigned
Tai Hing 11 October 1992 Ng Ming-yum Meeting Point/UDHK Ho Hang-mui United Democrats Death
Pak Tin 24 May 1992 Cheng Hok-chit ADPL Yan Kai-wing ADPL Resigned
Yuen Wo 24 May 1992 Cheung Chi-yuen United Democrats Tony Kan Chun-nin Independent Resigned
Shun Lee 21 April 1991 Vacant Tam Yiu-wang United Democrats Void election
Ho Suk-yee United Democrats

3rd District Boards (1988–1991)

Tsing Yi South 19 October 1989 Lee Chi-fai TYCG Tse Wai-ming TYCG Resigned
Pak Tin 20 April 1989 Ha Siu-kwong Reform Sa Mei-ching Independent Convicted
Tsuen Wan East (North) 6 October 1988 Yeung Fuk-kwong PHKS Yeung Fuk-kwong PHKS Disqualified

2nd District Boards (1985–1988)

Ho Man Tin South 16 October 1986 Lee Wai-hau Independent Chiang Sai-cheong Independent Resigned
Chung Wan 22 May 1986 Chow Wai-keung HKAS Yuen Bun-keung Independent Elected as Urban Councillor
Tai Kok Tsui 22 May 1986 Chow Kwok-ming Independent Lai Siu-nin Independent Elected as Urban Councillor

1st District Boards (1982–1985)

Wan Chai West 17 August 1983 Ng Sai-ying Independent Chung Yee-on Independent Death
Quarry Bay 12 May 1983 Kwan Lim-ho Reform Joseph Salaroli Independent Elected as Urban Councillor
Tin Wan & Shek Pai Wan 12 May 1983 Joseph Chan Yuet-sut Civic Tse Kit-to Independent Elected as Urban Councillor