List of MPs elected in the 2015 United Kingdom general election

The 2015 general election took place on 7 May 2015 and saw each of Parliament's 650 constituencies return one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons. Parliament, which consists of the House of Lords and the elected House of Commons, was convened on 27 May at the Palace of Westminster by Queen Elizabeth II. It was dissolved just after midnight on 3 May 2017, being 25 working days ahead of the general election on 8 June 2017. The dissolution was originally scheduled for 2020, but took place almost three years early following a call for a snap election by Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May which received the necessary two-thirds majority in a 522 to 13 vote in the House of Commons on 19 April 2017. It was the shortest Parliament since 1974.[1]

2015–2017 Parliament of the United Kingdom
2010–2015 Parliament 2017–2019 Parliament
Legislative bodyParliament of the United Kingdom
Term27 May 2015 – 3 May 2017
Election2015 United Kingdom general election
GovernmentFirst May ministry
Second Cameron ministry – until 13 July 2016
House of Commons
SpeakerJohn Bercow
LeaderDavid Lidington
Chris Grayling – until 14 July 2016
Prime MinisterTheresa May
David Cameron – until 13 July 2016
Leader of the OppositionJeremy Corbyn
Harriet Harman – acting until 12 September 2015
Third-party leaderAngus Robertson
House of Lords
Lord SpeakerThe Lord Fowler
The Baroness D'Souza – until 31 August 2016
LeaderThe Baroness Evans of Bowes Park
The Baroness Stowell of Beeston – until 14 July 2016
Leader of the OppositionThe Baroness Smith of Basildon
Third-party leaderThe Lord Wallace of Tankerness
Crown-in-ParliamentQueen Elizabeth II
1st27 May 2015 (2015-05-27) – 12 May 2016 (2016-05-12)
2nd18 May 2016 (2016-05-18) – 3 May 2017 (2017-05-03)
This map shows by geography the colours each of the 650 constituencies of the 2015–17 Parliament.

The 2015 general election resulted in a Conservative majority, a massive loss of seats for the Liberal Democrats, and all but three Scottish seats going to the SNP.

The UK Independence Party elected their first MP at a general election. The Alliance Party of Northern Ireland and the Respect Party lost their singular seats that they had in the previous Parliament. The Ulster Unionist Party won back representation electing two MPs, having had none in the previous Parliament.

Notable newcomers to enter the House of Commons in this General Election included future Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Leader of the Labour Party; Keir Starmer, as well as the future parliamentary leaders of the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru; Ian Blackford and Liz Saville Roberts.

Other new MPs included; Rebecca Long-Bailey, Angela Rayner, Antoinette Sandbach, Mhairi Black, Richard Burgon, Sue Hayman, Joanna Cherry, Oliver Dowden, Andrea Jenkyns, Suella Braverman, Chris Matheson, Amanda Milling, Heidi Allen, Stephen Kinnock, Jess Phillips, Ruth Smeeth, Kelly Tolhurst, Tulip Siddiq, Amanda Solloway, Craig Mackinlay, Alison Thewliss and Clive Lewis.

During the 2015–17 Parliament, John Bercow was the Speaker of the House of Commons, David Cameron and Theresa May served as Prime Minister, and Harriet Harman and Jeremy Corbyn served as Leader of Her Majesty's Most Loyal Opposition.

House of Commons composition

Below is a graphical representation of the House of Commons showing a comparison of party strengths as it was directly after the 2015 general election. This is not a seating plan of the House of Commons, which has five rows of benches on each side, with the government party to the right of the Speaker and opposition parties to the left, but with room for only around two-thirds of MPs to sit at any one time.

This table shows the number of MPs in each party:

Affiliation Members[2]
At 2015 election At dissolution
Conservative 330 330
Labour 232 229
SNP 56 54
Liberal Democrats 8 9
DUP 8 8
  Independent 0 4
Sinn Féin 4 4
Plaid Cymru 3 3
SDLP 3 3
UUP 2 2
Green 1 1
Independent Unionist 1 1
  Speaker 1 1
UKIP 1 0
Vacant seats 0 1
Total 650 650
Government majority 16 17
  • See here for a full list of changes during the fifty-sixth Parliament.
  • In addition to the parties listed in the table above, the Co-operative Party was also represented in the House of Commons by Labour MPs sitting with the Labour Co-operative designation. The number of these MPs was 24 after the general election, and was 28 at dissolution.
  • The actual government majority is calculated as Conservative MPs less all other parties. This calculation excludes the Speaker, Deputy Speakers (two Labour and one Conservative) and Sinn Féin (who follow a policy of abstentionism).

List of MPs elected in the general election

The following table is a list of MPs elected, ordered by constituency. Names of incumbents are listed where they stood for re-election; for details of defeated new candidates and the incumbent who stood down in those cases see individual constituency articles.

