List of United Kingdom MPs by seniority (2015–2017)

This is the list of United Kingdom MPs by seniority, 2015–2017. The Members of Parliament (MPs) are ranked by the beginning of their terms in office, in the House of Commons.

The House of Commons of the 56th Parliament of the United Kingdom was elected on 7 May 2015 and first met on 18 May 2015. Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 (as amended) the next general election was scheduled to be on 7 May 2020. An early election or one delayed by up to two months were possible in certain circumstances. In the event an early general election was authorised, by a two-thirds vote of the House of Commons, with the election being arranged for 8 June 2017. The formal dissolution of Parliament takes place twenty-five working days before the polling day to elect the new Parliament.

The constituencies and party affiliations listed reflect those during the 56th Parliament. Seats and party affiliations for other Parliaments will be different for certain members.

This article describes the criteria for seniority in the House of Commons, as set out in Father of the House: a House of Commons background paper.

Seniority criteria

The criteria for seniority, used in this article, are derived from the way that the Father of the House is selected. They are not laid down in Standing Orders but arise from the customary practice of the House of Commons.

The modern custom is that the Father of the House is the MP who has the longest continuous service. If two or more members were first elected in the same General Election (or at by-elections held on the same day), then priority is given to the one who was sworn in first. The order of swearing in is recorded in Hansard, the official record of proceedings.

When a member has had broken service, that does not affect his or her seniority (for the purpose of qualifying as the Father of the House) which is based on the latest period of continuous service.

The Sinn Féin members, who abstain from taking their seats at Westminster, have never been sworn in. They are ranked (in this list) after all other members who have taken their seats. Between themselves they are ranked by the first date of election, for the current period of continuous service. If that criteria is equal, then they are ranked by alphabetical order of surnames.

In the House of Commons, the sole mandatory duty of the Father of the House is to preside over the election of a new Speaker whenever that office becomes vacant. The relevant Standing Order does not refer to this member by the title "Father of the House", referring instead to the longest-serving member of the House present who is not a Minister of the Crown (meaning that if the Father is absent or a government minister, the next person in line presides).

Summary of members elected by party

Affiliation Members[1]
At 2015 election At dissolution
Conservative 330 330
Labour 232 229
SNP 56 54
Liberal Democrats 8 9
DUP 8 8
  Independent 1 5
Sinn Féin 4 4
Plaid Cymru 3 3
SDLP 3 3
UUP 2 2
Green 1 1
  Speaker 1 1
UKIP 1 0
Vacant seats 0 1
Total 650 650
Government majority 16 17
  • See here for a full list of changes during the fifty-sixth Parliament.
  • In addition to the parties listed in the table above, the Co-operative Party was also represented in the House of Commons by Labour MPs sitting with the Labour Co-operative designation. The number of these MPs was 24 after the general election, and was 28 at dissolution.
  • The actual government majority was calculated as Conservative MPs less all other parties. This calculation excluded the Speaker, Deputy Speakers (two Labour and one Conservative) and Sinn Féin (who followed a policy of abstentionism).

List of Members of Parliament by seniority

This article assigns a numerical rank to each of the 650 members initially elected to the 56th Parliament. Other members, who were not the first person declared elected to a seat but who joined the House during the Parliament, are not assigned a number.

