List of South Australian House of Assembly by-elections

This is a list of by-elections and scheduled by-elections for the South Australian House of Assembly.

A by-election may be held when a member's seat becomes vacant through resignation, death or some other reasons. These vacancies are called casual vacancies.

Gains for Labor are highlighted in red; for Liberal and its predecessors in blue; and others in grey.



54th Cheltenham 9 February 2019 Jay Weatherill   Labor Joe Szakacs   Labor Resignation Yes
54th Enfield 9 February 2019 John Rau   Labor Andrea Michaels   Labor Resignation Yes
53rd Davenport 31 January 2015 Iain Evans   Liberal Sam Duluk   Liberal Resignation Yes
53rd Fisher 6 December 2014 Bob Such   Independent Nat Cook   Labor Death No
52nd Ramsay 11 February 2012 Mike Rann   Labor Zoe Bettison   Labor Resignation Yes
52nd Port Adelaide 11 February 2012 Kevin Foley   Labor Susan Close   Labor Resignation Yes


51st Frome 17 January 2009 Rob Kerin   Liberal Geoff Brock   Independent Resignation No


48th Taylor 5 November 1994 Lynn Arnold   Labor Trish White   Labor Resignation Yes
48th Torrens 7 May 1994 Joe Tiernan   Liberal Robyn Geraghty   Labor Death No
48th Elizabeth 9 April 1994 Martyn Evans   Labor Lea Stevens   Labor Resignation (entered HoR) Yes
47th Kavel 9 May 1992 Roger Goldsworthy   Liberal John Olsen   Liberal Resignation to provide Olsen a seat. Yes
47th Alexandra 9 May 1992 Ted Chapman   Liberal Dean Brown   Liberal Resignation to provide Brown a seat. Yes
47th Custance 23 June 1990 John Olsen   Liberal Ivan Venning   Liberal Resignation (entered Senate) Yes


45th Elizabeth 1 December 1984 Peter Duncan   Labor Martyn Evans   Independent Labor Resignation (entered HoR) No
45th Bragg 14 May 1983 David Tonkin   Liberal Graham Ingerson   Liberal Resignation Yes
44th Florey 4 September 1982 Harold O'Neill   Labor Bob Gregory   Labor Resignation (ill health) Yes
44th Mitcham 8 May 1982 Robin Millhouse   Democrats Heather Southcott   Democrats Resignation (Appointed to SA Supreme Court) Yes
44th Norwood 16 February 1980 Frank Webster   Liberal Greg Crafter   Labor Unseated No


43rd Norwood 10 March 1979 Don Dunstan   Labor Greg Crafter   Labor Resignation (ill health) Yes
41st Goyder 8 June 1974 Steele Hall   Liberal Movement David Boundy   Liberal Movement Resignation (entered Senate) Yes
41st Semaphore 2 June 1973 Reg Hurst   Labor Jack Olson   Labor Death Yes
40th Adelaide 3 July 1971 Sam Lawn   Labor Jack Wright   Labor Death Yes


39th Millicent 22 June 1968 Des Corcoran   Labor Des Corcoran   Labor Unseated Yes
37th Semaphore 3 October 1964 Harold Tapping   Labor Reg Hurst   Labor Death Yes
37th Stirling 28 September 1963 William Jenkins   LCL William McAnaney   LCL Death Yes
37th Yorke Peninsula 9 February 1963 Cecil Hincks   LCL James Ferguson   LCL Death Yes
37th Mount Gambier 15 December 1962 Ron Ralston   Labor Allan Burdon   Labor Death Yes
36th Frome 5 November 1960 Mick O'Halloran   Labor Tom Casey   Labor Death Yes
36th Light 23 April 1960 George Hambour   LCL Leslie Nicholson   LCL Death Yes