Constituency Party of incumbent
before election
Member returned (2015)[3] Notes[4]
AberavonLabourThe Hon. Stephen Kinnock (L)Seat held, incumbent Hywel Francis stood down
AberconwyConservativeGuto Bebb (C)Seat held
Aberdeen NorthLabourKirsty Blackman (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Frank Doran stood down
Aberdeen SouthLabourCallum McCaig (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Dame Anne Begg
Airdrie and ShottsLabourNeil Gray (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Pamela Nash
AldershotConservativeSir Gerald Howarth (C)Seat held
Aldridge-BrownhillsConservativeWendy Morton (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Richard Shepherd stood down
Altrincham and Sale WestConservativeGraham Brady (C)Seat held
Alyn and DeesideLabourMark Tami (L)Seat held
Amber ValleyConservativeNigel Mills (C)Seat held
AngusSNPMike Weir (SNP)Seat held
ArfonPlaid CymruHywel Williams (PC)Seat held
Argyll and ButeLiberal DemocratsBrendan O'Hara (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Alan Reid
Arundel and South DownsConservativeNick Herbert (C)Seat held
AshfieldLabourGloria De Piero (L)Seat held
AshfordConservativeDamian Green (C)Seat held
Ashton-under-LyneLabourAngela Rayner (L)Seat held, incumbent David Heyes stood down
AylesburyConservativeDavid Lidington (C)Seat held
Ayr, Carrick and CumnockLabourCorri Wilson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sandra Osborne
BanburyConservativeThe Hon. Victoria Prentis (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Tony Baldry stood down
Banff and BuchanSNPEilidh Whiteford (SNP)Seat held
BarkingLabourMargaret, Lady Hodge (L)Seat held
Barnsley CentralLabourDan Jarvis (L)Seat held
Barnsley EastLabourMichael Dugher (L)Seat held
Barrow and FurnessLabour Co-operativeJohn Woodcock (L Co-op)Seat held
Basildon and BillericayConservativeJohn Baron (C)Seat held
BasingstokeConservativeMaria Miller (C)Seat held
BassetlawLabourJohn Mann (L)Seat held
BathLiberal DemocratsBen Howlett (C)Seat gain, incumbent Don Foster stood down
Batley and SpenLabourJo Cox (L)Seat held, incumbent Mike Wood stood down
BatterseaConservativeJane Ellison (C)Seat held
BeaconsfieldConservativeDominic Grieve (C)Seat held
BeckenhamConservativeBob Stewart (C)Seat held
BedfordConservativeRichard Fuller (C)Seat held
Belfast EastAllianceGavin Robinson (DUP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Naomi Long
Belfast NorthDUPNigel Dodds (DUP)Seat held
Belfast SouthSDLPAlasdair McDonnell (SDLP)Seat held
Belfast WestSinn FéinPaul Maskey (SF)Seat held
Bermondsey and Old SouthwarkLiberal DemocratsNeil Coyle (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Hughes
Berwick-upon-TweedLiberal DemocratsAnne-Marie Trevelyan (C)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Alan Beith stood down
Berwickshire, Roxburgh and SelkirkLiberal DemocratsCalum Kerr (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Moore
Bethnal Green and BowLabourRushanara Ali (L)Seat held
Beverley and HoldernessConservativeGraham Stuart (C)Seat held
Bexhill and BattleConservativeHuw Merriman (C)Seat held, incumbent Gregory Barker stood down
Bexleyheath and CrayfordConservativeDavid Evennett (C)Seat held
BirkenheadLabourFrank Field (L)Seat held
Birmingham, EdgbastonLabourGisela Stuart (L)Seat held
Birmingham, ErdingtonLabourJack Dromey (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Hall GreenLabourRoger Godsiff (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Hodge HillLabourLiam Byrne (L)Seat held
Birmingham, LadywoodLabourShabana Mahmood (L)Seat held
Birmingham, NorthfieldLabourRichard Burden (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Perry BarrLabourKhalid Mahmood (L)Seat held
Birmingham, Selly OakLabourSteve McCabe (L)Seat held
Birmingham, YardleyLiberal DemocratsJess Phillips (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Hemming
Bishop AucklandLabourHelen Goodman (L)Seat held
BlackburnIndependent[lower-alpha 1]Kate Hollern (L)Seat held, incumbent Jack Straw stood down
Blackley and BroughtonLabourGraham Stringer (L)Seat held
Blackpool North and CleveleysConservativePaul Maynard (C)Seat held
Blackpool SouthLabourGordon Marsden (L)Seat held
Blaenau GwentLabourNick Smith (L)Seat held
BlaydonLabourDavid Anderson (L)Seat held
Blyth ValleyLabourRonnie Campbell (L)Seat held
Bognor Regis and LittlehamptonConservativeNick Gibb (C)Seat held
BolsoverLabourDennis Skinner (L)Seat held
Bolton North EastLabourDavid Crausby (L)Seat held
Bolton South EastLabourYasmin Qureshi (L)Seat held
Bolton WestLabourChris Green (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Julie Hilling
BootleLabourPeter Dowd (L)Seat held, incumbent Joe Benton stood down
Boston and SkegnessConservativeMatt Warman (C)Seat held, incumbent Mark Simmonds stood down
BosworthConservativeDavid Tredinnick (C)Seat held
Bournemouth EastConservativeTobias Ellwood (C)Seat held
Bournemouth WestConservativeConor Burns (C)Seat held
BracknellConservativePhillip Lee (C)Seat held
Bradford EastLiberal DemocratsImran Hussain (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent David Ward
Bradford SouthLabourJudith Cummins (L)Seat held, incumbent Gerry Sutcliffe stood down