RankMemberPartyConstituency 2015ElectedDate of BirthNotes
45th Parliament (elected: 18 June 1970, first met: 29 June 1970, dissolved: 8 February 1974) [2][3]
001The Rt Hon. Sir Gerald KaufmanLabManchester Gorton18 June 197021/06/1930Father of the House until he died 27 February 2017
002The Rt Hon. Kenneth ClarkeCRushcliffe02/07/1940Father of the House 27 February 2017 until 12 December 2019
Former Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Chancellor among other Government and opposition briefs.
003The Rt Hon. Michael MeacherLabOldham West and Royton04/11/1939Died 21 October 2015
004Dennis SkinnerLabBolsover11/02/1932Failed to be reelected in the 2019 General Election
47th Parliament (elected: 10 October 1974, first met: 22 October 1974, dissolved: 7 April 1979)
005Sir Peter BottomleyCWorthing West26 June 197530/07/1944Father of the house since 13 December 2019
006Geoffrey RobinsonLabCoventry North West4 March 197625/05/1938
007The Rt Hon. Sir Alan HaselhurstCSaffron Walden7 July 197723/06/1937Previously served 1970–74, stood down at the 2017 general election, as the oldest Conservative MP during his last Parliament, at the age of 80
48th Parliament (elected: 3 May 1979, first met: 9 May 1979, dissolved: 13 May 1983) [4]
008David WinnickLabWalsall North3 May 197926/06/1933Previously served 1966–70; defeated in 2017
009Barry SheermanLabHuddersfield17/08/1940
010The Rt Hon. Frank FieldLabBirkenhead16/07/1942
011The Rt Hon. Harriet HarmanLabCamberwell and Peckham28 Oct 198230/07/1950Acting Lab Leader and Leader of the Opposition 8 May 2015 – 12 September 2015
49th Parliament (elected: 9 June 1983, first met: 15 June 1983, dissolved: 18 May 1987) [5][6][7]
012The Rt Hon. Sir Kevin BarronLabRother Valley9 June 198326/10/1946
013Sir Edward LeighCGainsborough20/07/1950
014The Rt Hon. Nick BrownLabNewcastle upon Tyne East13/06/1950Chief Whip, Lab 6 October 2016 – present
015The Rt Hon. Jeremy CorbynLabIslington North26/05/1949Labour Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition 12 September 2015 –
016Sir David AmessCSouthend West26/03/1952
017Sir Roger GaleCNorth Thanet20/08/1943
018The Rt Hon. Peter LilleyCHitchin and Harpenden23/08/1943
019The Rt Hon. Sir Nicholas SoamesCMid Sussex12/02/1948
020The Rt Hon. Dame Margaret BeckettLabDerby South15/01/1943Previously served 1974–79
021Sir Bill CashCStone3 June 198410/05/1940
022The Rt Hon. Ann ClwydLabCynon Valley21/03/1937
023The Rt Hon. Sir Patrick McLoughlinCDerbyshire Dales8 May 198630/11/1957Chairman of the Conservative Party & Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
024The Rt Hon. George HowarthLabKnowsley13 Nov 198629/06/1949
50th Parliament (elected: 11 June 1987, first met: 17 June 1987, dissolved: 16 March 1992) [8][9]
025The Rt Hon. John RedwoodCWokingham11 June 198715/06/1951Leadership challenger to John Major in 1995
026Ronnie CampbellLabBlyth Valley14/08/1943
027The Rt Hon. David DavisCHaltemprice and Howden23/12/1948
028Sir Alan MealeLabMansfield31/07/1949
029David TredinnickCBosworth19/01/1950
030The Rt Hon. Andrew SmithLabOxford East01/02/1951
031The Rt Hon. Sir Simon BurnsCChelmsford06/09/1952
032The Rt Hon. Keith VazLabLeicester East26/11/1956Former Chair of the Home Affairs Select Committee
033Paul FlynnLabNewport West09/02/1935
034Graham AllenLabNottingham North11/01/1953
035Sir Julian BrazierCCanterbury24/07/1953
036The Rt Hon. Diane AbbottLabHackney North and Stoke Newington27/09/1953Shadow Home Secretary
037Kate HoeyLabVauxhall15 June 198921/06/1946
51st Parliament (elected: 9 April 1992, first met: 27 April 1992, dissolved: 8 April 1997) [10][11][12]
038Jim CunninghamLabCoventry South9 April 199204/02/1941
039Richard BurdenLabBirmingham, Northfield01/09/1954
040The Rt Hon. Sir Edward GarnierCHarborough26/10/1952
041The Rt Hon. Liam FoxCNorth Somerset22/09/1961Secretary of State for International Trade & President of the Board of Trade; former Secretary of State for Defence
042The Rt Hon. David LidingtonCAylesbury30/06/1956Leader of the House of Commons & Lord President of the Council
043The Rt Hon. Sir Oliver HealdCNorth East Hertfordshire15/12/1954
044Geoffrey Clifton-BrownCThe Cotswolds23/03/1953
045The Rt Hon. David HansonLabDelyn05/07/1957
046Gary StreeterCSouth West Devon02/10/1955
047Michael FabricantCLichfield12/06/1950
048Clive BettsLabSheffield South East13/01/1950
049Ann CoffeyLabStockport31/08/1946
050The Rt Hon. Sir Alan DuncanCRutland and Melton31/03/1957
051Jim DowdLabLewisham West and Penge05/03/1951
052Sir Paul BeresfordCMole Valley06/04/1946
053The Rt Hon. Iain Duncan SmithCChingford and Woodford Green09/04/1954Former Secretary of State for Work and Pensions & Leader of the Opposition
054Mike GapesLabIlford South04/09/1952
055Nigel EvansCRibble Valley10/11/1957Former First Deputy Chair of Ways and Means
056The Rt Hon. Cheryl GillanCChesham and Amersham21/04/1952
057The Hon. Bernard JenkinCHarwich and North Essex09/04/1959
058The Rt Hon. Sir Eric PicklesCBrentwood and Ongar20/04/1952Former Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government
059Angela EagleLabWallasey17/02/1961Held Various Shadow Cabinet positions prior to an unsuccessful challenge for the Labour Leadership