35th Mount Gambier 12 July 1958 John Fletcher   Independent Ron Ralston   Labor Death No
35th Wallaroo 3 August 1957 Leslie Heath   LCL Lloyd Hughes   Labor Death No
34th Mitcham 7 May 1955 Henry Dunks   LCL Robin Millhouse   LCL Death Yes
33rd Stirling 18 October 1952 Herbert Dunn   LCL William Jenkins   LCL Death Yes
33rd Gawler 19 April 1952 Leslie Duncan   Labor John Clark   Labor Death Yes
33rd Flinders 2 June 1951 Rex Pearson   LCL Glen Pearson   LCL Resignation (entered Senate) Yes


32nd Rocky River 26 February 1949 John Lyons   LCL James Heaslip   LCL Death Yes
32nd Alexandra 19 June 1948 Herbert Hudd   LCL David Brookman   LCL Death Yes
31st Port Pirie 19 October 1946 Andrew Lacey   Labor Charles Davis   Labor Death Yes
31st Semaphore 5 October 1946 Albert Thompson   Labor Harold Tapping   Labor Resignation (entered HoR) Yes
31st Burnside 22 June 1946 Charles Abbott   LCL Geoffrey Clarke   LCL Resignation Yes
31st Victoria 29 September 1945 Vernon Petherick   LCL Jim Corcoran   Labor Death No
30th Gouger 10 July 1943 Albert Robinson   Independent Horace Bowden   Labor Death No
30th Thebarton 12 December 1942 Jules Langdon   Independent Fred Walsh   Labor Death No


29th Light 21 January 1939 Richard Layton Butler   LCL Herbert Michael   LCL Resignation (contested HoR) Yes
28th Port Pirie 3 March 1937 John Fitzgerald   Labor William Threadgold   Labor Death Yes
28th Wooroora 29 September 1934 Archie Cameron   LCL Albert Robinson   Independent Resignation (entered HoR) No
28th Alexandra 10 February 1934 George Laffer   LCL George Connor   Independent Death No
28th Barossa 8 July 1933 Herbert Basedow   Independent Reginald Rudall   LCL Death No
27th Victoria 5 March 1932 Peter Reidy   Liberal Vernon Petherick   Liberal Death Yes
27th Adelaide 25 July 1931 Bert Edwards   Labor Martin Collaton   Lang Labor Absent without leave No


26th Port Adelaide 2 July 1927 Thomas Thompson   Protestant Labor Thomas Thompson   Protestant Labor Unseated Yes
25th Adelaide 21 September 1926 John Gunn   Labor Herbert George   Labor Resignation Yes
25th Stanley 16 March 1926 Henry Barwell   Liberal John Lyons   Liberal Resignation Yes
25th Yorke Peninsula 20 January 1926 Peter Allen   Liberal Edward Giles   Liberal Death Yes
25th East Torrens 28 November 1925 Harry Kneebone   Labor Walter Hamilton   Liberal Resignation (contested HoR) No
25th Port Adelaide 20 June 1925 John Price   Labor John Stanley Verran   Labor Resignation Yes
25th Barossa 22 November 1924 William Hague   Liberal Henry Crosby   Liberal Death Yes
24th Alexandra 20 January 1923 George Ritchie   Liberal Percy Heggaton   Liberal Resignation Yes
23rd Alexandra 12 June 1920 Archibald Peake   Liberal Herbert Hudd   Liberal Death Yes


22nd Barossa 2 June 1917 Ephraim Coombe   Labor Henry Crosby   Liberal Death No
22nd East Torrens 12 May 1917 Lionel Hill   Labor William Hamilton   Liberal Resignation (contested Senate) No
22nd Adelaide 12 May 1917 John Gunn   Labor Bert Edwards   Labor Resignation (contested HoR) Yes
22nd Newcastle 12 May 1917 Thomas Butterfield   Labor Edward Twopeny   Liberal Resignation (contested Senate) No
22nd Alexandra 19 June 1915 Alexander McDonald   Liberal Archibald Peake   Liberal Resignation Yes
21st Alexandra 20 December 1913 William Blacker   Liberal George Laffer   Liberal Death Yes
21st Murray 23 November 1912 William Jamieson   Liberal Harry Dove Young   Liberal Death Yes