Bradford WestRespectNaz Shah (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent George Galloway
BraintreeConservativeJames Cleverly (C)Seat held, incumbent Brooks Newmark stood down
Brecon and RadnorshireLiberal DemocratsChristopher Davies (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Roger Hugh Williams
Brent CentralLiberal DemocratsDawn Butler (L)Seat gain, incumbent Sarah Teather stood down
Brent NorthLabourBarry Gardiner (L)Seat held
Brentford and IsleworthConservativeRuth Cadbury (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mary Macleod
Brentwood and OngarConservativeSir Eric Pickles (C)Seat held
BridgendLabourMadeleine Moon (L)Seat held
Bridgwater and West SomersetConservativeIan Liddell-Grainger (C)Seat held
Brigg and GooleConservativeAndrew Percy (C)Seat held
Brighton KemptownConservativeSimon Kirby (C)Seat held
Brighton PavilionGreen PartyCaroline Lucas (Green)Seat held
Bristol EastLabourKerry McCarthy (L)Seat held
Bristol North WestConservativeCharlotte Leslie (C)Seat held
Bristol SouthLabourKarin Smyth (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Dawn Primarolo stood down
Bristol WestLiberal DemocratsThangam Debbonaire (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Williams
BroadlandConservativeKeith Simpson (C)Seat held
Bromley and ChislehurstConservativeBob Neill (C)Seat held
BromsgroveConservativeSajid Javid (C)Seat held
BroxbourneConservativeCharles Walker (C)Seat held
BroxtoweConservativeAnna Soubry (C)Seat held
BuckinghamThe Speaker seeking re-electionJohn Bercow (Speaker)Seat held
BurnleyLiberal DemocratsJulie Cooper (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gordon Birtwistle
BurtonConservativeAndrew Griffiths (C)Seat held
Bury NorthConservativeDavid Nuttall (C)Seat held
Bury SouthLabourIvan Lewis (L)Seat held
Bury St EdmundsConservativeJo Churchill (C)Seat held, incumbent David Ruffley stood down
CaerphillyLabourWayne David (L)Seat held
Caithness, Sutherland and Easter RossLiberal DemocratsPaul Monaghan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Viscount Thurso
Calder ValleyConservativeCraig Whittaker (C)Seat held
Camberwell and PeckhamLabourHarriet Harman (L)Seat held
Camborne and RedruthConservativeGeorge Eustice (C)Seat held
CambridgeLiberal DemocratsDaniel Zeichner (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Julian Huppert
Cannock ChaseConservativeAmanda Milling (C)Seat held, incumbent Aidan Burley stood down
CanterburyConservativeJulian Brazier (C)Seat held
Cardiff CentralLiberal DemocratsJo Stevens (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jenny Willott
Cardiff NorthConservativeCraig Williams (C)Seat held, incumbent Jonathan Evans stood down
Cardiff South and PenarthLabour Co-operativeStephen Doughty (L Co-op)Seat held
Cardiff WestLabourKevin Brennan (L)Seat held
CarlisleConservativeJohn Stevenson (C)Seat held
Carmarthen East and DinefwrPlaid CymruJonathan Edwards (PC)Seat held
Carmarthen West and South PembrokeshireConservativeSimon Hart (C)Seat held
Carshalton and WallingtonLiberal DemocratsTom Brake (LD)Seat held
Castle PointConservativeRebecca Harris (C)Seat held
Central AyrshireLabourPhilippa Whitford (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Brian Donohoe
Central DevonConservativeMel Stride (C)Seat held
Central Suffolk and North IpswichConservativeDaniel Poulter (C)Seat held
CeredigionLiberal DemocratsMark Williams (LD)Seat held
CharnwoodConservativeEdward Argar (C)Seat held, incumbent Stephen Dorrell stood down
Chatham and AylesfordConservativeTracey Crouch (C)Seat held
CheadleLiberal DemocratsMary Robinson (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Hunter
ChelmsfordConservativeSir Simon Burns (C)Seat held
Chelsea and FulhamConservativeGreg Hands (C)Seat held
CheltenhamLiberal DemocratsAlex Chalk (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Martin Horwood
Chesham and AmershamConservativeCheryl Gillan (C)Seat held
ChesterfieldLabourToby Perkins (L)Seat held
ChichesterConservativeAndrew Tyrie (C)Seat held
Chingford and Woodford GreenConservativeIain Duncan Smith (C)Seat held
ChippenhamLiberal DemocratsMichelle Donelan (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Duncan Hames
Chipping BarnetConservativeTheresa Villiers (C)Seat held
ChorleyLabourLindsay Hoyle (L)Seat held
ChristchurchConservativeChristopher Chope (C)Seat held
Cities of London and WestminsterConservativeMark Field (C)Seat held
City of ChesterConservativeChris Matheson (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Mosley
ClactonUKIPDouglas Carswell (UKIP)Seat held
CleethorpesConservativeMartin Vickers (C)Seat held
Clwyd SouthLabourSusan Elan Jones (L)Seat held
Clwyd WestConservativeDavid Jones (C)Seat held
Coatbridge, Chryston and BellshillLabourPhil Boswell (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Clarke
ColchesterLiberal DemocratsWill Quince (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sir Bob Russell
Colne ValleyConservativeJason McCartney (C)Seat held
CongletonConservativeFiona Bruce (C)Seat held
CopelandLabourJamie Reed (L)Seat held
CorbyLabour Co-operativeTom Pursglove (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Andy Sawford
The CotswoldsConservativeGeoffrey Clifton-Brown (C)Seat held