060The Rt Hon. John WhittingdaleCMaldon16/10/1959Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
061The Rt Hon. John SpellarLabWarley05/08/1947Previously served 1982–83
062Roger GodsiffLabBirmingham Hall Green28/06/1946
063The Rt Hon. Dame Margaret HodgeLabBarking9 June 199408/09/1944Former Chair of the Public Accounts Committee
064The Rt Hon. Stephen TimmsLabEast Ham29/07/1955
065Jon TrickettLabHemsworth1 February 199602/07/1950Shadow Lord President of the Council
52nd Parliament (elected: 1 May 1997, first met: 7 May 1997, dissolved: 14 May 2001) [13][14][15][16]
066The Rt Hon. Keith SimpsonCBroadland1 May 199729/03/1949
067The Rt Hon. Julian LewisCNew Forest East26/09/1951Chair of the Defence Select Committee
068The Rt Hon. Owen PatersonCNorth Shropshire24/06/1956Former Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs & Secretary of State for Northern Ireland
069Laurence RobertsonCTewkesbury29/03/1958
070Robert SymsCPoole15/08/1956
071The Rt Hon. Ben BradshawLabExeter30/08/1960Former Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport
072Helen JonesLabWarrington North24/12/1954
073Jim FitzpatrickLabPoplar and Limehouse04/04/1952
074The Rt Hon. Sir Jeffrey DonaldsonDUPLagan Valley07/12/1962
075The Rt Hon. John McDonnellLabHayes and Harlington08/09/1951Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
076Gareth ThomasLabHarrow West15/07/1967
077Eleanor LaingCEpping Forest01/02/1958Deputy Speaker:1st Dep. Ch., Ways and Means
078Stephen PoundLabEaling North03/07/1948
079The Rt Hon. Lindsay HoyleLabChorley10/06/1957Deputy Speaker: Chairman, Ways and Means
080The Rt Hon. John HealeyLabWentworth and Dearne13/02/1960Shadow Secretary of State for Housing
081Louise EllmanLabLiverpool Riverside14/11/1945
082The Rt Hon. Philip HammondCRunnymede and Weybridge04/12/1955Chancellor of the Exchequer
083Tim LoughtonCEast Worthing and Shoreham30/05/1962
084The Rt Hon. Tom BrakeLDCarshalton and Wallington06/05/1962Liberal Democrat Chief Whip & Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs Spokesman
085The Rt Hon. Fiona MactaggartLabSlough12/09/1953
086Kelvin HopkinsLabLuton North22/08/1941
087The Rt Hon. Theresa MayCMaidenhead01/10/1956Leader of the Conservatives 11 July 2016 – present & Prime Minister 13 July 2016 – present.
088Graham BradyCAltrincham and Sale West20/05/1967
089The Rt Hon. John BercowSpeBuckingham19/01/1963Speaker
090The Rt Hon. Nick GibbCBognor Regis and Littlehampton03/09/1960
091Stephen HepburnLabJarrow06/12/1959
092Alan WhiteheadLabSouthampton Test15/09/1950
093The Rt Hon. Gisela StuartLabBirmingham Edgbaston26/11/1955
094The Rt Hon. Alan JohnsonLabKingston upon Hull West and Hessle17/05/1950
095Barry GardinerLabBrent North10/03/1957
096The Rt Hon. Caroline FlintLabDon Valley20/09/1961
097The Rt Hon. Andrew TyrieCChichester15/01/1957
098The Rt Hon. Dominic GrieveCBeaconsfield24/05/1956
099Sir David CrausbyLabBolton North East17/06/1946
100The Rt Hon. Sir Desmond SwayneCNew Forest West20/08/1956
101Fabian HamiltonLabLeeds North East12/04/1955
102The Rt Hon. Dame Caroline SpelmanCMeriden04/05/1958
103Sir Gerald HowarthCAldershot12/09/1947Previously served 1983–92
104The Rt Hon. Sir Michael FallonCSevenoaks14/05/1952
105The Rt Hon. Damian GreenCAshford17/01/1956
106James GrayCNorth Wiltshire07/11/1954
107The Rt Hon. Alan CampbellLabTynemouth08/07/1957
108Maria EagleLabGarston and Halewood17/02/1961
109The Rt Hon. Dame Rosie WintertonLabDoncaster Central10/08/1958Chief Whip, Lab –6 October 2016
110Ivan LewisLabBury South04/03/1967
111Gordon MarsdenLabBlackpool South28/11/1953
112Clive EffordLabEltham10/07/1958
113Karen BuckLabWestminster North30/08/1958
114Steve McCabeLabBirmingham Selly Oak04/08/1955
115Graham StringerLabBlackley and Broughton17/02/1950
116The Rt Hon. John HayesCSouth Holland and The Deepings23/06/1958
117The Rt Hon. Sir Oliver LetwinCWest Dorset19/05/1956
118The Rt Hon. Yvette CooperLabNormanton, Pontefract and Castleford20/03/1969
119Vernon CoakerLabGedling17/06/1953
120Crispin BluntCReigate15/07/1960
121Derek TwiggLabHalton09/07/1959
122Siobhain McDonaghLabMitcham and Morden20/02/1960
123Christopher ChopeCChristchurch19/05/1947Previously served 1983–92
124The Rt Hon. Hilary BennLabLeeds Central10 June 199926/11/1953
125The Rt Hon. David LammyLabTottenham22 June 200019/07/1972
126Mark HendrickLabPreston23 November 200002/11/1958
127Adrian BaileyLabWest Bromwich West11/12/1945
53rd Parliament (elected: 7 June 2001, first met: 13 June 2001, dissolved: 11 April 2005) [17][18][19][20]
128The Rt Hon. Sir Greg KnightCEast Yorkshire7 June 200104/04/1949Previously served 1983–97
129Richard BaconCSouth Norfolk03/12/1962
130The Rt Hon. Nigel DoddsDUPBelfast North20/08/1958Parliamentary group leader: DUP
131Gregory CampbellDUPEast Londonderry15/02/1953
132Bill WigginCNorth Herefordshire04/06/1966
133Andrew RosindellCRomford17/03/1966
134The Rt Hon. David CameronCWitney09/10/1966Leader, C –11 July 2016. Prime Minister –13 July 2016 | Resigned seat on 12 September 2016
135Kevin BrennanLabCardiff West16/10/1959
136Wayne DavidLabCaerphilly01/07/1957
137The Rt Hon. Chris GraylingCEpsom and Ewell01/04/1962
138Jon CruddasLabDagenham and Rainham07/04/1962
139Tom WatsonLabWest Bromwich East08/01/1967Deputy Leader, Lab 12 September 2015 –
