List of lakes of New Zealand

A lake's location is identified by the region and either the territorial authority or national park (N.P.).

Lake Taupo, New Zealand's largest lake
Lake Wakatipu from Queenstown
Lake Tekapo
Lake Rotorua from above Rotorua
Lake Hauroko, New Zealand's deepest lake
Ōkārito Lagoon

This is a list of lakes in New Zealand.

There are:

  • 43 lakes with a surface area larger than 10 km² (1000 ha)
  • 231 lakes greater than 0.5 km² (50 ha)
  • 3822 lakes greater than 0.01 km² (1 ha)


Lakes with a surface area of more than 10 square kilometres (3.9 sq mi)[citation needed]

RankNameSurface areaRegionNotes
1Lake Taupo616 km2 (238 sq mi)WaikatoLargest lake in New Zealand and the North Island; second-largest freshwater lake in Oceania
2Lake Te Anau344 km2 (133 sq mi)SouthlandLargest lake in the South Island
3Lake Wakatipu291 km2 (112 sq mi)OtagoLongest lake in New Zealand (80 kilometres (50 mi))
4Lake Wānaka192 km2 (74 sq mi)Otago
5=Lake Ellesmere180 km2 (69 sq mi)CanterburyLargest Lagoon in Mainland New Zealand
5=Te Whanga Lagoon180 km2 (69 sq mi)Chatham IslandLargest lake outside the North and South Islands
7Lake Pukaki179 km2 (69 sq mi)Canterbury
8Lake Manapouri142 km2 (55 sq mi)SouthlandContains largest inland island within New Zealand, Pomona Island
9Lake Hāwea141 km2 (54 sq mi)Otago
10Lake Tekapo83 km2 (32 sq mi)Canterbury
11Lake Rotorua79 km2 (31 sq mi)Bay of Plenty
12Lake Wairarapa78 km2 (30 sq mi)Wellington
13Lake Benmore75 km2 (29 sq mi)Canterbury/OtagoLargest artificial lake in New Zealand
14Lake Hauroko63 km2 (24 sq mi)SouthlandNew Zealand's deepest lake
15Lake Ohau63 km2 (24 sq mi)Canterbury
16Lake Waikaremoana54 km2 (21 sq mi)Hawke's Bay
17Lake Coleridge47 km2 (18 sq mi)Canterbury
18Lake Poteriteri43 km2 (17 sq mi)SouthlandLargest lake in New Zealand without road access
19Lake Brunner40 km2 (15 sq mi)West Coast
20Lake Tarawera39 km2 (15 sq mi)Bay of Plenty
21Lake Rotoiti35 km2 (14 sq mi)Bay of Plenty
22Lake Waikare34 km2 (13 sq mi)Waikato
23Lake Monowai31 km2 (12 sq mi)Southland
24Lake Aviemore29 km2 (11 sq mi)CanterburyArtificial
25Lake McKerrow28 km2 (11 sq mi)Southland
26Lake Dunstan26 km2 (10 sq mi)OtagoArtificial
27 Lake Rotoroa 23.5KM2 Tasman Largest Lake in the Tasman Region
28Lake Kaniere22 km2 (8.5 sq mi)West Coast
29=Lake Omapere14 km2 (5.4 sq mi)Northland
29=Lake Sumner14 km2 (5.4 sq mi)Canterbury
31Lake Rotoaira13 km2 (5.0 sq mi)Waikato
32=Ōkārito Lagoon12 km2 (4.6 sq mi)West Coast
32=Lake Ohakuri12 km2 (4.6 sq mi)WaikatoArtificial
33Lake Rotoma11.2 km2 (4.3 sq mi)Bay of Plenty
+9 other lakes>10 km²

Deepest lakes

These five lakes are all in the South Island. The deepest lake in the North Island is Lake Waikaremoana which has a depth of 248 m.[1]

