List of airports in Egypt

This is a list of airports in Egypt, grouped by type and sorted by location.


City served/locationICAOIATAAirport name
Civil airports   
6th of OctoberHESXSPXSphinx International Airport
Abou Redis AUEAbu Rudeis Airport
Abu SimbelHEBLABSAbu Simbel Airport
AlexandriaHEAXALYAlexandria International Airport
Alexandria / Borg El ArabHEBAHBEBorg El Arab Airport
AlmazaHEAZ Almaza Air Base
AssiutHEATATZAssiut Airport
AswanHESNASWAswan International Airport
CairoHECACAICairo International Airport
Dakhla OasisHEDKDAKDakhla Oasis Airport
El ArishHEARAACEl Arish International Airport
El DabaaHEALDBBEl Alamain International Airport
El GounaHEGO El Gouna Airport
El GoraHEGREGHEl Gora Airport
El KhargaHEKGUVLEl Kharga Airport
El TorHETRELTEl Tor Airport
HurghadaHEGNHRGHurghada International Airport
LuxorHELXLXRLuxor International Airport
Marsa AlamHEMARMFMarsa Alam International Airport
Marsa MatrouhHEMMMUHMarsa Matruh Airport
New Administrative CapitalHECPCCECapital International Airport
Port SaidHEPSPSDPort Said Airport
Ras Shokeir  Ras Shokeir New Airport
Sharq El OwainatHEOWGSQSharq El Owainat Airport
Sharm El SheikhHESHSSHSharm El Sheikh International Airport
SohagHEMKHMBSohag International Airport
St. CatherineHESCSKVSt. Catherine International Airport
TabaHETBTCPTaba International Airport
Military airports   
CairoHECWCWECairo West Air Base
CairoHEAZ Almaza Air Force Base
CairoHE13Wadi El Gandali Airport

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  • "ICAO Location Indicators by State" (PDF). International Civil Aviation Organization. 2006-01-12.


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