140The Rt Hon. Andy BurnhamLabLeigh07/01/1970
141John MannLabBassetlaw10/01/1960
142Kevan JonesLabNorth Durham25/04/1964
143The Rt Hon. Alistair CarmichaelLDOrkney and Shetland15/07/1965
144Mike WeirSNPAngus24/03/1957Chief Whip, SNP
145John BaronCBasildon and Billericay21/06/1959
146Mark PriskCHertford and Stortford12/06/1962
147The Rt Hon. Mark FrancoisCRayleigh and Wickford14/08/1965
148Andrew SelousCSouth West Bedfordshire27/04/1962
149The Rt Hon. Sir Hugo SwireCEast Devon30/11/1959
150Khalid MahmoodLabBirmingham Perry Barr13/07/1961
151The Rt Hon. Mark FieldCCities of London and Westminster06/10/1964
152Sir Henry BellinghamCNorth West Norfolk29/03/1955Previously served 1983–97
153Paul FarrellyLabNewcastle-under-Lyme02/03/1962
154Dame Angela WatkinsonCHornchurch and Upminster18/11/1941
155Jonathan DjanoglyCHuntingdon03/06/1965
156Andrew MurrisonCSouth West Wiltshire24/04/1961
157Ian Liddell-GraingerCBridgwater and West Somerset23/02/1959
158The Rt Hon. George OsborneCTatton23/05/1971
159Ian LucasLabWrexham18/09/1960
160John PughLDSouthport28/06/1948
161Lady Hermon (Sylvia Hermon)IndNorth Down11/08/1955Widow of a knight
162Mark TamiLabAlyn and Deeside03/10/1962
163The Rt Hon. Norman LambLDNorth Norfolk16/09/1957
164Hywel WilliamsPCArfon14/05/1953
165The Rt Hon. Alistair BurtCNorth East Bedfordshire25/05/1955Previously served 1983–97
166Albert OwenLabYnys Môn10/08/1959
167The Rt Hon. Angus RobertsonSNPMoray28/09/1969Parliamentary group leader, SNP
168Andrew TurnerCIsle of Wight24/10/1953
169Chris BryantLabRhondda11/01/1962
170Pete WishartSNPPerth and North Perthshire09/03/1962
171The Rt Hon. Andrew MitchellCSutton Coldfield23/03/1956Previously served 1987–97
172Huw Irranca-DaviesLabOgmore14 February 200222/01/1963Resigned 23 March 2016
173The Rt Hon. Liam ByrneLabBirmingham Hodge Hill15 July 200402/10/1970
174Iain WrightLabHartlepool30 September 200409/05/1972
54th Parliament (elected: 5 May 2005, first met: 11 May 2005, dissolved: 12 April 2010) [21][22][23][24]
175Mark WilliamsLDCeredigion5 May 200524/03/1966
176David SimpsonDUPUpper Bann16/02/1959
177Charles WalkerCBroxbourne11/09/1967
178Dave AndersonLabBlaydon02/12/1953
179The Rt Hon. Tobias EllwoodCBournemouth East12/08/1966
180Adam AfriyieCWindsor04/08/1965
181The Rt Hon. Nick CleggLDSheffield Hallam07/01/1967Leader, LD –16 July 2015. Deputy Prime Minister 11 May 2010 – 8 May 2015.
182Tim FarronLDWestmorland and Lonsdale27/05/1970Leader, LD 16 July 2015 –
183The Rt Hon. Anne MiltonCGuildford03/11/1955
184Anne MainCSt Albans17/05/1957
185The Rt Hon. David EvennettCBexleyheath and Crayford03/06/1949Previously served 1983–97
186Stewart HosieSNPDundee East03/01/1963Parliamentary group deputy leader, SNP
187The Rt Hon. Grant ShappsCWelwyn Hatfield14/09/1968
188The Rt Hon. Mike PenningCHemel Hempstead28/09/1957
189The Hon. Nick HurdCRuislip, Northwood and Pinner13/05/1962
190Daniel KawczynskiCShrewsbury and Atcham24/01/1972
191The Rt Hon. Justine GreeningCPutney30/04/1969
192The Rt Hon. Jeremy WrightCKenilworth and Southam24/10/1972
193James DuddridgeCRochford and Southend East26/08/1971
194The Rt Hon. James BrokenshireCOld Bexley and Sidcup07/01/1968
195Philip HolloboneCKettering07/11/1964
196The Rt Hon. Theresa VilliersCChipping Barnet05/03/1968
197Rob WilsonCReading East04/01/1965
198Peter BoneCWellingborough19/10/1952
199The Rt Hon. David GaukeCSouth West Hertfordshire08/10/1971
200The Rt Hon. Nick HerbertCArundel and South Downs07/04/1963
201The Rt Hon. Mark HarperCForest of Dean26/02/1970Chief Whip, C 9 May 2015 – 14 July 2016
202The Rt Hon. David MundellCDumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale27/05/1962
203Madeleine MoonLabBridgend27/03/1950
204John PenroseCWeston-Super-Mare22/06/1964
205Mark PritchardCThe Wrekin22/11/1966
206The Rt Hon. Maria MillerCBasingstoke26/03/1964
207Shailesh VaraCNorth West Cambridgeshire04/09/1960
208The Rt Hon. Richard BenyonCNewbury21/10/1960
209Douglas CarswellUKIPClacton03/05/1971Independent from 25 March 2017.
210Mark LancasterCMilton Keynes North12/05/1970
211The Rt Hon. Greg HandsCChelsea and Fulham14/11/1965
212Sadiq KhanLabTooting08/10/1970Resigned 9 May 2016
213The Rt Hon. Ben WallaceCWyre and Preston North15/05/1970
214The Rt Hon. Jeremy HuntCSouth West Surrey01/11/1966
215David DaviesCMonmouth22/07/1970
216The Rt Hon. David JonesCClwyd West22/03/1952
217Lyn BrownLabWest Ham13/04/1960
218Philip DaviesCShipley05/01/1972
219Stephen HammondCWimbledon04/02/1962
220The Hon. Ed VaizeyCWantage05/06/1968
221Andrew GwynneLabDenton and Reddish04/06/1974
222Stewart JacksonCPeterborough31/01/1965
223The Rt Hon. Stephen CrabbCPreseli Pembrokeshire20/01/1973
224Greg MulhollandLDLeeds North West31/08/1970
225Mary CreaghLabWakefield02/12/1967
226Mark DurkanSDLPFoyle26/06/1970
227Alasdair McDonnellSDLPBelfast South01/09/1949Leader, SDLP
228Helen GoodmanLabBishop Auckland02/01/1958
229The Rt Hon. Pat McFaddenLabWolverhampton South East26/03/1965
230Meg HillierLabHackney South and Shoreditch14/02/1969
231Sammy WilsonDUPEast Antrim04/04/1953
232Robert GoodwillCScarborough and Whitby31/12/1956
233Adam HollowayCGravesham29/07/1965
234Natascha EngelLabNorth East Derbyshire09/04/1967Deputy Speaker:2nd Dep. Ch., Ways and Means