North Island


The following lakes are located in the Northland Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Bulrush LakeFar North District0.11 km²Northern Aupouri Peninsula34°42′30″S 172°59′50″E
Half Mile LagoonFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°43′13″S 172°59′40″E
Lake CarrotFar North DistrictIsthmus of Aupouri Peninsula35°01′20″S 173°11′15″E
Lake Gem (or Lake Little Gem)Far North DistrictSouth of Lake Ngatu35°02′22″S 173°11′40″E
Lake HalfFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°44′05″S 173°00′00″E
Lake HeatherFar North District0.125 km²North of Lake Rotoroa35°03′00″S 173°11′40″E
Lake HumuhumuKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°19′40″S 174°07′20″E
Lake KahuparereKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°22′10″S 174°09′30″E
Lake KaiiwiKaipara DistrictSouth of Lake Taharoa35°48′50″S 173°39′20″E
Lake KaiwaiFar North District35°25′35″S 173°55′50″E
Lake KanonoKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°21′50″S 174°08′40″E
Lake KapoaiKaipara DistrictNorthern Pouto Peninsula36°02′40″S 173°49′57″E
Lake KarakaKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°18′45″S 174°02′25″E
Lake KaroroKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°23′00″S 174°04′30″E
Lake KihonaFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°37′45″S 172°54′10″E
Lake ManuwaiFar North DistrictNorthwest of Kerikeri35°10′30″S 173°51′50″E
Lake MokenoKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°21′00″S 174°03′40″E
Lake MorehurehuFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°38′30″S 172°59′40″E
Lake NgakapuaFar North DistrictIsthmus of Aupouri Peninsula35°01′13″S 173°11′35″E
Lake NgakeketaFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°31′05″S 172°46′10″E
Lake NgatuFar North DistrictIsthmus of Aupouri Peninsula35°01′50″S 173°11′50″E
Lake OmapereFar North District14 km²North of Kaikohe. Maximum depth: 3m35°21′00″S 173°48′00″E
Lake OraWhangarei DistrictNorthwest of Whangarei35°41′45″S 174°17′05″E
Lake OtapuitiKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°21′35″S 174°04′25″E
Lake OwhareitiFar North District35°23′20″S 173°56′40″E
Lake ParawanuiKaipara DistrictNorthern Pouto Peninsula36°03′42″S 173°51′00″E
Lake PuhauFar North DistrictClose to Hokianga Harbour35°28′38″S 173°21′57″E
Lake RotokawauFar North DistrictIsthmus of Aupouri Peninsula35°01′10″S 173°12′20″E
Lake RotokawauFar North DistrictKarikari Peninsula34°52′10″S 173°18′40″E
Lake RotokawauKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°20′50″S 174°08′50″E
Lake RotokereruFar North District35°26′21″S 174°05′13″E
Lake RotomataFar North DistrictClose to Hokianga Harbour35°28′00″S 173°21′52″E
Lake RotootuauruKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°19′55″S 174°08′20″E
Lake RotopouuaKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°19′10″S 174°06′30″E
Lake RotoroaFar North District35°03′40″S 173°11′40″E
Lake RototunaKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°15′10″S 174°02′30″E
Lake Rototuna LowerKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°15′27″S 174°03′05″E
Lake TaeoreFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°40′30″S 173°01′15″E
Lake TaharoaKaipara District35°48′20″S 173°39′00″E
Lake TairutuFar North DistrictClose to Hokianga Harbour35°29′25″S 173°22′35″E
Lake TauanuiFar North District35°30′00″S 173°51′30″E
Lake Te KahikaFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°37′27″S 173°00′00″E
Lake WahakariFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°39′10″S 172°55′30″E
Lake WaikanaeFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°36′15″S 172°52′32″E
Lake WaikaramuFar North DistrictWaihuahua Swamp, southern Aupouri Peninsula34°55′00″S 173°14′10″E
Lake WaikereKaipara DistrictNorthwest of Lake Taharoa35°48′00″S 173°37′45″E
Lake WaimimihaFar North DistrictNorth of Ahipara35°08′45″S 173°10′15″E
Lake WaingaroFar North DistrictSouthwest of Kerikeri35°15′40″S 173°52′50″E
Lake WaingataKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°21′05″S 174°09′05″E
Lake WainuiKaipara DistrictNorthern Pouto Peninsula36°06′05″S 173°52′55″E
Lake WaipareraFar North DistrictSouthern Aupouri Peninsula34°56′40″S 173°10′50″E
Lake WaiporohitaFar North DistrictKarikari Peninsula34°54′00″S 173°20′55″E
Lake WairereKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°16′20″S 174°00′50″E
Lake WhakanekeKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°22′05″S 174°03′45″E
Lake WhirirauFar North DistrictClose to Hokianga Harbour35°27′37″S 173°18′54″E
Phoebes LakeKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°18′10″S 174°04′40″E
RotopouriKaipara DistrictSouthern Pouto Peninsula36°18′10″S 174°05′18″E
Salt LakeFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°42′20″S 173°01′30″E
Shag LakeKaipara DistrictNorthwest of Lake Taharoa35°47′30″S 173°36′25″E
Split LakeFar North DistrictSouthwest of Lake Rotoroa35°03′59″S 173°10′57″E
Swan LakeFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°44′55″S 173°00′00″E
Swan LakeFar North DistrictSouthern Aupouri Peninsula34°54′23″S 173°08′50″E
The Big LakeFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°32′40″S 172°49′40″E
Waihopo LakeFar North DistrictNorthern Aupouri Peninsula34°45′20″S 173°02′35″E
Waitahora LagoonFar North DistrictClose to Spirits Bay, northern Aupouri Peninsula34°27′20″S 172°48′00″E
Whau Valley ReservoirWhangarei DistrictNorthwest of Whangarei35°42′30″S 174°17′10″E


The following lakes are located in the Auckland Region.

Many of the lakes in the Auckland Region are man made reservoirs, constructed in the hilly catchment areas of the Waitakere and Hunua ranges in order to provide a water supply for the Auckland urban area.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Cosseys ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in Hunua Ranges37°03′25″S 175°06′30″E
Crater Hill LakeAuckland RegionMaar lake at Māngere[2]36°59′09″S 174°49′37″E
Lake KarakaAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°36′35″S 174°17′35″E
Lake KawaupakuAuckland RegionDune lake southeast of Bethells Beach36°53′40″S 174°27′30″E
Lake KeretaAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°35′35″S 174°16′50″E
Lake KuwakataiAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°31′40″S 174°14′20″E
Lake NgakaruAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°39′20″S 174°19′52″E
Lake OkaihauAuckland RegionNorth of Muriwai Beach36°48′35″S 174°26′25″E
Lake PaekawauAuckland RegionWaipatukahu, north of Muriwai Beach36°47′30″S 174°26′05″E
Lake PiripouaAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°39′43″S 174°20′12″E
Lake PokoruaAuckland RegionOn Āwhitu Peninsula37°11′30″S 174°38′00″E
Lake PoutoaAuckland RegionOn Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°38′14″S 174°19′23″E
Lake PupukeAuckland RegionCrater lake in Takapuna36°47′00″S 174°46′00″E
Lake RototoaAuckland Region1.39 km2Dune lake on Te Korowai-o-Te-Tonga Peninsula36°30′45″S 174°14′15″E
Lake WaiataruAuckland RegionDune lake south of Bethells Beach36°53′56″S 174°27′08″E
Lake WainamuAuckland RegionDune lake east of Bethells Beach36°53′20″S 174°28′00″E
Lake WhatihuaAuckland RegionDune lake east of Waiuku on Āwhitu Peninsula37°16′30″S 174°40′15″E
Lower Huia ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in southern Waitākere Ranges36°59′00″S 174°34′00″E
Lower Nihotupu ReservoirAuckland Region0.53 km²Reservoir in southern Waitākere Ranges36°57′30″S 174°36′45″E
Mangatangi ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in Hunua Ranges37°06′30″S 175°12′30″E
Nihotupu Reservoir Auckland Region Reservoir 36°57′00″S 174°32′00″E
Pehiakura LakesAuckland RegionOn Āwhitu Peninsula37°10′55″S 174°36′55″E
Slipper LakeAuckland RegionDune lake south of Mangawhai36°10′20″S 174°37′50″E
Spectacle LakeAuckland RegionDune lake south of Mangawhai36°10′50″S 174°37′50″E
Tomarata LakeAuckland RegionDune lake south of Mangawhai36°11′40″S 174°39′00″E
Upper Huia ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in southern Waitākere Ranges36°57′50″S 174°32′10″E
Upper Mangatawhiri ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in Hunua Ranges37°04′30″S 175°09′15″E
Upper Nihotupu ReservoirAuckland Region0.125 km²Reservoir in southern Waitākere Ranges36°57′00″S 174°33′50″E
Wairoa ReservoirAuckland RegionReservoir in Hunua Ranges37°05′30″S 175°07′50″E
Waitākere ReservoirAuckland Region0.25 km²Reservoir in northern Waitākere Ranges36°54′20″S 174°31′25″E