19th Torrens 3 July 1909 Thomas Price   Labor Thomas Ryan   Labor Death Yes
19th Wooroora 13 February 1909 Friedrich Wilhelm Paech   ANL Frederick William Young   FPPU Death No
19th Northern Territory 5 December 1908 Vaiben Louis Solomon   ANL Thomas Crush   Labor Death No
19th Adelaide 20 June 1908 Ernest Roberts   Labor Edward Alfred Anstey   Labor Resignation Yes
19th Flinders 18 May 1907 Arthur Hugh Inkster   LDU Edgar Hampton Warren   FPPU Death No
19th Stanley 13 April 1907 William Patrick Cummins   LDU Kossuth William Duncan   FPPU Death No
19th Adelaide 26 January 1907 James Zimri Sellar   Labor Reginald Blundell   Labor Death Yes
18th Murray 23 June 1906 Walter Hughes Duncan   ANL Hermann Homburg   ANL Death Yes
17th Victoria and Albert 25 June 1904 Andrew Dods Handyside   ANL William Senior   Labor Death No
16th Wallaroo 22 June 1901 Henry Allerdale Grainger   John Verran   Labor Resignation
16th Northern Territory 15 June 1901 Vaiben Louis Solomon   Samuel James Mitchell   Resignation (entered HoR)
16th Gumeracha 8 June 1901 Thomas Playford II   William Jamieson   ANL Resignation (entered Senate)
16th Flinders 8 June 1901 Alexander Poynton   William Tennant Mortlock   Resignation (entered HoR)
16th Burra 8 June 1901 Frederick Holder   William Russell   Resignation (entered HoR)
16th Barossa 8 June 1901 John Downer   ANL E. H. Coombe   Resignation (entered Senate)
16th North Adelaide 1 June 1901 Paddy Glynn   Hugh Robert Dixson   Resignation (entered HoR)
16th West Adelaide 1 June 1901 Lee Batchelor   Labor Francis Bernard Keogh   Resignation (entered HoR)
16th Northern Territory 20 October 1900 Walter Griffiths   Charles Edward Herbert   ANL Death
16th West Adelaide 17 March 1900 Charles Kingston   Bill Denny   Resignation


16th Encounter Bay 29 July 1899 Charles Tucker   Charles Tucker   Unseated
15th Mount Barker 14 May 1898 John Cockburn   Charles Dumas   ANL Resignation
15th East Adelaide 22 January 1898 John McPherson   Labor James Hutchison   Labor Death
15th Albert 31 July 1897 Archibald Peake   Archibald Peake   Unseated
15th Albert 22 May 1897 George Ash   ANL Archibald Peake   Death
15th North Adelaide 22 May 1897 Arthur Harrold   ANL Paddy Glynn   ANL Resignation
15th Stanley 17 October 1896 Peter Paul Gillen   William Patrick Cummins   Death
15th Gumeracha 10 July 1896 Charles Willcox   ANL William Richard Randell   Resignation
14th North Adelaide 8 June 1895 George Charles Hawker   Paddy Glynn   NDL Death
14th East Torrens 19 May 1894 Thomas Playford II   David Packham   NDL Appointment as Agent General
13th Noarlunga 26 March 1892 Charles Dashwood   William Blacker   Death
13th East Adelaide 23 January 1892 John Cox Bray   John McPherson   Labor Resignation
13th Northern Territory 23 May 1891 Vaiben Louis Solomon   Vaiben Louis Solomon   Resignation
13th Wallaroo 23 May 1891 David Bews   Richard Hooper   Independent Labor Death
13th Wooroora 25 February 1891 Hugh Craine Kelly   Robert Kelly   Death
13th Yatala 13 August 1890 James Cowan   Richard Butler   Death