235Roberta Blackman-WoodsLabCity of Durham16/08/1957
236Robert FlelloLabStoke-on-Trent South14/01/1966
237The Rt Hon. Greg ClarkCTunbridge Wells28/08/1967
238The Rt Hon. Michael GoveCSurrey Heath26/08/1967Chief Whip, C 15 July 2014 – 9 May 2015
239Angela SmithLabPenistone and Stocksbridge16/08/1961
240Kerry McCarthyLabBristol East26/03/1965
241Jessica MordenLabNewport East29/05/1968
242Diana JohnsonLabKingston upon Hull North25/07/1966
243Graham StuartCBeverley and Holderness12/03/1962
244Nadine DorriesCMid Bedfordshire21/05/1957
245David BurrowesCEnfield Southgate12/06/1969
246The Rt Hon. Emily ThornberryLabIslington South and Finsbury27/07/1960
247Barbara KeeleyLabWorsley and Eccles South26/03/1952
248Sharon HodgsonLabWashington and Sunderland West01/04/1966
249Geoffrey CoxCTorridge and West Devon30/04/1960
250Andy SlaughterLabHammersmith29/09/1960
251The Rt Hon. Ed MilibandLabDoncaster North24/12/1969Leader, Lab and Leader of the Opposition 25 September 2010 – 8 May 2015
252Jamie ReedLabCopeland04/08/1973Resigned on 23 January 2017
253Ian AustinLabDudley North06/03/1965
254Philip DunneCLudlow14/08/1958
255Angus MacNeilSNPNa h-Eileanan an Iar21/07/1970
256Rosie CooperLabWest Lancashire05/09/1950
257Nia GriffithLabLlanelli04/12/1956
258Bob NeillCBromley and Chislehurst29 June 200624/06/1952
259Virendra SharmaLabEaling Southall19 July 200705/04/1947
260Phil WilsonLabSedgefield31/05/1959
261Edward TimpsonCCrewe and Nantwich22 May 200826/12/1973
262John HowellCHenley26 June 200827/07/1955
263Chloe SmithCNorwich North23 July 200917/05/1982
55th Parliament (elected: 6 May 2010, first met: 18 May 2010, dissolved: 30 March 2015) [25][26][27][28][29][30][31]
264Valerie VazLabWalsall South6 May 201007/12/1954
265Chris LeslieLabNottingham East28/06/1972Previously served 1997–2005
266Catherine McKinnellLabNewcastle upon Tyne North08/06/1976
267Rory StewartCPenrith and The Border03/01/1973
268Bob StewartCBeckenham07/07/1949
269Chris Heaton-HarrisCDaventry28/11/1967
270Iain StewartCMilton Keynes South18/09/1972
271Andrew BridgenCNorth West Leicestershire28/10/1964
272Nigel MillsCAmber Valley28/10/1974
273Neil ParishCTiverton and Honiton26/05/1956
274Jack LoprestiCFilton and Bradley Stoke23/08/1969
275Jonathan ReynoldsLabStalybridge and Hyde28/08/1980
276Pat GlassLabNorth West Durham14/02/1957
277Simon HartCCarmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire15/08/1963
278Martin VickersCCleethorpes13/09/1950
279Geraint DaviesLabSwansea West03/05/1960Previously served 1997–2005
280John CryerLabLeyton and Wanstead11/04/1964
281The Rt Hon. Priti PatelCWitham29/03/1972
282Charlie ElphickeCDover14/03/1971
283Alec ShelbrookeCElmet and Rothwell10/01/1976
284Nigel AdamsCSelby and Ainsty30/11/1966
285Charlotte LeslieCBristol North West11/08/1978
286Sam GyimahCEast Surrey10/08/1976
287Mel StrideCCentral Devon30/09/1961
288Claire PerryCDevizes03/04/1964
289Damian HindsCEast Hampshire27/11/1969
290Guto BebbCAberconwy09/10/1968
291The Rt Hon. Anna SoubryCBroxtowe07/12/1956
292Mark SpencerCSherwood20/01/1970
293Ian LaveryLabWansbeck06/01/1963
294Grahame MorrisLabEasington13/03/1961
295Ian MearnsLabGateshead21/04/1957
296Richard HarringtonCWatford04/11/1957
297The Rt Hon. Sajid JavidCBromsgrove05/12/1969
298The Rt Hon. Robert HalfonCHarlow22/03/1969
299John GlenCSalisbury01/04/1974
300Andrew GriffithsCBurton19/10/1970
301Jesse NormanCHereford and South Herefordshire23/06/1962
302David MorrisCMorecambe and Lunesdale03/01/1966
303Richard DraxCSouth Dorset29/01/1958
304Bob BlackmanCHarrow East26/04/1956
305Fiona BruceCCongleton26/03/1957
306Karl McCartneyCLincoln25/10/1968
307Kris HopkinsCKeighley08/06/1963
308Sarah WollastonCTotnes17/02/1962
309Dan PoulterCCentral Suffolk and North Ipswich30/10/1978
310Tracey CrouchCChatham and Aylesford24/07/1975
311Mary GlindonLabNorth Tyneside13/01/1957
312Julie ElliottLabSunderland Central29/07/1963
313Heather WheelerCSouth Derbyshire14/05/1959
314Peter AldousCWaveney26/08/1961
315James MorrisCHalesowen and Rowley Regis04/02/1967
316Mark GarnierCWyre Forest26/02/1963
317Pauline LathamCMid Derbyshire04/02/1948
318Chuka UmunnaLabStreatham17/10/1978
319Andrew PercyCBrigg and Goole18/09/1977
320Dominic RaabCEsher and Walton25/02/1974
321Damian CollinsCFolkestone and Hythe04/02/1974
322Caroline NokesCRomsey and Southampton North26/06/1972
323Caroline DinenageCGosport28/10/1971
324Conor BurnsCBournemouth West24/09/1972
325Mark MenziesCFylde18/05/1971
326Toby PerkinsLabChesterfield12/08/1970
327Bill EstersonLabSefton Central27/10/1966
328Yasmin QureshiLabBolton South East05/07/1963
329The Hon. Ian Paisley Jr.DUPNorth Antrim12/12/1966
330Graham EvansCWeaver Vale10/11/1963
331Kate GreenLabStretford and Urmston02/05/1960
332Rachel ReevesLabLeeds West13/02/1979
333Jonathan LordCWoking17/09/1962
334Richard FullerCBedford30/05/1962
335Julian SmithCSkipton and Ripon30/08/1971
336Lilian GreenwoodLabNottingham South26/03/1966
337Owen SmithLabPontypridd02/05/1970
338Chris EvansLabIslwyn07/07/1976
339James WhartonCStockton South16/02/1984
340Julian SturdyCYork Outer03/06/1971
341Craig WhittakerCCalder Valley30/08/1962
342Therese CoffeyCSuffolk Coastal18/11/1971
343Chris SkidmoreCKingswood17/05/1981