The following lakes are located in the Waikato region. The various pools of the Tongariro River system, as listed below, can be found in detail on their own page at Pools of the Tongariro River.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Alum LakeTaupo District0.08 km²[3]West of Wairakei38°37′05″S 176°03′40″E
Blue LakeTongariro N.P.0.17 km²[4]On Mount Tongariro. Watershed of 0.71 km²[4]39°07′30″S 175°39′40″E
Champagne PoolSouthern Rotorua LakesFed from a hot spring38°21′33″S 176°22′08″E
Emerald LakesTongariro N.P.0.01 km²[4]On Mount Tongariro. Watershed of 2.64 km²[4]39°08′05″S 175°39′15″E
Hamareha LakesSouth Waikato District0.01 km²[4]Watershed of 10.55 km²[4]38°01′45″S 175°52′50″E
Hardcastle LagoonTaupo DistrictOxbow lake of Waikato River38°30′40″S 176°19′40″E
Hendersons PondWaipa District0.0088 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 0.31 km²[5]37°53′27″S 175°16′27″E
Horseshoe Lake (Lake Waiwhakareke)Hamilton City0.03 km²[5]Drains into Lake Rotokauri. Watershed of 0.66 km²[5]37°46′14″S 175°13′33″E
Kopuatai Burn PoolsHauraki District0.02 km²[5]Peat lakes on Kopuatai Peat Dome. Watershed of 1.83 km²[5]37°24′30″S 175°36′00″E
Lake A (Lake Whakatangi)Waikato District0.027 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 1.7 km²[5]37°41′20″S 175°15′30″E
Lake ArapuniSouth Waikato and Waipa Districts9 km²Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]38°08′00″S 175°38′00″E
Lake AratiatiaTaupo District0.60 km²[4]Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1,478.8 km²[4]38°37′00″S 176°07′55″E
Lake AreareWaikato District0.33 km²[5]East of Ngāruawāhia. Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 2.62 km²[5]37°40′05″S 175°12′00″E
Lake AtiamuriSouth Waikato and Taupo Districts2.3 km2Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6]38°23′10″S 176°02′00″E
Lake B (or Lake Kaituna)[7]Waikato District0.12 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 5.8 km²[5]37°40′45″S 175°14′50″E
Lake C (or Lake Komakorau)[7]Waikato District0.026 km²[5]Restoration study done.[8] Watershed of 6.19 km²[5]37°40′30″S 175°14′43″E
Lake Cameron (Lake Kareaotahi)Waipa District0.034 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 0.31 km²[5]37°51′20″S 175°18′10″E
Lake D (Lake Kainui)Waikato District0.25 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.32 km²[5]37°40′40″S 175°14′00″E
Lake DisappearWaikato Districtup to 2 km long when fullSeasonal. Pakihi Stream dammed by lava flow (which also formed Bridal Veil waterfall) and drained through limestone sinkhole (see also Turlough and Polje). Watershed of 6.0 km²[5]37°55′35″S 174°55′02″E
Lake E (Lake Tunawhakaheke)Waikato District0.067 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.0 km²[5] See Lake Rototuna37°42′08″S 175°16′15″E
Lake HakanoaWaikato District0.52 km²[5]riverine lake,[9] aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 6.13 km²[5]37°33′10″S 175°10′00″E
Lake HarihariWaitomo District0.184 km²Sand dune lake (see Lake Ototoa), aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.34 km²[5]38°12′40″S 174°43′20″E
Lake HinemaiaiaTaupo District0.12 km²[10]Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]38°53′30″S 176°05′40″E
Lake HotoanangaWaikato District0.19 km²[5]East of Ngāruawāhia. Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.71 km²[5]37°39′25″S 175°11′00″E
Lake KarapiroWaipa District7.7 km2Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]37°56′40″S 175°34′00″E
Lake KimihiaWaikato District0.58 km²[5]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 14.85 km²[5]37°31′40″S 175°11′30″E
Lake KopueraWaikato District0.52 km²[5]Near Rangiriri. Watershed of 2.5 km²[5]37°25′25″S 175°08′15″E
Lake KorahaOtorohanga District0.008 km²[5]Drains via a small cave. Watershed of 1.768 km²[5]38°09′49″S 174°55′19″E
Lake KoromatuaWaipa District0.099 km²[5]Eutrophic lake[11] 0.22 km² total area,[12] aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 2.0 km²[5]37°50′15″S 175°13′25″E
Lake KuratauTaupo District1.03 km²[4]Hydroelectric reservoir. Watershed of 183.67 km²[4]38°52′05″S 175°42′40″E
Lake MangahiaWaipa District0.084 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 3.54 km²[5]37°52′45″S 175°13′40″E
Lake MangakawareWaipa District0.129 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 2.38 km²[5]37°56′00″S 175°13′12″E
Lake MaraetaiSouth Waikato and Taupo Districts4.4 km²Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]38°22′00″S 175°47′10″E
Lake MaratotoWaipa District0.18 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.88 km²[5]37°53′10″S 175°18′15″E
Lake MilicichWaipa District0.022 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.54 km²[5]37°53′07″S 175°14′55″E
Lake MoananuiSouth Waikato District0.08 km²[4]Watershed of 27.06 km²[4]38°14′10″S 175°51′10″E
Lake NgāhewaSouthern Rotorua Lakes0.084 km²[5]Volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 7.46 km²[5]38°18′55″S 176°22′25″E
Lake NgakoroSouthern Rotorua Lakes0.12 km²[4]Geothermal. Watershed of 2.35 km²[4]38°21′55″S 176°22′03″E
Lake Ngapouri (Lake Opouri)Southern Rotorua Lakes0.235 km²[4]Volcanic. Watershed of 6.36 km²[4]38°20′20″S 176°20′05″E
Lake NgarotoWaipa District1.08 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 18.46 km²[5]37°57′20″S 175°17′20″E
Lake NgarotoitiWaipa District0.034 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 5.04 km²[5]37°56′35″S 175°17′45″E
Lake NumitiWaitomo District0.158 km²[13]Near Taharoa38°10′45″S 174°43′45″E
Lake OhakuriSouth Waikato and Taupo Districts12 km²Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]38°25′00″S 176°07′00″E
Lake OhinewaiWaikato District0.16 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 3.47 km²[5]37°29′40″S 175°10′20″E
Lake OkoroireSouth Waikato District0.035 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 1.47 km²[5]37°55′05″S 175°47′25″E
Lake OkowhaoWaikato District0.21 km²[5]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]37°31′35″S 175°08′30″E
Lake OpuatiaWaikato District0.07 km² approx[5]Peat lake37°26′07″S 175°03′48″E
Lake OrotuSouthern Rotorua LakesVolcanic. Watershed of 5.82 km²[4]38°22′15″S 176°21′53″E
Lake OtamatearoaWaikato District0.049 km²[5]Sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.683 km²[5]37°17′45″S 174°41′10″E
Lake ParangiOtorohanga District0.122 km²[5]North of Kawhia Harbour. Sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.22 km²[5]38°02′15″S 174°48′40″E
