List of Scottish Rugby Union Presidents

List of Scottish Rugby Union Presidents is a list of people who have held the position of President of the Scottish Rugby Union and its predecessor the Scottish Football Union.[1]

There is a discrepancy on the current official list over SRU Presidents over the World War periods.

Tom Scott was President before and after the First World War. The official list states he was President for the 1914-15 season and 1919-20 season. Other sources have Scott the President throughout the First World War.[2]

In an omission, Patrick Munro is currently excluded from the official list of Presidents altogether. Newspaper reports of the time state he was President.[3] In addition, the Forsyth's Rugby Record state that Munro was President from 1939-1942; and that Harry Smith took over as Acting President from 1942.[2]

In this list we have taken Scott to be President throughout the First World War, added Patrick Munro and given Harry Smith the position from 1942, following the clarity of Forsyth's Rugby Record of the time.

Term No. Name Date
1ChieneJohn Chiene1873-74
2HarveyAlbert Harvey1874-75
3BlythBenjamin Blyth II1875-76
4KidstonWilliam Hamilton Kidston1876-77
5ChieneJohn Chiene1877-78
6FlemingGeorge Raphael Fleming1878-79
7BuchananAngus Buchanan1879-80
8WatsonDavid Watson1880-81
9PetrieAlexander Petrie1881-82
10CrossWilliam Cross1882-83
11GrahamGussie Graham1883-84
12CrossMalcolm Cross1884-85
13BrewisNat Brewis1885-86
14CarrickJames Stewart Carrick1886-87
15BrownWilliam Sorley Brown1887-88
16YoungRobert Bruce Young1888-89
17Don-WauchopeAndrew Ramsay Don-Wauchope1889-90
18MitchellGordon Mitchell1890-91
19AinslieThomas Ainslie1891-92
20MortonDavid Morton1892-93
21Balfour-MelvilleLeslie Balfour-Melville1893-94
22MaclaganBill Maclagan1894-96
23FindlayGraham Findlay1896-97
24RainieRobert Rainie1897-98
25BoswellJohn Boswell1898-99
26McIntyreIan MacIntyre1899-1900
27MacMillanRobert MacMillan1900-01
28NeilsonGeorge Neilson1901-02
29DavidsonRoger Davidson1902-03
30GreigRobert Greig1903-04
31SimpsonJohn Simpson1904-05
32NeilsonWillie Neilson1905-06
33TullochJohn Tulloch1906-07
34FlettAndrew Flett1907-08
35CasselsDavid Cassels1908-09
36BlairAlexander Blair1909-10
37FlemingCharles Fleming1910-11
38WallsWilliam Andrew Walls1911-12
39DallasJohn Dallas1912-13
40GreenleesJames Greenlees1913-14
41ScottTom Scott1914–20
42DykesJohn Dykes1920-22
43DixonHerbert Dixon1922-23
44NeilsonRobert Neilson1923-24
45MackenzieRobert Campbell MacKenzie1924-25
46WelshRobin Welsh1925-26
47SmithJames Aikman Smith1926-27
48DuncanMacbeth Duncan1927-28
49McCowanDavid McCowan1928-29
50AsherAugustus Grant-Asher1929-30
51BalfourAndrew Balfour1930-31
52SturrockJohn Sturrock1931-32
53FindlayCrawford Findlay1932-33
54MacGillJohn MacGill1933-34
55MorrisonMark Coxon Morrison1934-35
56ScottWilliam Patrick Scott1935-36
57LawrieAlfred Lawrie1936-38
58WelshWilliam Halliday Welsh1938-39
59MunroPatrick Munro1939-42
60SmithHarry Smith1942-47
61ScottRobert Scott1947-48
62MackenzieJames Moir Mackenzie1948-49
63ShawHamish Shaw1949-50
64IrelandJimmie Ireland1950-51
65DrysdaleDan Drysdale1951-52
66MoffatFrank Moffat1952-53
67AllanMalcolm Allan1953-54
68BannermanJohn Bannerman1954-55
69MeldrumRobert Meldrum1955-56
70SimmersMax Simmers1956-57
71HoggBob Hogg1957-58
72MacMynDavid MacMyn1958-59
73CuthbertsonRanald Cuthbertson1959-60
74KerrDavid Kerr1960-61
75LedinghamRobert Ledingham1961-62
76StewartAndrew Stewart1962-63
77WaddellHerbert Waddell1963-64
78LoganRoss Logan1964-65
79ThomDavid Thom1965-66
80StewartMark Stewart1966-67
81TodRae Tod1967-68
82NicholsonBill Nicholson1968-69
83CrerarGeorge Crerar1969-70
84ShawRobert Wilson Shaw1970-71
85BrownAlex Brown1971-72
86WilsonAlfred Wilson1972-73
87InnesDonny Innes1973-74
88DrummondCharlie Drummond1974-75
89OrrJohn Henry Orr1975-76
90MonroHector Monro1976-77
91CouttsFrank Coutts1977-78
92GovanLex Govan1978-79
93RossJimmy Ross1979-80
94WiltonCliff Wilton1980-81
95MacAllisterFraser MacAllister1981-82
96ThomsonGeorge Thomson1982-83
97RobsonAdam Robson1983-84
98KempHamish Kemp1984-85
99BurrellGeorge Burrell1985-86
100SmithDoug Smith1986-87
101ConnonBill Connon1987-88
102PearsonTom Pearson1988-89
103McNeilJimmy McNeil1989-90
104StewartCharlie Stewart1990-91
105MassonGordon Masson1991-92
106ChartersRobin Charters1992-93
107StevenJock Steven1993-94
108SmithKen Smith1994-95
109ToddIain Todd1995-96
110McLeodFred McLeod1996-97
111RitchieCharlie Ritchie1997-98
112BrownDerek Brown1998-99
113WrightHarvey Wright1999-2000
114LaughlandIan Laughland2000-01
115YoungRobert Young2001-02
116HosieAlan Hosie2002-03
117DuffyBert Duffy2003-04
118DixonGordon Dixon2004-05
119IrvineAndy Irvine2005-07
120JackGeorge Jack2007-08
121StevensonJim Stevenson2008-10
122McLauchlanIan McLauchlan2010-12
123LawsomAlan Lawson2012-13
124MacleodDonald Macleod2013-14
125RankinIan Rankin2014-15
126CrozierEd Crozier2015-16
127FlockhartRob Flockhart2016-18
128BradburyDee Bradbury2018-20
129BradburyIan Barr2020–present

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