List of Solomon Islands by-elections

This is a list of by-elections to the National Parliament of Solomon Islands since the First Parliament in 1976, with the names of the incumbent and victor and (when known) their respective parties. Where seats changed political party at the election, and where that change is known, the result is highlighted: yellow for a Democratic Party gain.

The source for most of this information is the parliamentary website.[1]

First Parliament (1976–1980)

Vona Vona-Rendova-Tetepare 1977 Francis Aqorau (unknown) John Talasasa (unknown) Death
West Kwara'ae 1978 Fr. John Gerea (unknown) Allan Taki (unknown) Resignation

Second Parliament (1980–1984)


Third Parliament (1984–1988)


Fourth Parliament (1989–1993)

North-East Guadalcanal 1989 Waita Ben Tabusasi (unknown) Hilda Kari (unknown) Elected Speaker[2]
East Honiara 1990 Bartholomew Ulufa'alu Liberal Party Charles Dausabea (unknown) Resignation
East 'Are'are 1992 Peter Kenilorea (unknown) Edward Huni'ehu (unknown) Resignation

Fifth Parliament (1994–1997)

East Honiara unknown Charles Dausabea (unknown) John Maetia Kauluae (unknown) Petitioned[3]

Sixth Parliament (1997–2001)

West Makira January 2000 Solomon Mamaloni People's Progressive Party Jackson Suna'one (unknown) Death (kidney disease)
Gao-Bugotu June 2001 James Tarasele Saliga (unknown) William Harry Gigini (unknown) Death

Seventh Parliament (2001–2005)

Gao-Bugotu 27 November 2002 Eric Notere (unknown) Basil Manelegua Association of Independent Members of Parliament Petitioned
South Guadalcanal 27 November 2002 Augustine Geve (unknown) Victor Totu (unknown) Assassinated
North Malaita 1 December 2004 Daniel Fa'afunua People's Alliance Party Daniel Enele Kwanairara (unknown) Disqualified
Ulawa-Ugi 1 December 2004 Nathaniel Waena (unknown) James Tora (unknown) Elected Governor-General

Eighth Parliament (2006–2010)

East Malaita 27 March 2008 unknown (unknown) Manasseh Maelanga (unknown) unknown
Aoke-Langalanga 28 March 2008 Bartholomew Ulufa'alu Liberal Party Matthew Cooper Wale Democratic Party Death
Lau Mbaelelea 23 September 2008 unknown (unknown) Walter Folotalu (unknown) unknown
East Honiara 25 September 2008 Charles Dausabea (unknown) Silas Milikada (unknown) Jailed following conviction for fraud
Central Guadalcanal 6 May 2009 Peter Shanel Agovaka (unknown) Peter Shanel Agovaka
(Incumbent re-elected)
(unknown) unknown
Savo and Russells 29 October 2009 Allan Kemakeza People's Alliance Party Allan Kemakeza
(Incumbent re-elected)[4]
People's Alliance Party Jailed following conviction for "demanding with menace, intimidation and larceny"

Ninth Parliament (2010– )

Shortlands 30 March 2011 Steve Laore Independent Christopher Laore Independent Death
Baegu-Asifola 30 March 2011 Toswel Kaua Independent David Tome Independent Death
North Malaita 1 August 2012 Jimmy Lusibaea Independent Vika Lusibaea Independent Gaoled following conviction for assault and grievous bodily harm
East 'Are'are 1 August 2012 Andrew Hanaria People's Congress Party Andrew Manepora'a (unknown) Petitioned[5]
Nggella 27 February 2013 Mark Kemakeza Liberal Party Johnley Hatimoana (unknown) Gaoled for embezzlement.[6]

Notable by-elections

The 1989 by-election in the North-East Guadalcanal constituency, prompted by Waita Ben Tabusasi's election as Speaker,[2] resulted in a woman, Hilda Kari, being elected to Parliament for the first time.[7][8]

Notes and references

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  2. In contrast with the United Kingdom, in Solomon Islands a sitting MP may not be Speaker. The Speaker is generally elected from outside Parliament (such as a former MP who has lost his seat), but on this one occasion a sitting MP was elected to the position, necessitating that he resign.
  3. "Petitioned" means that the initial election was voided by a court ruling due to irregularities following a petition from a rival candidate or other person in the constituency.
  4. Kemakeza's re-election was subsequently voided by court order, as he was under a suspended jail sentence at the time. With a general election coming up by that point, there was no second by-election.("Sir Allan loses his seat again", Solomon Star, 27 February 2010)
  5. Election voided due to bribery.
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