List of starting black NFL quarterbacks

This list of starting black NFL quarterbacks includes black and African-American quarterbacks who have started in a regular-season or post-season game in the National Football League (NFL). The quarterback is the leader of a team's offense, directing other players on the field.[1][2] Historically, black players have been excluded from playing quarterback in the NFL because of the belief that white players would not follow their leadership and the perception that black quarterbacks lack intelligence, dependability, composure, character, or charisma.[3][4] Promising black quarterbacks at the high school and college levels were often transitioned at the professional level to other positions, such as running back or wide receiver.[5][6][7] While a ban on black players in the NFL ended in 1946,[1] the quarterback position was among the last to be desegregated.[2]

Fritz Pollard became the NFL's first black quarterback in 1923

Although black quarterbacks and other quarterbacks of color vary in physical size and playing style,[8] racial stereotyping persists.[9][10] A 2015 study found that even when controlling for various factors, black quarterbacks are twice as likely to be "benched", or removed from play, as white quarterbacks.[11] Other studies have found that sports broadcasters are more likely to attribute a black quarterback's success to superior athletic attributes and a white quarterback's success to superior intellect.[12][13] It was not until 2017 that all 32 active NFL teams had started at least one black quarterback.[14] That year, nearly 70% of NFL players, but only 25% of starting quarterbacks, were black.[6] 10 of the league's 32 starting quarterbacks were black at the start of the 2020 NFL season, the most in a single week in NFL history.[15]