12th Stanley 25 June 1889 Edward William Hawker   Peter Paul Gillen   Resignation
12th Victoria 1 November 1888 Daniel Livingston   John James Osman   Death
12th Gumeracha 12 May 1888 Robert Dalrymple Ross   Lancelot Stirling   Death
11th East Adelaide 31 May 1886 George Dutton Green   Theodor Scherk   Resignation
11th Albert 8 February 1886 Arthur Hardy   Arthur Hardy   Resignation
11th Sturt 17 July 1885 Thomas King   Samuel Dening Glyde   Resignation
11th Stanley 15 May 1885 John Miller   John Darling, senior   Resignation
11th Wallaroo 16 February 1885 Henry Allerdale Grainger   David Bews   Resignation
11th Albert 5 January 1885 Rudolph Henning   Andrew Dods Handyside   Death
10th Victoria 15 June 1883 George Charles Hawker   William Whinham   Resignation
10th Flinders 1 December 1882 Ebenezer Cooke   Patrick Boyce Coglin   Resignation
10th Sturt 13 November 1882 William Townsend   Thomas King   Resignation
10th Onkaparinga 15 June 1882 Friedrich Krichauff   Rowland Rees   Resignation
10th Yatala 6 September 1881 David Murray   Josiah Howell Bagster   Resignation
10th Yatala 13 July 1881 David Murray   David Murray   Unseated
10th East Adelaide 17 June 1881 George Fowler   Thomas Johnson   Resignation
9th Port Adelaide 27 July 1880 William Quin   John Hart Jr.   Resignation
9th Gumeracha 24 April 1880 Ebenezer Ward   John Rounsevell   Resignation
9th Noarlunga 6 January 1880 John Carr   John Colton   Resignation


9th North Adelaide 16 December 1878 Neville Blyth   Caleb Peacock   Resignation
9th Encounter Bay 10 October 1878 James Boucaut   William West-Erskine   Resignation
9th Noarlunga 14 September 1878 John Colton   Thomas Atkinson   Resignation
9th Light 12 June 1878 Frank Skeffington Carroll   David Moody   Resignation
8th Victoria 17 May 1877 John Ingleby   Lavington Glyde   Resignation
8th East Torrens 27 March 1877 Edwin Thomas Smith   David Murray   Resignation
8th North Adelaide 14 March 1877 Arthur Blyth   Neville Blyth   Accepted office outside parliament
8th West Torrens 27 September 1876 Benjamin Taylor   John Mitchell Sinclair   Resignation
8th West Adelaide 21 June 1876 William Knox Simms   John Darling Sr.   Resignation
8th Barossa 20 May 1876 John Howard Angas   M. P. F. Basedow   Resignation
8th Mount Barker 1 May 1876 William West-Erskine     Resignation
8th Sturt 14 April 1876 Samuel Way   Thomas King   Resignation
8th Wooroora 7 August 1875 James Pearce   John Bosworth   Resignation
8th Albert 12 July 1875 Mountifort Conner   William Wigley   Resignation
8th Barossa 9 June 1875 Johann Sudholz   John Dunn Jr.   Unseated
8th Wallaroo 4 June 1875 Matthew Madge   Robert Dalrymple Ross   Unseated
8th Yatala 17 May 1875 Lavington Glyde   Thomas Cowan   Resignation
8th Yatala 17 May 1875 Wentworth Cavenagh   Wentworth Cavenagh   Resignation
8th Light 17 May 1875 Randolph Isham Stow   Jenkin Coles   Resignation
7th The Sturt 7 September 1874 John Henry Barrow   William Mair   Death
7th Light 18 September 1873 Mountifort Conner   Randolph Isham Stow   Resignation
7th Encounter Bay 5 September 1873 Thomas Reynolds   Arthur Fydell Lindsay   Resignation
7th Victoria 17 June 1873 Edwin Derrington   Thomas Boothby   Resignation
7th Victoria 29 May 1873 John Riddoch   Park Laurie   Resignation
7th The Burra 3 April 1873 John Hart   Rowland Rees   Death
7th Encounter Bay 29 February 1872 William Everard   William Rogers   Unseated
7th Encounter Bay 29 February 1872 Thomas Reynolds   Thomas Reynolds   Unseated
6th Victoria 24 August 1871 William Paltridge   Neville Blyth   Resignation
6th Light 12 August 1871 Edward Hamilton   James White   Resignation
6th West Torrens 10 August 1871 Henry Strangways   James Boucaut   Resignation
5th West Torrens 10 February 1870 George Bean   John Pickering   Declared Vacant
5th The Sturt 10 February 1870 Richard Bullock Andrews   Frederick Spicer   Resignation


