List of dialling codes in Germany

Area codes in Germany (German: Vorwahl) have two to five digits. In addition, the prefix digit 0 must be dialed when calling from within Germany, and must be omitted when calling from abroad. When calling via fixed networks within the same area, the area code is not required. In general, shorter area codes are assigned to larger cities, and longer area codes to smaller towns. Subscriber telephone numbers are usually inversely long: those in larger cities have seven or eight digits, while those in smaller towns may have as few as three or four digits. Area codes are grouped into eight geographic dialing regions determined by the first digit (29). Area codes beginning with 2 are found in the west, those with 3 in the east, those with 4 in the north, those with 5 in the north central part, those with 6 in the south central part, those with 7 in the southwest, those with 8 in the south, and the 9s are found in the southeast.

Area code zones in Germany

Prefixes starting with 1 are special numbers, such as mobile telephones (15, 16, 17), shared cost services (180), televoting numbers (13), and 10 for dial-around services. The former codes 130 for free phone numbers and 190 for premium-rate numbers are moved to 800 and 900 to meet international standards. 700 is used for personal national phone numbers.

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