List of Tortricidae genera

This is a taxonomy of the moth family Tortricidae down to genus level. This classification is up-to-date to 2008, taking information from the Online World Catalogue of the Tortricidae[1] and taxonomic changes made in 2007.

Subfamily Tortricinae

Tribe Archipini

Tribe Atteriini

Tribe Ceracini

Tribe Cnephasiini

Tribe Cochylini

Tribe Epitymbiini

Tribe Euliini

Tribe Phricanthini

Tribe Schoenotenini

Tribe Sparganothini

Tribe Tortricini


Subfamily Olethreutinae

Tribe Bactrini

Tribe Enarmoniini

Tribe Endotheniini

Tribe Eucosmini

Tribe Gatesclarkeanini

Tribe Grapholitini

Tribe Microcorsini

Tribe Olethreutini


Subfamily Chlidanotinae

Tribe Chlidanotini

Tribe Hilarographini

Tribe Polyorthini



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