List of diplomatic missions of Hungary

This is a list of diplomatic missions of Hungary, excluding honorary consulates. Hungary has redefined itself as a medium-sized power in Central Europe, and recently has joined NATO (1999) and the European Union (2004). Its network of embassies and consulates abroad reflect its foreign policy priorities in Western Europe, and in neighbouring countries that Hungary has historic links to.

Countries with Hungarian diplomatic missions


Hungarian Embassy in Abuja
Hungarian Embassy in Beijing
Hungarian Embassy in Berlin
Permanent Mission of Hungary to the European Union in Brussels
Hungarian Embassy in Brussels
Hungarian Embassy in Canberra
Hungarian Embassy in Dublin
Hungarian Embassy in The Hague
Hungarian Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City
Hungarian Embassy in Kiev
Consulate General of Hungary in Krakow
Embassy of Hungary in Mexico City
Hungarian Embassy in Moscow
Hungarian Embassy in Oslo
Hungarian Embassy in Ottawa
Hungarian Embassy in Prague
Hungarian Embassy in Pretoria
Hungarian Embassy in Pristina
Hungarian Embassy in Stockholm
Hungarian Embassy in Tokyo
Hungarian Embassy in Vienna
Hungarian Embassy in Warsaw
Hungarian Embassy in Washington, D.C.





Multilateral organizations

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  1. The Hungarian Embassy to the Holy See is located outside Vatican territory in Rome.


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