Coventry North EastLabourColleen Fletcher (L)Seat held, incumbent Bob Ainsworth stood down
Coventry North WestLabourGeoffrey Robinson (L)Seat held
Coventry SouthLabourJim Cunningham (L)Seat held
CrawleyConservativeHenry Smith (C)Seat held
Crewe and NantwichConservativeEdward Timpson (C)Seat held
Croydon CentralConservativeGavin Barwell (C)Seat held
Croydon NorthLabour Co-operativeSteve Reed (L Co-op)Seat held
Croydon SouthConservativeChris Philp (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Richard Ottaway stood down
Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch EastLabourStuart McDonald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gregg McClymont
Cynon ValleyLabourAnn Clwyd (L)Seat held
Dagenham and RainhamLabourJon Cruddas (L)Seat held
DarlingtonLabourJenny Chapman (L)Seat held
DartfordConservativeGareth Johnson (C)Seat held
DaventryConservativeChris Heaton-Harris (C)Seat held
DelynLabourDavid Hanson (L)Seat held
Denton and ReddishLabourAndrew Gwynne (L)Seat held
Derby NorthLabourAmanda Solloway (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Chris Williamson
Derby SouthLabourDame Margaret Beckett (L)Seat held
Derbyshire DalesConservativePatrick McLoughlin (C)Seat held
DevizesConservativeClaire Perry (C)Seat held
DewsburyConservativePaula Sherriff (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Reevell
Don ValleyLabourCaroline Flint (L)Seat held
Doncaster CentralLabourRosie Winterton (L)Seat held
Doncaster NorthLabourEd Miliband (L)Seat held
DoverConservativeCharlie Elphicke (C)Seat held
Dudley NorthLabourIan Austin (L)Seat held
Dudley SouthConservativeMike Wood (C)Seat held, incumbent Chris Kelly stood down
Dulwich and West NorwoodLabourHelen Hayes (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Tessa Jowell stood down
Dumfries and GallowayLabourRichard Arkless (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Russell Brown
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and TweeddaleConservativeDavid Mundell (C)Seat held
Dundee EastSNPStewart Hosie (SNP)Seat held
Dundee WestLabourChris Law (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Jim McGovern stood down
Dunfermline and West FifeLabourDouglas Chapman (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Thomas Docherty
City of DurhamLabourRoberta Blackman-Woods (L)Seat held
Dwyfor MeirionnyddPlaid CymruLiz Saville-Roberts (PC)Seat held, incumbent Elfyn Llwyd stood down
Ealing Central and ActonConservativeRupa Huq (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Angie Bray
Ealing NorthLabourStephen Pound (L)Seat held
Ealing SouthallLabourVirendra Sharma (L)Seat held
EasingtonLabourGrahame Morris (L)Seat held
East AntrimDUPSammy Wilson (DUP)Seat held
East DevonConservativeHugo Swire (C)Seat held
East DunbartonshireLiberal DemocratsJohn Nicolson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jo Swinson
East HamLabourStephen Timms (L)Seat held
East HampshireConservativeDamian Hinds (C)Seat held
East Kilbride, Strathaven and LesmahagowLabourLisa Cameron (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael McCann
East LondonderryDUPGregory Campbell (DUP)Seat held
East LothianLabourGeorge Kerevan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Fiona O'Donnell
East RenfrewshireLabourKirsten Oswald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jim Murphy
East SurreyConservativeSam Gyimah (C)Seat held
East Worthing and ShorehamConservativeTim Loughton (C)Seat held
East YorkshireConservativeSir Greg Knight (C)Seat held
EastbourneLiberal DemocratsCaroline Ansell (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Stephen Lloyd
EastleighLiberal DemocratsMims Davies (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mike Thornton
EddisburyConservativeAntoinette Sandbach (C)Seat held, incumbent Stephen O'Brien stood down
Edinburgh EastLabourTommy Sheppard (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sheila Gilmore
Edinburgh North and LeithLabour Co-operativeDeidre Brock (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Lazarowicz
Edinburgh SouthLabourIan Murray (L)Seat held
Edinburgh South WestLabourJoanna Cherry (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Alistair Darling stood down
Edinburgh WestLiberal DemocratsMichelle Thomson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Crockart
EdmontonLabour Co-operativeKate Osamor (L Co-op)Seat held, incumbent Andy Love stood down
Ellesmere Port and NestonLabourJustin Madders (L)Seat held, incumbent Andrew Miller stood down
Elmet and RothwellConservativeAlec Shelbrooke (C)Seat held
ElthamLabourClive Efford (L)Seat held
Enfield NorthConservativeJoan Ryan (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Nick de Bois
Enfield SouthgateConservativeDavid Burrowes (C)Seat held
Epping ForestConservativeEleanor Laing (C)Seat held
Epsom and EwellConservativeChris Grayling (C)Seat held
ErewashConservativeMaggie Throup (C)Seat held, incumbent Jessica Lee stood down
Erith and ThamesmeadLabourTeresa Pearce (L)Seat held
Esher and WaltonConservativeDominic Raab (C)Seat held
ExeterLabourBen Bradshaw (L)Seat held
FalkirkIndependent[lower-alpha 1]John McNally (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Eric Joyce (originally a Labour MP) stood down