Lake PatakaWaipa District0.046 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.55 km²[5]37°50′50″S 175°13′10″E
Lake Pataka South (Lake Posa)Waipa District0.0205 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.95 km²[5]37°51′05″S 175°13′00″E
Lake PatetongaHauraki District0.049 km²[5]Artificial tidal lake with sluice, for duck shooting37°24′00″S 175°31′00″E
Lake Penewaka (Penewaka Lagoon)Waikato District0.04 km²[5]In Lake Waikare wildlife management reserve37°26′10″S 175°09′35″E
Lake PikopikoWaikato District0.064[5]East of Ngāruawāhia. Watershed of 0.94 km²[5]37°39′45″S 175°11′33″E
Lake PiopioWaitomo District0.002 km²[5]Sand dune lake near Taharoa. Watershed of 0.28 km²[5]38°11′39″S 174°43′07″E
Lake PuketiWaikato District0.059 km²[14]Sand dune lake,[15] aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.141 km²[5]37°16′45″S 174°40′35″E
Lake PuketiriniWaikato District1.04 km²[16]Weavers opencast coal-mine until December 199337°34′00″S 175°08′30″E
Lake RotoairaTaupo District13 km²Volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 141.9 km²[4]39°03′30″S 175°43′00″E
Lake RotohokoSouth Waikato District38°03′50″S 175°56′07″E
Lake RotoitiWaikato District0.012 km²[5]Sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 0.4193 km²[5]37°16′42″S 174°40′30″E
Lake RotokaeoHamilton City0.031 km²[5]Peat lake37°46′25″S 175°15′05″E
Lake RotokarakaWaikato District0.07 km² approx[5]37°36′38″S 175°20′15″E
Lake RotokauriHamilton City0.42 km²[5]Near Rotokauri, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 9.33 km²[5]37°45′40″S 175°11′50″E
Lake RotokawaTaupo District0.62 km²[4]Geothermal lake northeast of Taupo. Watershed of 10.9 km²[4]38°37′50″S 176°11′20″E
Lake RotokawauWaikato District0.22 km²[5]Peat lake linked to Lake Waikare, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 18.04 km²[5]37°28′50″S 175°11′30″E
Lake RotokuraTaupo District39°00′45″S 175°39′40″E
Lake RotokotukuWaitomo District0.011 km²[5]Peat lake southeast of Te Kuiti. Watershed of 0.185 km²[5]38°22′02″S 175°12′50″E
Lake RotomanukaWaipa District0.123 km² (North) 0.054 km² (South)[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 4.79 km²[5]37°55′30″S 175°18′55″E
Lake RotongaioTaupo District0.34 km²[4]Volcanic lake immediately to the east of Lake Taupo. Watershed of 5.06 km²[4]38°48′30″S 176°03′20″E
Lake RotongaroWaikato District2.92 km²[5]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 19.5 km²[5]37°29′10″S 175°07′00″E
Lake RotongaroitiWaikato District0.23 km²[5]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 21.05 km²[5]37°28′40″S 175°06′30″E
Lake RotongataWaipa District0.053 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 1.44 km²[5]38°07′50″S 175°35′37″E
Lake RotopotakaWaipa District0.028 km²[5]Peat lake. Watershed of 0.76 km²[5]37°57′57″S 175°19′37″E
Lake RotopounamuTongariro N.P.0.055 km²[5]Crater lake north of Lake Rotoaira. Aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 5.25 km²[5]39°01′40″S 175°44′20″E
Lake Rotoroa (Hamilton)Hamilton City0.55 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 2.58 km²[5]37°48′00″S 175°16′30″E
Lake RotoroaWaitomo District0.224 km²[5]38°11′00″S 174°43′30″E
Lake RototapuWaitomo District 0.02 km²[5]Sand dune lake near Taharoa. Watershed of 0.28 km²[5]38°11′45″S 174°43′03″E
Lake RuatunaWaipa District0.13 km²[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.9 km²[5]37°55′40″S 175°17′30″E
Lake Serpentine (Rotopiko)Waipa District0.053 km² (north) 0.083 km² (south) 0.016 km² (east)[5]Peat lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.63 km²[5]37°57′00″S 175°19′05″E
Lake TaharoaWaitomo District2.16 km²[5]Sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored[6]38°10′00″S 174°44′30″E
Lake Taupo (Taupomoana)Taupo District616 km²Crater lake, aquatic vegetation monitored. New Zealand's largest lake.[6]38°48′00″S 175°54′00″E
Lake Te KapaWaikato District0.01 km²[5]Peat lake37°27′33″S 175°05′58″E
Lake Te Ko Utu (Te Koutu Lake)Waipa District0.06 km²[4]Oxbow lake in Cambridge. Watershed of 4.16 km²[4]37°53′20″S 175°28′10″E
Lake Te RotopupuOtorohanga District 0.0095 km²[5]Small sand dune lake immediately south of Kawhia Harbour. Watershed of 2.4 km²[5]38°06′15″S 174°52′30″E
Lake TutaeinangaSouthern Rotorua Lakes0.031 km²[5]Volcanic, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 5.01 km²[5]38°20′00″S 176°19′20″E
Lake WaahiWaikato District5.22 km²[17]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 92.21 km²[5]37°33′30″S 175°07′30″E
Lake WaikareWaikato District34 km²riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 210 km²[5]37°26′00″S 175°12′00″E
Lake WaipapaSouth Waikato and Waipa Districts1.5 km²[4]Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 254.09 km²[4]38°18′00″S 175°41′00″E
Lake WaitamoumouWaikato District0.024 km²[5]Sand dune lake (see Lake Ototoa).37°47′25″S 174°50′38″E
Lake WaiwhataWaikato District0.089 km²[5]Peat lake37°27′55″S 175°06′05″E
Lake Whatihua Waikato District Near the border of Waikato and Auckland. 37°16′31″S 174°40′14.2″E
Lake WhakamaruSouth Waikato and Waipa Districts7.80 km²[4]Hydroelectric reservoir, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 811.48 km²[4]38°26′20″S 175°50′00″E
Lake WhangapeWaikato District14.5 km²[5]riverine lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 317 km²[5]37°28′00″S 175°03′30″E
Leesons PondMatamata-Piako District 0.04 km² approx[5]Peat lake37°38′20″S 175°27′50″E
Opal LakeSouthern Rotorua Lakes38°18′39″S 176°23′17″E
Parkinsons Lake (Kohahuake)Waikato District0.0192 km²Eutrophic sand dune lake, aquatic vegetation monitored.[6] Watershed of 1.077 km²[5]37°18′53″S 174°41′05″E
Pukuriri LagoonTaupo DistrictSmall wetland area east of Taupo38°44′12″S 176°17′15″E
Rotowhero (Green Lake)Southern Rotorua Lakes0.026 km²[4]Geothermal. Watershed of 11.01 km²[4]38°19′20″S 176°22′27″E
Sulphur LagoonTongariro N.P.0.02 km²[4]Volcanic. Watershed of 1.97 km²[4]39°06′12″S 175°40′20″E
Te Otamanui LagoonWaikato District0.054 km²[5]Alluvial and pumice dammed valley37°43′20″S 175°08′08″E
Turnwald PondWaipa District37°55′05″S 175°18′43″E
Whangioterangi (Echo Lake)Southern Rotorua Lakes0.05 km²[4]Geothermal. Watershed of 0.70 km².[4]38°21′39″S 176°22′30″E
Whiritoa LagoonThames-Coromandel DistrictAt Whiritoa37°17′30″S 175°54′30″E
Pools of the Tongariro River