344Jonathan EdwardsPCCarmarthen East and Dinefwr26/04/1976Parliamentary group leader, PC 19 May 2015 –
345Jeremy LefroyCStafford30/05/1959
346Christopher PincherCTamworth24/09/1969
347The Rt Hon. Nicky MorganCLoughborough01/10/1972
348John WoodcockLabBarrow and Furness14/10/1978
349George FreemanCMid Norfolk12/07/1967
350Gavin ShukerLabLuton South10/10/1981
351Bridget PhillipsonLabHoughton and Sunderland South19/12/1983
352Nick SmithLabBlaenau Gwent14/01/1960
353David RutleyCMacclesfield07/03/1961
354Simon KirbyCBrighton Kemptown22/12/1964
355Karl TurnerLabKingston upon Hull East15/04/1971
356Eilidh WhitefordSNPBanff and Buchan24/04/1969
357Penny MordauntCPortsmouth North04/03/1973
358Andrew BinghamCHigh Peak23/06/1962
359Alex CunninghamLabStockton North01/05/1955
360Chi OnwurahLabNewcastle upon Tyne Central12/04/1965
361Heidi AlexanderLabLewisham East17/04/1975
362Yvonne FovargueLabMakerfield29/11/1956
363Gloria De PieroLabAshfield21/12/1972
364Michael DugherLabBarnsley East26/04/1975
365Jenny ChapmanLabDarlington25/09/1973
366Liz KendallLabLeicester West11/06/1971
367Luciana BergerLabLiverpool Wavertree13/05/1981
368The Hon. Tristram HuntLabStoke-on-Trent Central31/05/1974Resigned on 23 January 2017
369Neil CarmichaelCStroud15/04/1961
370Anne Marie MorrisCNewton Abbot05/07/1957
371Henry SmithCCrawley14/05/1969
372Tom BlenkinsopLabMiddlesbrough South and East Cleveland14/08/1980
373Phillip LeeCBracknell28/09/1970
374The Rt Hon. Elizabeth TrussCSouth West Norfolk26/07/1975
375Guy OppermanCHexham18/05/1965
376David NuttallCBury North25/03/1962
377Sheryll MurrayCSouth East Cornwall04/02/1956
378Gavin BarwellCCroydon Central23/01/1972
379Helen GrantCMaidstone and The Weald28/09/1961
380The Rt Hon. Andrea LeadsomCSouth Northamptonshire13/05/1963
381Richard GrahamCGloucester04/04/1958
382Alok SharmaCReading West07/09/1967
383Gareth JohnsonCDartford12/10/1969
384Marcus JonesCNuneaton05/04/1974
385Andrew StephensonCPendle17/02/1981
386Steve BrineCWinchester28/01/1974
387The Rt Hon. Brandon LewisCGreat Yarmouth20/06/1971
388Jackie Doyle-PriceCThurrock05/08/1969
389Jo JohnsonCOrpington23/12/1971
390Margot JamesCStourbridge28/08/1957
391Mike FreerCFinchley and Golders Green29/05/1960
392Jane EllisonCBattersea15/08/1964
393Stephen MetcalfeCSouth Basildon and East Thurrock09/01/1966
394Stephen McPartlandCStevenage09/08/1976
395Gordon HendersonCSittingbourne and Sheppey27/01/1948
396Nicola BlackwoodCOxford West and Abingdon16/10/1979
397The Rt. Hon. Alun CairnsCVale of Glamorgan30/07/1970
398Glyn DaviesCMontgomeryshire16/02/1944
399Harriett BaldwinCWest Worcestershire02/05/1960
400Stephen BarclayCNorth East Cambridgeshire03/05/1972
401The Rt Hon. Gavin WilliamsonCSouth Staffordshire25/06/1976Chief Whip, C 14 July 2016 –
402The Hon. Robin WalkerCWorcester12/04/1978
403Michael EllisCNorthampton North13/10/1967
404Nadhim ZahawiCStratford-on-Avon02/06/1967
405George EusticeCCamborne and Redruth28/09/1971
406Karen LumleyCRedditch28/03/1964
407George HollingberyCMeon Valley12/10/1963
408Robert BucklandCSouth Swindon22/09/1968
409Justin TomlinsonCNorth Swindon05/11/1976
410Rehman ChishtiCGillingham and Rainham04/10/1978
411The Rt Hon. Ben GummerCIpswich19/02/1978
412Jason McCartneyCColne Valley29/01/1968
413Paul MaynardCBlackpool North and Cleveleys16/12/1975
414Andrew JonesCHarrogate and Knaresborough28/11/1963
415Stephen PhillipsCSleaford and North Hykeham09/03/1970Resigned on 4 November 2016
416Lisa NandyLabWigan09/08/1979
417Paul BlomfieldLabSheffield Central25/08/1953
418David MowatCWarrington South20/02/1957
419The Rt Hon. Matthew HancockCWest Suffolk02/10/1978
420Chris WhiteCWarwick and Leamington28/04/1967
421Stuart AndrewCPudsey25/11/1971
422Susan Elan JonesLabClwyd South01/06/1968
423Ian MurrayLabEdinburgh South10/08/1976
424Rebecca HarrisCCastle Point22/12/1967
425Caroline LucasGPBrighton Pavilion09/12/1960
426Matthew OffordCHendon03/09/1969
427Steve RotheramLabLiverpool Walton04/11/1961
428Teresa PearceLabErith and Thamesmead01/02/1955
429Jake BerryCRossendale and Darwen29/12/1978
430Jack DromeyLabBirmingham Erdington21/09/1948
431John StevensonCCarlisle04/07/1963
432The Hon. Jacob Rees-MoggCNorth East Somerset24/05/1969
433Nick BolesCGrantham and Stamford02/11/1965
434The Rt Hon. Amber RuddCHastings and Rye01/08/1963
435Sarah NewtonCTruro and Falmouth19/07/1961
436Nic DakinLabScunthorpe10/07/1955
437Rushanara AliLabBethnal Green and Bow14/03/1975
438Shabana MahmoodLabBirmingham Ladywood17/09/1980
439Simon DanczukLabRochdale24/10/1966Whip suspended and sat as Independent from 31 December 2015
440Graham JonesLabHyndburn03/03/1966
441Emma ReynoldsLabWolverhampton North East02/11/1977
442Kwasi KwartengCSpelthorne26/05/1975
443Zac GoldsmithCRichmond Park20/01/1975Resigned on 25 October 2016
444Mark PawseyCRugby16/01/1957
445Oliver ColvileCPlymouth Sutton and Devonport26/08/1959
446Steve BakerCWycombe06/06/1971
447Stephen TwiggLabLiverpool West Derby25/12/1966Previously served 1997–2005
448Margaret RitchieSDLPSouth Down25/03/1958
449Jim ShannonDUPStrangford25/03/1955
450The Rt Hon. Karen BradleyCStaffordshire Moorlands12/03/1970
451Stella CreasyLabWalthamstow05/04/1977
452Alison McGovernLabWirral South30/12/1980