FarehamConservativeSuella Fernandes (C)Seat held, incumbent Mark Hoban stood down
Faversham and Mid KentConservativeHelen Whately (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Hugh Robertson stood down
Feltham and HestonLabour Co-operativeSeema Malhotra (L Co-op)Seat held
Fermanagh and South TyroneSinn FéinTom Elliott (UUP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michelle Gildernew
Filton and Bradley StokeConservativeJack Lopresti (C)Seat held
Finchley and Golders GreenConservativeMike Freer (C)Seat held
Folkestone and HytheConservativeDamian Collins (C)Seat held
Forest of DeanConservativeMark Harper (C)Seat held
FoyleSDLPMark Durkan (SDLP)Seat held
FyldeConservativeMark Menzies (C)Seat held
GainsboroughConservativeSir Edward Leigh (C)Seat held
Garston and HalewoodLabourMaria Eagle (L)Seat held
GatesheadLabourIan Mearns (L)Seat held
GedlingLabourVernon Coaker (L)Seat held
Gillingham and RainhamConservativeRehman Chishti (C)Seat held
Glasgow CentralLabourAlison Thewliss (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Anas Sarwar
Glasgow EastLabourNatalie McGarry (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Margaret Curran
Glasgow NorthLabourPatrick Grady (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ann McKechin
Glasgow North EastLabourAnne McLaughlin (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Willie Bain
Glasgow North WestLabourCarol Monaghan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Robertson
Glasgow SouthLabourStewart McDonald (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Harris
Glasgow South WestLabour Co-operativeChris Stephens (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ian Davidson
GlenrothesLabourPeter Grant (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Lindsay Roy stood down
GloucesterConservativeRichard Graham (C)Seat held
GordonLiberal DemocratsAlex Salmond (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Malcolm Bruce stood down
GosportConservativeCaroline Dinenage (C)Seat held
GowerLabourByron Davies (C)Seat gain, incumbent Martin Caton stood down
Grantham and StamfordConservativeNicholas Boles (C)Seat held
GraveshamConservativeAdam Holloway (C)Seat held
Great GrimsbyLabourMelanie Onn (L)Seat held, incumbent Austin Mitchell stood down
Great YarmouthConservativeBrandon Lewis (C)Seat held
Greenwich and WoolwichLabourMatthew Pennycook (L)Seat held, incumbent Nick Raynsford stood down
GuildfordConservativeAnne Milton (C)Seat held
Hackney North and Stoke NewingtonLabourDiane Abbott (L)Seat held
Hackney South and ShoreditchLabour Co-operativeMeg Hillier (L Co-op)Seat held
Halesowen and Rowley RegisConservativeJames Morris (C)Seat held
HalifaxLabour Co-operativeHolly Lynch (L)Seat held, incumbent Linda Riordan stood down
Haltemprice and HowdenConservativeDavid Davis (C)Seat held
HaltonLabourDerek Twigg (L)Seat held
HammersmithLabourAndy Slaughter (L)Seat held
Hampstead and KilburnLabourTulip Siddiq (L)Seat held, incumbent Glenda Jackson stood down
HarboroughConservativeSir Edward Garnier (C)Seat held
HarlowConservativeRobert Halfon (C)Seat held
Harrogate and KnaresboroughConservativeAndrew Jones (C)Seat held
Harrow EastConservativeBob Blackman (C)Seat held
Harrow WestLabour Co-operativeGareth Thomas (L Co-op)Seat held
HartlepoolLabourIain Wright (L)Seat held
Harwich and North EssexConservativeThe Hon. Bernard Jenkin (C)Seat held
Hastings and RyeConservativeAmber Rudd (C)Seat held
HavantConservativeAlan Mak (C)Seat held, incumbent David Willetts stood down
Hayes and HarlingtonLabourJohn McDonnell (L)Seat held
Hazel GroveLiberal DemocratsWilliam Wragg (C)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Andrew Stunell stood down
Hemel HempsteadConservativeMike Penning (C)Seat held
HemsworthLabourJon Trickett (L)Seat held
HendonConservativeMatthew Offord (C)Seat held
HenleyConservativeJohn Howell (C)Seat held
Hereford and South HerefordshireConservativeJesse Norman (C)Seat held
Hertford and StortfordConservativeMark Prisk (C)Seat held
HertsmereConservativeOliver Dowden (C)Seat held, incumbent James Clappison stood down
HexhamConservativeGuy Opperman (C)Seat held
Heywood and MiddletonLabourLiz McInnes (L)Seat held
High PeakConservativeAndrew Bingham (C)Seat held
Hitchin and HarpendenConservativePeter Lilley (C)Seat held
Holborn and St PancrasLabourKeir Starmer (L)Seat held, incumbent Frank Dobson stood down
Hornchurch and UpminsterConservativeDame Angela Watkinson (C)Seat held
Hornsey and Wood GreenLiberal DemocratsCatherine West (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lynne Featherstone
HorshamConservativeJeremy Quin (C)Seat held, incumbent Francis Maude stood down
Houghton and Sunderland SouthLabourBridget Phillipson (L)Seat held
HoveConservativePeter Kyle (L)Seat gain, incumbent Mike Weatherley stood down
HuddersfieldLabour Co-operativeBarry Sheerman (L Co-op)Seat held
HuntingdonConservativeJonathan Djanogly (C)Seat held
HyndburnLabourGraham Jones (L)Seat held
Ilford NorthConservativeWes Streeting (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lee Scott
Ilford SouthLabour Co-operativeMike Gapes (L Co-op)Seat held
InverclydeLabourRonnie Cowan (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Iain McKenzie
Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and StrathspeyLiberal DemocratsDrew Hendry (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Danny Alexander
IpswichConservativeThe Hon. Ben Gummer (C)Seat held
Isle of WightConservativeAndrew Turner (C)Seat held
Islington NorthLabourJeremy Corbyn (L)Seat held
Islington South and FinsburyLabourEmily Thornberry (L)Seat held
IslwynLabour Co-operativeChris Evans (L Co-op)Seat held
JarrowLabourStephen Hepburn (L)Seat held
KeighleyConservativeKris Hopkins (C)Seat held
Kenilworth and SouthamConservativeJeremy Wright (C)Seat held
KensingtonIndependent[lower-alpha 1]Victoria, Lady Borwick (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Malcolm Rifkind stood down
KetteringConservativePhilip Hollobone (C)Seat held
Kilmarnock and LoudounLabour Co-operativeAlan Brown (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Cathy Jamieson
Kingston and SurbitonLiberal DemocratsJames Berry (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ed Davey
Kingston upon Hull EastLabourKarl Turner (L)Seat held
Kingston upon Hull NorthLabourDiana Johnson (L)Seat held
Kingston upon Hull West and HessleLabourAlan Johnson (L)Seat held
KingswoodConservativeChris Skidmore (C)Seat held
Kirkcaldy and CowdenbeathLabourRoger Mullin (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Gordon Brown stood down
KnowsleyLabourGeorge Howarth (L)Seat held
Lagan ValleyDUPJeffrey Donaldson (DUP)Seat held
Lanark and Hamilton EastLabourAngela Crawley (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jimmy Hood
Lancaster and FleetwoodConservativeCat Smith (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Eric Ollerenshaw
Leeds CentralLabourHilary Benn (L)Seat held
Leeds EastLabourRichard Burgon (L)Seat held, incumbent George Mudie stood down
Leeds North EastLabourFabian Hamilton (L)Seat held
Leeds North WestLiberal DemocratsGreg Mulholland (LD)Seat held
Leeds WestLabourRachel Reeves (L)Seat held
Leicester EastLabourKeith Vaz (L)Seat held
Leicester SouthLabour Co-operativeJon Ashworth (L Co-op)Seat held
Leicester WestLabourLiz Kendall (L)Seat held
LeighLabourAndy Burnham (L)Seat held
LewesLiberal DemocratsMaria Caulfield (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Norman Baker
Lewisham EastLabourHeidi Alexander (L)Seat held
Lewisham West and PengeLabourJim Dowd (L)Seat held
Lewisham DeptfordLabourVicky Foxcroft (L)Seat held, incumbent Dame Joan Ruddock stood down
Leyton and WansteadLabourJohn Cryer (L)Seat held
LichfieldConservativeMichael Fabricant (C)Seat held
LincolnConservativeKarl McCartney (C)Seat held
Linlithgow and East FalkirkLabourMartyn Day (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Michael Connarty
Liverpool RiversideLabour Co-operativeLouise Ellman (L Co-op)Seat held
Liverpool WaltonLabourSteve Rotheram (L)Seat held
Liverpool WavertreeLabour Co-operativeLuciana Berger (L Co-op)Seat held
Liverpool West DerbyLabour Co-operativeStephen Twigg (L Co-op)Seat held
LivingstonLabourHannah Bardell (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Graeme Morrice
LlanelliLabourNia Griffith (L)Seat held
LoughboroughConservativeNicky Morgan (C)Seat held
Louth and HorncastleConservativeVictoria Atkins (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Peter Tapsell stood down
LudlowConservativePhilip Dunne (C)Seat held
Luton NorthLabourKelvin Hopkins (L)Seat held
Luton SouthLabour Co-operativeGavin Shuker (L Co-op)Seat held
MacclesfieldConservativeDavid Rutley (C)Seat held
MaidenheadConservativeTheresa May (C)Seat held
Maidstone and The WealdConservativeHelen Grant (C)Seat held
MakerfieldLabourYvonne Fovargue (L)Seat held
MaldonConservativeJohn Whittingdale (C)Seat held
Manchester CentralLabour Co-operativeLucy Powell (L Co-op)Seat held
Manchester, GortonLabourSir Gerald Kaufman (L)Seat held
Manchester WithingtonLiberal DemocratsJeff Smith (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent John Leech
MansfieldLabourSir Alan Meale (L)Seat held
Meon ValleyConservativeGeorge Hollingbery (C)Seat held
MeridenConservativeCaroline Spelman (C)Seat held
Merthyr Tydfil and RhymneyLabourGerald Jones (L)Seat held, incumbent Dai Havard stood down
Mid BedfordshireConservativeNadine Dorries (C)Seat held
Mid DerbyshireConservativePauline Latham (C)Seat held
Mid Dorset and North PooleLiberal DemocratsMichael Tomlinson (C)Seat gain, incumbent Annette Brooke stood down
Mid NorfolkConservativeGeorge Freeman (C)Seat held
Mid SussexConservativeSir Nicholas Soames (C)Seat held
Mid UlsterSinn FéinFrancie Molloy (SF)Seat held
Mid WorcestershireConservativeNigel Huddleston (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir Peter Luff stood down
MiddlesbroughLabourAndy McDonald (L)Seat held
Middlesbrough South and East ClevelandLabourTom Blenkinsop (L)Seat held
MidlothianLabourOwen Thompson (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent David Hamilton stood down
Milton Keynes NorthConservativeMark Lancaster (C)Seat held
Milton Keynes SouthConservativeIain Stewart (C)Seat held
Mitcham and MordenLabourSiobhain McDonagh (L)Seat held
Mole ValleyConservativeSir Paul Beresford (C)Seat held
MonmouthConservativeDavid Davies (C)Seat held
MontgomeryshireConservativeGlyn Davies (C)Seat held
MoraySNPAngus Robertson (SNP)Seat held