The following is a list of named pools on the Tongariro River. Full details of these pools, many of which are little more than widenings of the river or clear areas of the river's delta marshes, can be found at Pools of the Tongariro River.

  • Admirals Pool
  • Bain Pool
  • Barlows Pool
  • Beggs Pool
  • Big Bend Pool
  • Blue Pool
  • Boulder Pool
  • Breakaway Pool
  • Breakfast Pool
  • Cattle Rustlers Pool
  • Cherry Pool
  • Cliff Pool
  • Cobham Pool
  • Dans Pool
  • DeLatours Pool
  • Downs Pool
  • Duchess Pool
  • Fan Pool
  • Fence Pool
  • Graces Pool
  • Hydro Pool
  • Island Pool
  • Jellicoe Pool
  • Jones Pool
  • Judges Pool
  • Kamahi Pool
  • Log Pool
  • Lonely Pool
  • Lower Birch Pool
  • Major Jones Pool
  • Never Fail Pool
  • Poplar Pool
  • Poutu Pool
  • Red Hut Pool
  • Reed Pool
  • Sand Pool
  • Shag Pool
  • Silly Pool
  • Stag Pool
  • Swirl Pool
  • The Bends Pool
  • The Rip
  • Upper Birch Pool
  • Upper Island Pool
  • Waddells Pool
  • Whitikau Pool