453Debbie AbrahamsLabOldham East and Saddleworth13 January 201115/09/1960
454Dan JarvisLabBarnsley Central3 March 201130/11/1972
455Jon AshworthLabLeicester South5 May 201114/10/1978
456Seema MalhotraLabFeltham and Heston15 December 201107/08/1972
457Stephen DoughtyLabCardiff South and Penarth15 November 201215/04/1980
458Lucy PowellLabManchester Central10/10/1974
459Sarah ChampionLabRotherham29 November 201210/07/1969
460Andy McDonaldLabMiddlesbrough08/03/1958
461Steve ReedLabCroydon North12/11/1963
462Emma Lewell-BuckLabSouth Shields2 May 201308/11/1978
463Mike KaneLabWythenshawe and Sale East13 February 201409/01/1969
464Robert JenrickCNewark5 June 201409/01/1982
465Liz McInnesLabHeywood and Middleton9 October 201430/03/1959
56th Parliament (elected: 7 May 2015, first met: 18 May 2015, dissolved: 3 May 2017) [32][33][34][35][36]
466The Rt Hon. Alex SalmondSNPGordon7 May 201531/12/1954Previously served 1987–2010
467Simon HoareCNorth Dorset28/06/1969
468Kevin HollinrakeCThirsk and Malton28/09/1963
469Ranil JayawardenaCNorth East Hampshire03/09/1986
470Alan MakCHavant00/00/1984
471Tom TugendhatCTonbridge and Malling27/06/1973
472Chris PhilpCCroydon South06/07/1976
473Amanda SollowayCDerby North04/06/1961
474Craig WilliamsCCardiff North00/00/0000
475Judith CumminsLabBradford South26/06/1967
476Liz Saville-RobertsPCDwyfor Meirionnydd16/12/1964
477Kevin FosterCTorbay31/12/1978
478Conor McGinnLabSt Helens North31/07/1984
479The Rt Hon. The Lady Borwick (Victoria Borwick)CKensington26/04/1956Wife of a peer
480Kate HollernLabBlackburn12/04/1955
481Peter DowdLabBootle20/06/1957
482Tom PursgloveCCorby05/11/1988
483Nus GhaniCWealden01/09/1972
484Johnny MercerCPlymouth Moor View17/08/1981
485Anne-Marie TrevelyanCBerwick-upon-Tweed06/04/1969
486Rebecca PowCTaunton Deane10/10/1960
487Michael Tomlinson-MynorsCMid Dorset and North Poole01/10/1977
488Steve DoubleCSt Austell and Newquay19/12/1966
489Mims DaviesCEastleigh02/06/1975
490Marcus FyshCYeovil08/11/1970
491Antoinette SandbachCEddisbury15/02/1969
492Danny KinahanUUPSouth Antrim14/04/1958
493James HeappeyCWells30/01/1981
494Peter Heaton-JonesCNorth Devon02/08/1963
495Angela RaynerLabAshton-under-Lyne28/03/1980
496Matthew PennycookLabGreenwich and Woolwich29/10/1982
497Rupa HuqLabEaling Central and Acton02/04/1972
498Maggie ThroupCErewash27/01/1957
499Alberto CostaCSouth Leicestershire13/11/1971
500Chris MathesonLabCity of Chester02/01/1968
501Royston SmithCSouthampton Itchen13/05/1964
502Suella FernandesCFareham03/04/1980
503Edward ArgarCCharnwood09/12/1977
504Matt WarmanCBoston and Skegness01/09/1981
505Nigel HuddlestonCMid Worcestershire13/10/1970
506Mike WoodCDudley South17/03/1976
507Sue HaymanLabWorkington28/07/1962
508Melanie OnnLabGreat Grimsby19/06/1979
509Byron DaviesCGower04/09/1952
510The Rt Hon. Joan RyanLabEnfield North08/09/1955 Previously served 1997–2010
511Dawn ButlerLabBrent Central03/11/1969 Previously served 2005–10
512Catherine WestLabHornsey and Wood Green14/09/1966
513Ian BlackfordSNPRoss, Skye and Lochaber14/05/1961
514Angela CrawleySNPLanark and Hamilton East03/06/1987
515Mhairi BlackSNPPaisley and Renfrewshire South12/09/1994
516Neil GraySNPAirdrie and Shotts16/03/1986
517Philippa WhitfordSNPCentral Ayrshire24/12/1958
518Joanna CherrySNPEdinburgh South West18/03/1966
519Michelle ThomsonSNPEdinburgh West11/03/1965 Resigned whip and sat as an independent: 29 September 2015
520George KerevanSNPEast Lothian28/09/1949
521Lisa CameronSNPEast Kilbride, Strathaven and Lesmahagow08/04/1972
522John McNallySNPFalkirk01/02/1951
523Hannah BardellSNPLivingston01/06/1983
524Stewart McDonaldSNPGlasgow South24/08/1986
525Martyn DaySNPLinlithgow and East Falkirk26/03/1971
526Kate OsamorLabEdmonton15/08/1968
527Paula SherriffLabDewsbury16/04/1975
528Naz ShahLabBradford West13/11/1973
529Nick Thomas-SymondsLabTorfaen26/05/1980
530Drew HendrySNPInverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey21/05/1964
531Paul MonaghanSNPCaithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross11/11/1966
532Corri WilsonSNPAyr, Carrick and Cumnock11/04/1965
533Carol MonaghanSNPGlasgow North West02/08/1972
534Alan BrownSNPKilmarnock and Loudoun12/08/1970
535Ronnie CowanSNPInverclyde06/09/1959
536Patricia GibsonSNPNorth Ayrshire and Arran12/05/1968
537Tom ElliottUUPFermanagh and South Tyrone11/12/1963
538Helen HayesLabDulwich and West Norwood08/08/1974
539Vicky FoxcroftLabLewisham Deptford09/03/1977
540Brendan O'HaraSNPArgyll and Bute27/04/1963
541Kirsten OswaldSNPEast Renfrewshire21/12/1972
542Marion FellowsSNPMotherwell and Wishaw05/05/1949
543Tasmina Ahmed-SheikhSNPOchil and South Perthshire05/10/1970
544Marie RimmerLabSt Helens South and Whiston27/04/1947
545Richard ArklessSNPDumfries and Galloway07/07/1975
546Phil BoswellSNPCoatbridge, Chryston and Bellshill23/07/1963
547Thangam DebbonaireLabBristol West03/08/1966
548Holly LynchLabHalifax08/10/1986
549Stuart DonaldsonSNPWest Aberdeenshire and Kincardine05/09/1991
550Stephen GethinsSNPNorth East Fife28/03/1976
551Patrick GradySNPGlasgow North05/02/1980
552Owen ThompsonSNPMidlothian17/03/1978
553Harry HarphamLabSheffield, Brightside and Hillsborough21/02/1954Died 4 February 2016
554Kirsty BlackmanSNPAberdeen North20/03/1986
