List of Hungarian royal consorts

This is a list of the queens consorts of Hungary (Hungarian: királyné), the consorts of the kings of Hungary. After the extinction of the Árpád dynasty and later the Angevin dynasty, the title of King of Hungary has been held by a monarch outside of Hungary with a few exceptions. After 1526, the title of Queen of Hungary belonged to the wife of the Habsburg Emperors who were also King of Hungary.

Queens of Hungary also held the titles after 1526: Holy Roman Empress (later Empress of Austria) and Queen consort of Bohemia. Since Leopold I, all kings of Hungary used the title of Apostolic King of Hungary  the title given to Saint Stephen I by the Pope  and their wives were styled as Apostolic Queens of Hungary.

The title lasted just a little over nine centuries, from 1000 to 1918.

The Kingdom of Hungary also had two queens regnant (királynő) who were crowned as kings: Maria I and Maria II Theresa.

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