Morecambe and LunesdaleConservativeDavid Morris (C)Seat held
Morley and OutwoodLabour Co-operativeAndrea Jenkyns (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Ed Balls
Motherwell and WishawLabourMarion Fellows (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Frank Roy
Na h-Eileanan an Iar (Western Isles)SNPAngus MacNeil (SNP)Seat held
NeathLabourChristina Rees (L)Seat held, incumbent Peter Hain stood down
New Forest EastConservativeJulian Lewis (C)Seat held
New Forest WestConservativeDesmond Swayne (C)Seat held
NewarkConservativeRobert Jenrick (C)Seat held
NewburyConservativeRichard Benyon (C)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne CentralLabourChinyelu Onwurah (L)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne EastLabourNick Brown (L)Seat held
Newcastle upon Tyne NorthLabourCatherine McKinnell (L)Seat held
Newcastle-under-LymeLabourPaul Farrelly (L)Seat held
Newport EastLabourJessica Morden (L)Seat held
Newport WestLabourPaul Flynn (L)Seat held
Newry and ArmaghSinn FéinMickey Brady (SF)Seat held, incumbent Conor Murphy stood down
Newton AbbotConservativeAnne Marie Morris (C)Seat held
Normanton, Pontefract and CastlefordLabourYvette Cooper (L)Seat held
North AntrimDUPThe Hon. Ian Paisley, Jr. (DUP)Seat held
North Ayrshire and ArranLabourPatricia Gibson (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Katy Clark
North CornwallLiberal DemocratsScott Mann (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Dan Rogerson
North DevonLiberal DemocratsPeter Heaton-Jones (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Sir Nick Harvey
North DorsetConservativeSimon Hoare (C)Seat held, incumbent Robert Walter stood down
North DownIndependent UnionistSylvia, Lady Hermon (Ind)Seat held
North DurhamLabourKevan Jones (L)Seat held
North East BedfordshireConservativeAlistair Burt (C)Seat held
North East CambridgeshireConservativeStephen Barclay (C)Seat held
North East DerbyshireLabourNatascha Engel (L)Seat held
North East FifeLiberal DemocratsStephen Gethins (SNP)Seat gain, incumbent Sir Menzies Campbell stood down
North East HampshireConservativeRanil Jayawardena (C)Seat held, incumbent James Arbuthnot stood down
North East HertfordshireConservativeSir Oliver Heald (C)Seat held
North East SomersetConservativeThe Hon. Jacob Rees-Mogg (C)Seat held
North HerefordshireConservativeBill Wiggin (C)Seat held
North NorfolkLiberal DemocratsNorman Lamb (LD)Seat held
North ShropshireConservativeOwen Paterson (C)Seat held
North SomersetConservativeLiam Fox (C)Seat held
North SwindonConservativeJustin Tomlinson (C)Seat held
North ThanetConservativeSir Roger Gale (C)Seat held
North TynesideLabourMary Glindon (L)Seat held
North WarwickshireConservativeCraig Tracey (C)Seat held, incumbent Dan Byles stood down
North West CambridgeshireConservativeShailesh Vara (C)Seat held
North West DurhamLabourPat Glass (L)Seat held
North West HampshireConservativeKit Malthouse (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir George Young, Bt stood down
North West LeicestershireConservativeAndrew Bridgen (C)Seat held
North West NorfolkConservativeHenry Bellingham (C)Seat held
North WiltshireConservativeJames Gray (C)Seat held
Northampton NorthConservativeMichael Ellis (C)Seat held
Northampton SouthConservativeDavid Mackintosh (C)Seat held, incumbent Brian Binley stood down
Norwich NorthConservativeChloe Smith (C)Seat held
Norwich SouthLiberal DemocratsClive Lewis (L)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Simon Wright
Nottingham EastLabour Co-operativeChris Leslie (L Co-op)Seat held
Nottingham NorthLabourGraham Allen (L)Seat held
Nottingham SouthLabourLilian Greenwood (L)Seat held
NuneatonConservativeMarcus Jones (C)Seat held
Ochil and South PerthshireLabourTasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Gordon Banks
OgmoreLabourHuw Irranca-Davies (L)Seat held
Old Bexley and SidcupConservativeJames Brokenshire (C)Seat held
Oldham East and SaddleworthLabourDebbie Abrahams (L)Seat held
Oldham West and RoytonLabourMichael Meacher (L)Seat held
Orkney and ShetlandLiberal DemocratsAlistair Carmichael (LD)Seat held
OrpingtonConservativeJo Johnson (C)Seat held
Oxford EastLabourAndrew Smith (L)Seat held
Oxford West and AbingdonConservativeNicola Blackwood (C)Seat held
Paisley and Renfrewshire NorthLabourGavin Newlands (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Jim Sheridan
Paisley and Renfrewshire SouthLabourMhairi Black (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Douglas Alexander
PendleConservativeAndrew Stephenson (C)Seat held
Penistone and StocksbridgeLabourAngela Smith (L)Seat held
Penrith and The BorderConservativeRory Stewart (C)Seat held
Perth and North PerthshireSNPPete Wishart (SNP)Seat held
PeterboroughConservativeStewart Jackson (C)Seat held
Plymouth, Moor ViewLabourJohnny Mercer (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Alison Seabeck
Plymouth, Sutton and DevonportConservativeOliver Colvile (C)Seat held
PontypriddLabourOwen Smith (L)Seat held
PooleConservativeRobert Syms (C)Seat held
Poplar and LimehouseLabourJim Fitzpatrick (L)Seat held
Portsmouth NorthConservativePenny Mordaunt (C)Seat held
Portsmouth SouthIndependent[lower-alpha 1]Flick Drummond (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mike Hancock (originally a Liberal Democrat MP)
