List of Northern Territory by-elections

This is a list of Northern Territory by-elections, with the names of the departing and new members and their respective parties.

Gains for the Labor Party are highlighted in red; for the Country Liberal Party in blue; for the Northern Territory Nationals in green; and for others in grey.

Johnston 29 February 2020 Ken Vowles   Labor Joel Bowden   Labor Resignation
Casuarina 18 October 2014 Kon Vatskalis   Labor Lauren Moss   Labor Resignation
Blain 12 April 2014 Terry Mills   Country Liberal Nathan Barrett   Country Liberal Resignation
Wanguri 16 February 2013 Paul Henderson   Labor Nicole Manison   Labor Resignation
Araluen 9 October 2010 Jodeen Carney   Country Liberal Robyn Lambley   Country Liberal Resignation (ill health)
Greatorex 28 July 2007 Richard Lim   Country Liberal Matt Conlan   Country Liberal Resignation (family reasons)
Stuart 23 September 2006 Peter Toyne   Labor Karl Hampton   Labor Resignation (medical reasons)
Katherine 4 October 2003 Mike Reed   Country Liberal Fay Miller   Country Liberal Resignation
Port Darwin 11 March 2000 Shane Stone   Country Liberal Sue Carter   Country Liberal Resignation
Wanguri 31 July 1999 John Bailey   Labor Paul Henderson   Labor Resignation
Blain 31 July 1999 Barry Coulter   Country Liberal Terry Mills   Country Liberal Resignation
Stuart 28 September 1996 Brian Ede   Labor Peter Toyne   Labor Resignation
Arnhem 7 October 1995 Wes Lanhupuy   Labor Jack Ah Kit   Labor Resignation
Fannie Bay 17 June 1995 Marshall Perron   Country Liberal Clare Martin   Labor Resignation
Arafura 7 November 1992 Stan Tipiloura   Labor Maurice Rioli   Labor Death
Millner 7 December 1991 Terry Smith   Labor Ken Parish   Labor Resignation
Wanguri 19 August 1989 Don Dale   Country Liberal John Bailey   Labor Resignation (ill health)
Flynn 10 September 1988 Ray Hanrahan   Country Liberal Enzo Floreani   NT Nationals Resignation
Barkly 5 September 1987 Ian Tuxworth   NT Nationals Ian Tuxworth   NT Nationals Election declared void
Araluen 19 April 1986 Jim Robertson   Country Liberal Eric Poole   Country Liberal Resignation
Jingili 15 December 1984 Paul Everingham   Country Liberal Rick Setter   Country Liberal Resignation (contested HoR)
Millner 21 November 1981 Jon Isaacs   Labor Terry Smith   Labor Resignation
MacDonnell 28 March 1981 Neville Perkins   Labor Neil Bell   Labor Resignation
Alice Springs 7 February 1976 Bernie Kilgariff   Country Liberal Eric Manuell   Country Liberal Resignation (contested Senate)

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