5th Mount Barker 5 November 1868 John Dunn   William Rogers   Unseated
5th Mount Barker 3 September 1868 William Rogers   John Dunn   Unseated
5th Mount Barker 3 September 1868 John Cheriton   John Cheriton   Unseated
4th The Sturt 14 August 1867 Joseph Peacock   Alexander Murray   Death
4th East Torrens 22 July 1867 Neville Blyth   Daniel Fisher   Resignation
4th Gumeracha 15 July 1867 Alexander Borthwick Murray   Alexander Hay   Resignation
4th Victoria 13 December 1866 Adam Lindsay Gordon   James Umpherston   Resignation
4th East Torrens 3 December 1866 Charles Goode   Randolph Isham Stow   Resignation
4th Flinders 20 October 1866 Alfred Watts   Augustine Stow   Resignation
4th The Burra 15 October 1866 George Cole   Alexander McCulloch   Resignation
4th Port Adelaide 29 June 1866 John Hart   Jacob Smith   Resignation
4th Light 27 November 1865 John Rounsevell   John Rounsevell   Unseated
4th Light 12 October 1865 Francis Dutton   John Rounsevell   Accepted office
3rd East Adelaide 5 November 1864 William Bakewell   Thomas Reynolds   Resignation
3rd Mount Barker 8 June 1864 Allan McFarlane   William Rogers   Death
3rd Barossa 8 June 1864 Joseph Barritt   John Williams   Resignation
2nd Light 8 May 1862 Francis Dutton   John Rowe   Resignation
2nd The Burra and Clare 8 May 1862 William Dale   John Bentham Neales   Resignation
2nd Port Adelaide 8 May 1862 William Owen   John Hart   Resignation
2nd The Murray 8 May 1862 David Wark   Allan McFarlane   Death
2nd Gumeracha 8 May 1862 Alexander Hay   Alexander Murray   Resignation
2nd City of Adelaide 2 May 1862 Thomas Reynolds   Thomas Reynolds   Resignation
2nd City of Adelaide 9 December 1861 Richard Hanson   James Boucaut   Resignation
2nd The Burra and Clare 6 May 1861 William Lennon   George Kingston   Insolvent
2nd West Torrens 30 April 1861 George Morphett   Randolph Isham Stow   Resignation
1st City of Adelaide 13 May 1859 William Henville Burford   William Owen   Resignation
1st Port Adelaide 11 October 1858 John Hughes   Edward Collinson   Resignation
1st Mount Barker 16 September 1858 Friedrich Krichauff   William Rogers   Resignation
1st City of Adelaide 16 September 1858 Robert Torrens   Judah Solomon   Resignation
1st The Burra and Clare 9 September 1858 Morris Marks   Edward McEllister   Resignation
1st Light 9 September 1858 William Maturin   David Shannon   Resignation
1st East Torrens 6 April 1858 Charles Bonney   John Henry Barrow   Resignation
1st Light 8 February 1858 Carrington Smedley   William Maturin   Resignation
1st Encounter Bay 15 January 1858 Benjamin Babbage   Henry Strangways   Resignation
1st Victoria 5 January 1858 Robert Leake   George Charles Hawker   Resignation
1st Onkaparinga 23 December 1857 William Dawes   William Townsend   Resignation
1st East Torrens 6 October 1857 George Waterhouse   Lavington Glyde   Resignation
1st Yatala 5 June 1857 Charles Simeon Hare   Richard Andrews   Resignation
1st Barossa 1 June 1857 Horace Dean   William Bakewell   Unseated

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