Preseli PembrokeshireConservativeStephen Crabb (C)Seat held
PrestonLabour Co-operativeMark Hendrick (L Co-op)Seat held
PudseyConservativeStuart Andrew (C)Seat held
PutneyConservativeJustine Greening (C)Seat held
Rayleigh and WickfordConservativeMark Francois (C)Seat held
Reading EastConservativeRob Wilson (C)Seat held
Reading WestConservativeAlok Sharma (C)Seat held
RedcarLiberal DemocratsAnna Turley (L Co-op)Seat gain, incumbent Ian Swales stood down
RedditchConservativeKaren Lumley (C)Seat held
ReigateConservativeCrispin Blunt (C)Seat held
RhonddaLabourChris Bryant (L)Seat held
Ribble ValleyConservativeNigel Evans (C)Seat held
Richmond (Yorks)ConservativeRishi Sunak (C)Seat held, incumbent William Hague stood down
Richmond ParkConservativeZac Goldsmith (C)Seat held
RochdaleLabourSimon Danczuk (L)Seat held
Rochester and StroodUKIPKelly Tolhurst (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Mark Reckless
Rochford and Southend EastConservativeJames Duddridge (C)Seat held
RomfordConservativeAndrew Rosindell (C)Seat held
Romsey and Southampton NorthConservativeCaroline Nokes (C)Seat held
Ross, Skye and LochaberLiberal DemocratsIan Blackford (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Charles Kennedy
Rossendale and DarwenConservativeJake Berry (C)Seat held
Rother ValleyLabourSir Kevin Barron (L)Seat held
RotherhamLabourSarah Champion (L)Seat held
RugbyConservativeMark Pawsey (C)Seat held
Ruislip, Northwood and PinnerConservativeThe Hon. Nick Hurd (C)Seat held
Runnymede and WeybridgeConservativePhilip Hammond (C)Seat held
RushcliffeConservativeKenneth Clarke (C)Seat held
Rutherglen and Hamilton WestLabour Co-operativeMargaret Ferrier (SNP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Tom Greatrex
Rutland and MeltonConservativeSir Alan Duncan (C)Seat held
Saffron WaldenConservativeSir Alan Haselhurst (C)Seat held
Salford and EcclesLabourRebecca Long-Bailey (L)Seat held, incumbent Hazel Blears stood down
SalisburyConservativeJohn Glen (C)Seat held
Scarborough and WhitbyConservativeRobert Goodwill (C)Seat held
ScunthorpeLabourNic Dakin (L)Seat held
SedgefieldLabourPhil Wilson (L)Seat held
Sefton CentralLabourBill Esterson (L)Seat held
Selby and AinstyConservativeNigel Adams (C)Seat held
SevenoaksConservativeMichael Fallon (C)Seat held
Sheffield CentralLabourPaul Blomfield (L)Seat held
Sheffield South EastLabourClive Betts (L)Seat held
Sheffield Brightside and HillsboroughLabourHarry Harpham (L)Seat held, incumbent David Blunkett stood down
Sheffield HallamLiberal DemocratsNick Clegg (LD)Seat held
Sheffield HeeleyLabour Co-operativeLouise Haigh (L)Seat held, incumbent Meg Munn stood down
SherwoodConservativeMark Spencer (C)Seat held
ShipleyConservativePhilip Davies (C)Seat held
Shrewsbury and AtchamConservativeDaniel Kawczynski (C)Seat held
Sittingbourne and SheppeyConservativeGordon Henderson (C)Seat held
Skipton and RiponConservativeJulian Smith (C)Seat held
Sleaford and North HykehamConservativeStephen Phillips (C)Seat held
SloughLabourFiona Mactaggart (L)Seat held
SolihullLiberal DemocratsJulian Knight (C)Seat gain, defeated incumbent Lorely Burt
Somerton and FromeLiberal DemocratsDavid Warburton (C)Seat gain, incumbent David Heath stood down
South AntrimDUPDanny Kinahan (UUP)Seat gain, defeated incumbent William McCrea
South Basildon and East ThurrockConservativeStephen Metcalfe (C)Seat held
South CambridgeshireConservativeHeidi Allen (C)Seat held, incumbent Andrew Lansley stood down
South DerbyshireConservativeHeather Wheeler (C)Seat held
South DorsetConservativeRichard Drax (C)Seat held
South DownSDLPMargaret Ritchie (SDLP)Seat held
South East CambridgeshireConservativeLucy Frazer (C)Seat held, incumbent Sir James Paice stood down
South East CornwallConservativeSheryll Murray (C)Seat held
South Holland and The DeepingsConservativeJohn Hayes (C)Seat held
South LeicestershireConservativeAlberto Costa (C)Seat held, incumbent Andrew Robathan stood down
South NorfolkConservativeRichard Bacon (C)Seat held
South NorthamptonshireConservativeAndrea Leadsom (C)Seat held
South RibbleConservativeSeema Kennedy (C)Seat held, incumbent Lorraine Fullbrook stood down
South ShieldsLabourEmma Lewell-Buck (L)Seat held
South StaffordshireConservativeGavin Williamson (C)Seat held
South SuffolkConservativeJames Cartlidge (C)Seat held, incumbent Tim Yeo stood down
South SwindonConservativeRobert Buckland (C)Seat held
South ThanetConservativeCraig Mackinlay (C)Seat held, incumbent Laura Sandys stood down
South West BedfordshireConservativeAndrew Selous (C)Seat held
South West DevonConservativeGary Streeter (C)Seat held
South West HertfordshireConservativeDavid Gauke (C)Seat held
South West NorfolkConservativeElizabeth Truss (C)Seat held
South West SurreyConservativeJeremy Hunt (C)Seat held
South West WiltshireConservativeAndrew Murrison (C)Seat held
Southampton ItchenLabourRoyston Smith (C)Seat gain, incumbent John Denham stood down
Southampton TestLabourAlan Whitehead (L)Seat held
Southend WestConservativeSir David Amess (C)Seat held
SouthportLiberal DemocratsJohn Pugh (LD)Seat held
SpelthorneConservativeKwasi Kwarteng (C)Seat held
St AlbansConservativeAnne Main (C)Seat held
St Austell and Newquay