Bay of Plenty

The following lakes are located in the Bay of Plenty Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Arohaki Lagoon (formerly Arahaki Lagoon)Whakatane District38°40′50″S 176°39′40″E
Crater LakeWhakaari / White Island37°31′16″S 177°11′03″E
Flaxy LakeWhakatane District38°39′30″S 176°33′15″E
Frying Pan LakeRotorua LakesSouthwest of Lake Rotomahana in Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley38°17′00″S 176°23′40″E
Green LakeRotorua LakesClose to eastern shore of Lake Rotomahana. Not to be confused with Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake)38°15′00″S 176°28′18″E
Hinemoa Pool (Waikimihia)Rotorua LakesOn Mokoia Island in Lake Rotorua38°05′09″S 176°17′19″E
Inferno Crater LakeRotorua LakesSouthwest of Lake Rotomahana in Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley38°16′55″S 176°24′00″E
Lake Āniwaniwa (formerly Lake Aniwhenua)Whakatane District2.55 km²38°19′30″S 176°47′20″E
Lake Aroarotamahine (Green Lake)Mayor Island / Tuhua37°17′00″S 176°16′05″E
Lake MangatutaraOpotiki District37°53′28″S 177°53′52″E
Lake MatahinaWhakatane DistrictHydroelectric lake on the Rangitaiki River38°07′30″S 176°49′00″E
Lake MauiRotorua LakesEast of Lake Rotorua38°05′04″S 176°20′48″E
Lake McLarenWestern Bay of Plenty District37°48′45″S 176°02′30″E
Lake NgawheroRotorua LakesSouth of Lake Rotoiti38°02′15″S 176°23′40″E
Lake OkarekaRotorua Lakes38°10′20″S 176°22′00″E
Lake OkaroRotorua LakesSouthwest of Lake Rotomahana38°18′00″S 176°23′40″E
Lake OkatainaRotorua Lakes38°08′00″S 176°24′30″E
Lake OnerahiWhakatane District38°03′53″S 176°45′46″E
Lake OtumahiWhakatane District38°01′40″S 176°51′05″E
Lake PouaruaEastern Taupo District38°57′50″S 176°23′40″E
Lake PupuwharauKawerau District38°05′20″S 176°43′00″E
Lake RerewhakaaituRotorua LakesSoutheast of Lake Rotomahana38°18′00″S 176°30′00″E
Lake RotoatuaRotorua LakesSouth of Lake Rotoiti38°04′25″S 176°25′45″E
Lake RotoehuRotorua Lakes38°01′30″S 176°32′00″E
Lake RotoitiRotorua Lakes35 km²38°02′00″S 176°25′00″E
Lake RotoitipakuWhakatane DistrictNorth of Kawerau38°03′30″S 176°42′45″E
Lake Rotokakahi (Green Lake)Rotorua LakesNot to be confused with Green Lake near Lake Rotomahana38°13′00″S 176°19′00″E
Lake RotokawaRotorua LakesEast of Lake Rotorua. Not to be confused with the nearby Lake Rotokawau38°06′45″S 176°19′15″E
Lake RotokawauRotorua LakesEast of Lake Rotorua. Not to be confused with the nearby Lake Rotokawa38°04′20″S 176°22′40″E
Lake RotomaRotorua Lakes38°03′00″S 176°35′00″E
Lake RotomahanaRotorua Lakes38°16′00″S 176°26′00″E
Lake Rotongata (Mirror Lake)Rotorua LakesSouth of Lake Rotoiti38°04′25″S 176°25′18″E
Lake RotoroaWhakatane District38°02′30″S 176°42′50″E
Lake RotoruaRotorua Lakes79 km²38°05′00″S 176°16′00″E
Lake TahunaWhakatane District38°04′40″S 176°44′20″E
Lake TaikehuWhakatane District38°02′32″S 176°50′33″E
Lake TamurenuiWhakatane District38°01′40″S 176°43′45″E
Lake TaraweraRotorua Lakes39 km²38°12′00″S 176°25′00″E
Lake Te HapuaRotorua LakesNorth of Lake Rotoiti38°01′25″S 176°26′05″E
Lake Te Paritu (Black Lake)Mayor Island / Tuhua37°17′30″S 176°16′00″E
Lake Te RotoroniuRotorua LakesEast of Lake Okataina38°08′38″S 176°27′47″E
Lake Tikitapu (Blue Lake)Rotorua Lakes38°11′40″S 176°20′00″E
Lake WaikouraMatakana Island37°28′57″S 175°59′50″E
Matata LagoonWhakatane District37°53′15″S 176°45′30″E
Southern Crater LakeRotorua LakesSouthwest of Lake Rotomahana in Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley38°17′10″S 176°23′25″E
Te Matahi LagoonRotorua LakesSoutheast of Lake Rotoma38°03′45″S 176°36′20″E
Te Onewhero LagoonRotorua LakesEast of Lake Rotoma38°02′25″S 176°36′00″E
Te Whekau LagoonRotorua LakesNorthwest of Lake Tarawera38°10′00″S 176°22′55″E
Whakarewa LagoonRotorua LakesEast of Lake Rotoma38°02′05″S 176°35′55″E


The following lakes are located in the Gisborne Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Lake KarangataGisborne DistrictBetween Gisborne and Wairoa, south of the Tiniroto Lakes38°46′20″S 177°32′40″E
Lake RepongaereGisborne DistrictNorth of Patutahi38°35′45″S 177°52′30″E
Lake RotokahaGisborne DistrictBetween Gisborne and Wairoa, southeast of the Tiniroto Lakes38°46′30″S 177°33′30″E
Otopotehetehe LakeGisborne DistrictWest of Hicks Bay37°36′55″S 178°08′20″E
Tiniroto LakesGisborne DistrictBetween Gisborne and Wairoa38°46′05″S 177°32′30″E
Wherowhero LagoonGisborne DistrictClose to Muriwai at the south end of Poverty Bay38°44′30″S 177°56′10″E