555Jess PhillipsLabBirmingham Yardley09/10/1981
556Justin MaddersLabEllesmere Port and Neston22/11/1972
557Chris LawSNPDundee West21/10/1969
558Chris StephensSNPGlasgow South West20/03/1973
559The Hon. Victoria PrentisCBanbury24/03/1971
560Flick DrummondCPortsmouth South16/06/1962
561Colleen FletcherLabCoventry North East23/11/1954
562Cat SmithLabLancaster and Fleetwood16/06/1985
563Deidre BrockSNPEdinburgh North and Leith08/12/1961
564Natalie McGarrySNPGlasgow East07/09/1981Resigned whip and sat as an independent: 24 November 2015
565Rebecca Long-BaileyLabSalford and Eccles22/09/1979
566Maria CaulfieldCLewes06/08/1973
567Roger MullinSNPKirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath12/03/1948
568Callum McCaigSNPAberdeen South06/01/1985
569Stuart McDonaldSNPCumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East02/05/1978
570Richard BurgonLabLeeds East19/09/1980
571Imran HussainLabBradford East07/06/1978
572Alison ThewlissSNPGlasgow Central13/09/1982
573Daniel ZeichnerLabCambridge09/11/1956
574Margaret FerrierSNPRutherglen and Hamilton West10/09/1960
575Douglas ChapmanSNPDunfermline and West Fife05/01/1955
576Tommy SheppardSNPEdinburgh East06/03/1959
577Jo CoxLabBatley and Spen22/06/1974Died 16 June 2016
578Rachael MaskellLabYork Central05/07/1972
579Louise HaighLabSheffield Heeley22/07/1987
580Lucy AllanCTelford02/10/1964
581David MackintoshCNorthampton South02/04/1979
582Jo StevensLabCardiff Central06/09/1966
583Lucy FrazerCSouth East Cambridgeshire17/05/1972
584Victoria AtkinsCLouth and Horncastle22/03/1976
585Seema KennedyCSouth Ribble06/10/1974
586Christopher DaviesCBrecon and Radnorshire18/08/1967
587Karin SmythLabBristol South08/09/1964
588Paul ScullyCSutton and Cheam29/04/1968
589James BerryCKingston and Surbiton04/08/1983
590Clive LewisLabNorwich South11/09/1971
591Ben HowlettCBath21/08/1986
592Wendy MortonCAldridge-Brownhills09/11/1967
593Gerald JonesLabMerthyr Tydfil and Rhymney21/08/1970
594Kit MalthouseCNorth West Hampshire27/10/1966
595Margaret GreenwoodLabWirral West14/03/1959
596Luke HallCThornbury and Yate08/07/1986
597Scott MannCNorth Cornwall24/06/1977
598Julian KnightCSolihull05/01/1972
599Craig TraceyCNorth Warwickshire21/08/1974
600Amanda MillingCCannock Chase12/03/1975
601Andrea JenkynsCMorley and Outwood16/06/1974
602Chris GreenCBolton West12/08/1973
603Jo ChurchillCBury St Edmunds18/03/1964
604James CartlidgeCSouth Suffolk30/04/1974
605Oliver DowdenCHertsmere01/08/1978
606Huw MerrimanCBexhill and Battle13/07/1973
607Helen WhatelyCFaversham and Mid Kent23/06/1976
608Julie CooperLabBurnley20/06/1960
609Tulip SiddiqLabHampstead and Kilburn16/09/1982
610Anne McLaughlinSNPGlasgow North East08/03/1966
611Jeff SmithLabManchester Withington26/01/1963
612Steven PatersonSNPStirling25/04/1975
613Sir Keir StarmerLabHolborn and St Pancras02/09/1962
614John NicolsonSNPEast Dunbartonshire23/06/1961
615Anna TurleyLabRedcar09/10/1978
616James CleverlyCBraintree04/09/1969
617Will QuinceCColchester27/12/1982
618Ruth CadburyLabBrentford and Isleworth14/05/1959
619Carolyn HarrisLabSwansea East18/09/1960
620Christina ReesLabNeath21/02/1954
621Tania MathiasCTwickenham21/06/1964
622Mary RobinsonCCheadle23/08/1955
623Alex ChalkCCheltenham08/08/1976
624Ruth SmeethLabStoke-on-Trent North29/06/1979
625Wes StreetingLabIlford North21/01/1983
626Peter KyleLabHove09/09/1970
627Rob MarrisLabWolverhampton South West08/04/1955Previously served 2001–10
628Rishi SunakCRichmond (Yorks)12/05/1980
629Calum KerrSNPBerwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk05/04/1972
630Kelly TolhurstCRochester and Strood23/08/1978
631Craig MackinlayCSouth Thanet07/10/1966
632The Hon. Stephen KinnockLabAberavon01/01/1970
633Martin DochertySNPWest Dunbartonshire21/01/1971
634Jeremy QuinCHorsham24/09/1968
635Caroline AnsellCEastbourne12/01/1971
636Neil CoyleLabBermondsey and Old Southwark30/12/1978
637William WraggCHazel Grove11/12/1987
638James DaviesCVale of Clwyd27/02/1980
639Peter GrantSNPGlenrothes12/10/1960
640Heidi AllenCSouth Cambridgeshire18/01/1975
641Michelle DonelanCChippenham08/04/1984
642Gavin NewlandsSNPPaisley and Renfrewshire North02/02/1980
643Derek ThomasCSt Ives20/07/1972
644David WarburtonCSomerton and Frome28/10/1965
645Gavin RobinsonDUPBelfast East22/11/1984
646The Rt Hon. Boris JohnsonCUxbridge and South Ruislip19/06/1964Previously served 2001–08
...Jim McMahonLabOldham West and Royton3 December 201507/07/1980
...Gill FurnissLabSheffield Brightside and Hillsborough5 May 201614/03/1957
...Christopher ElmoreLabOgmore23/12/1983
...Rosena Allin-KhanLabTooting16 June 201600/00/1977
...Tracy BrabinLabBatley and Spen20 October 201609/05/1961
...Robert CourtsCWitney00/00/1978
...Sarah OlneyLDRichmond Park1 December 201600/00/1977
...Caroline JohnsonCSleaford and North Hykeham8 December 201631/12/1977
...Gareth SnellLabStoke-on-Trent Central23 February 201701/01/1986
...Trudy HarrisonCCopeland19/04/1976
Members who have never been sworn in
647Pat DohertySFWest Tyrone7 June 200118/07/1945
648Paul MaskeySFBelfast West9 June 201110/06/1967
649Francie MolloySFMid Ulster7 March 201316/12/1950
650Mickey BradySFNewry and Armagh7 May 201507/10/1950

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