Hawke's Bay

The following lakes are located in the Hawke's Bay Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Awamate LagoonsWairoa DistrictSouth of Frasertown38°59′20″S 177°23′40″E
Blue LakeHastings District39°09′44″S 176°49′03″E
Hatuma Lake (Lake Whatumā)Central Hawke's Bay DistrictSouth of Waipukurau40°01′20″S 176°31′30″E
HikakaWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°48′48″S 177°06′55″E
Hine RereWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°42′50″S 177°08′19″E
Horseshoe LakeCentral Hawke's Bay DistrictWest of Elsthorpe39°55′20″S 176°45′45″E
Kaipo LagoonWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°40′55″S 177°12′05″E
Lake HoroteaNortheast Rangitikei District39°17′45″S 176°08′40″E
Lake KaitawaWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°48′10″S 177°08′10″E
Lake KiriopukaeWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°48′23″S 177°06′45″E
Lake OpouahiHastings District39°08′50″S 176°50′10″E
Lake OrakaiHastings DistrictSouth of Lake Tūtira39°14′10″S 176°53′20″E
Lake PohueHastings District39°15′00″S 176°41′10″E
Lake PoukawaHastings District1.4 km²39°47′00″S 176°42′00″E
Lake RotongaioWairoa District38°56′35″S 177°00′40″E
Lake RotonuiahaWairoa District0.44 km²38°56′50″S 177°02′20″E
Lake RotoroaWairoa District38°56′50″S 177°01′45″E
Lake RuapaniWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°43′50″S 177°07′40″E
Lake RuapapaWairoa District38°55′20″S 177°09′30″E
Lake TamaharauWairoa District39°02′38″S 177°01′48″E
Lake TūtiraHastings District1.8 km²North of Napier39°13′30″S 176°53′35″E
Lake WaikareitiWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°43′00″S 177°10′00″E
Lake WaikaremoanaWairoa District54 km²38°46′00″S 177°05′00″E
Lake WaikopiroHastings DistrictSouth of Lake Tūtira39°14′05″S 176°53′40″E
Lake WhakamarinoWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°48′40″S 177°09′00″E
Lake WhaleholeHastings District39°31′42″S 176°13′50″E
Lake WherowheroWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°48′20″S 177°07′47″E
Long Range LakeCentral Hawke's Bay District40°08′05″S 176°46′35″E
Maungawhio LagoonWairoa DistrictAt isthmus of Māhia Peninsula39°04′10″S 177°53′00″E
MauriaheaWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°49′22″S 177°07′25″E
Nga Whanau A Ruapani TarnsWairoa DistrictNorth of Lake Waikaremoana38°42′50″S 177°06′30″E
Ngamotu LagoonWairoa DistrictEast of the mouth of the Wairoa River39°03′30″S 177°26′30″E
Ngutu ManuWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°42′57″S 177°08′18″E
Ohuia LagoonWairoa DistrictEast of Wairoa39°02′50″S 177°29′00″E
Oingo LakeHastings District0.8 km²Southwest of Napier39°33′45″S 176°45′00″E
PakiakaWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°49′13″S 177°07′13″E
PotakaWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana. Not to be confused with Potaka Lake38°49′22″S 177°07′48″E
Potaka LakeHastings DistrictSouthwest of Napier. Not to be confused with Potaka39°34′40″S 176°44′50″E
Purimu LakeCentral Hawke's Bay District40°08′20″S 176°29′00″E
Runanga LakeHastings District1.1 km²Southwest of Napier39°34′40″S 176°42′20″E
Te Paeroa LagoonWairoa DistrictEast of Wairoa39°02′35″S 177°31′00″E
Te Roto KareHastings DistrictSouthwest of Napier39°33′45″S 176°47′50″E
Te RotookiwaCentral Hawke's Bay District39°49′05″S 176°39′35″E
Te WhakatutuWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°49′00″S 177°08′12″E
The LakesHastings District39°21′40″S 176°21′50″E
UmuomahuWairoa DistrictSoutheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°49′18″S 177°06′30″E
Wairau LagoonWairoa DistrictEast of Wairoa39°02′50″S 177°30′00″E
Whakaki LagoonWairoa District4.7 km²East of Wairoa39°02′35″S 177°33′00″E
Whakamahi LagoonWairoa DistrictWest of the mouth of the Wairoa River39°03′50″S 177°24′20″E
Whano O RuapaniWairoa DistrictNortheast of Lake Waikaremoana38°43′20″S 177°07′30″E


The following lakes are located in the Taranaki Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Lake DiveEgmont N.P.39°20′08″S 174°03′30″E
Lake HerengaweSouth Taranaki DistrictSouth of Waverley39°47′35″S 174°38′25″E
Lake MangamahoeNew Plymouth DistrictBetween New Plymouth and Inglewood39°07′20″S 174°07′30″E
Lake MangawhioSouth Taranaki District39°39′10″S 174°47′35″E
Lake MoumahakiSouth Taranaki District39°41′20″S 174°40′10″E
Lake OkoiaSouth Taranaki DistrictSoutheast of Waverley39°49′10″S 174°41′10″E
Lake OturiSouth Taranaki DistrictSouth of Waverley39°46′45″S 174°37′15″E
Lake RatapikoNew Plymouth DistrictSouth of Ratapiko39°12′20″S 174°19′40″E
Lake RotokareSouth Taranaki DistrictNot to be confused with Rotokare/Barrett Lagoon39°27′00″S 174°24′40″E
Lake RotokohuSouth Taranaki District39°31′04″S 174°47′02″E
Lake RotomanuNew PlymouthClose to the mouth of the Waiwhakaiho River39°02′30″S 174°06′50″E
Lake RotorangiSouth Taranaki DistrictArtificial lake (hydroelectric) behind the Patea Dam on the Patea River39°32′00″S 174°33′40″E
Lake WaiauSouth Taranaki DistrictSoutheast of Waverley39°47′40″S 174°40′50″E
Lake WaikareSouth Taranaki District39°40′10″S 174°48′20″E
Lake WaikatoSouth Taranaki District39°49′45″S 174°47′15″E
Murphys LakeEgmont N.P.39°20′10″S 174°07′01″E
Rotokare/Barrett LagoonNew PlymouthSouth of the New Plymouth urban area. Not to be confused with Lake Rotokare39°05′30″S 174°02′30″E
Tapuarau LagoonSouth Taranaki DistrictClose to the mouth of the Waitotara River39°50′28″S 174°40′45″E
Waipu LagoonsNew Plymouth DistrictNear Bell Block39°01′45″S 174°08′10″E


The following lakes are located in the Manawatū-Whanganui region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Coe's HoleWhanganui DistrictBetween the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°58′13″S 175°04′23″E
Crater LakeTongariro N.P.Mount Ruapehu39°16′55″S 175°33′55″E
Kaitoke LakeWhanganui District0.253 km2[18] Between the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°57′45″S 175°04′25″E
Karere LagoonPalmerston NorthOxbow lake southwest of city40°24′10″S 175°31′37″E
Lake AliceRangitikei District0.11 km2Northwest of Bulls40°08′05″S 175°19′55″E
Lake BernardRangitikei District0.08 km2[18] Northwest of Bulls40°06′55″S 175°18′10″E
Lake Colenso (Kokopunui)Rangitikei District39°40′12″S 176°08′12″E
Lake DuddingRangitikei District0.078 km2[18] Northwest of Bulls40°06′00″S 175°16′50″E
Lake HawkesRuapehu District39°09′12″S 175°10′45″E
Lake HeatonRangitikei District0.144 km2[18] Northwest of Bulls40°06′25″S 175°17′20″E
Lake HerbertRangitikei District0.047 km2[18] Northwest of Bulls40°08′10″S 175°18′00″E
Lake HicksonRangitikei DistrictNorthwest of Bulls40°07′42″S 175°19′50″E
Lake HorowhenuaHorowhenua DistrictWest of Levin40°36′40″S 175°15′10″E
Lake KaikokopuManawatu DistrictEast of Himatangi Beach40°22′30″S 175°15′50″E
Lake KohataWhanganui District0.052 km2[18] Between the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°58′20″S 175°04′50″E
Lake KoitiataRangitikei District0.096 km2[18]The lake is mainly fed and drained by groundwater[19]40°07′05″S 175°11′45″E
Lake KoputaraHorowhenua DistrictSoutheast of Himatangi Beach40°23′55″S 175°15′45″E
Lake MarahauWhanganui DistrictWest of Kai Iwi39°50′45″S 174°49′15″E
Lake MaungarataitiRangitikei DistrictNorthwest of Hunterville39°54′30″S 175°30′50″E
Lake MaungaratanuiRangitikei DistrictNorthwest of Hunterville39°54′40″S 175°31′10″E
Lake MeremereRangitikei DistrictIn Turakina River valley39°47′17″S 175°30′35″E
Lake MoawhangoRuapehu DistrictHydroelectric lake in Waiouru military area39°23′30″S 175°45′00″E
Lake NamunamuRangitikei DistrictNorthwest of Hunterville39°53′10″S 175°27′55″E
Lake NgaruruRangitikei DistrictNorthwest of Hunterville39°53′20″S 175°27′00″E
Lake OraekomikoRangitikei DistrictEast of Rātana Pā40°02′55″S 175°09′45″E
Lake OtamangakauRuapehu DistrictHydroelectric lake connected to Lakes Te Whaiau and Rotoaira by canals39°00′10″S 175°37′20″E
Lake OtamatarahaRuapehu DistrictSouth of Tangiwai39°29′20″S 175°34′23″E
Lake PapaitongaHorowhenua DistrictSouthwest of Levin40°38′40″S 175°13′30″E
Lake PauriWhanganui District0.192 km2[18] Between the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°58′40″S 175°06′00″E
Lake PoroaRangitikei DistrictSoutheast of Taihape39°45′05″S 175°52′05″E
Lake PounamuRangitikei DistrictIn Turakina River valley39°47′18″S 175°30′24″E
Lake RotokauwauWhanganui DistrictBetween the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°59′32″S 175°09′20″E
Lake RotokuraTongariro N.P.East of Ohakune39°25′40″S 175°31′10″E
Lake RotoruaRangitikei DistrictIn Turakina River valley39°47′03″S 175°30′47″E
Lake SurpriseTongariro N.P.West of Mount Ruapehu39°17′30″S 175°30′00″E
Lake Te WhaiauRuapehu DistrictHydroelectric lake connected to Lake Otamangakau by canal39°01′03″S 175°36′25″E
Lake VipanRangitikei DistrictSoutheast of Turakina40°05′30″S 175°15′15″E
Lake VirginiaWhanganui DistrictWhanganui39°54′50″S 175°02′00″E
Lake WaipuRangitikei DistrictEast of Rātana Pā40°02′40″S 175°09′20″E
Lake WaiwahiRangitikei DistrictIn Turakina River valley39°47′19″S 175°30′41″E
Lake WestmereWhanganui DistrictNorthwest of Whanganui39°53′45″S 175°00′00″E
Lake WilliamRangitikei District0.068 km2[18] Northwest of Bulls40°07′20″S 175°18′35″E
Lake WiritoaWhanganui District0.218 km2[18] Between the mouths of the Whanganui and Whangaehu Rivers39°58′30″S 175°05′20″E
Lower TamaTongariro N.P.In crater between Mount Ruapehu and Mount Ngauruhoe39°12′10″S 175°36′20″E
Mahangaiti LakeTararua DistrictSoutheast of Dannevirke40°14′50″S 176°07′30″E
Makirikiri TarnsRangitikei District39°37′00″S 176°09′30″E
Mangahao Lower No. 2 ReservoirHorowhenua DistrictSoutheast of Shannon. Part of Mangahao Hydroelectric Scheme40°36′15″S 175°29′30″E
Mangahao Upper No. 1 ReservoirHorowhenua DistrictSoutheast of Shannon. Part of Mangahao Hydroelectric Scheme40°37′45″S 175°28′45″E
Marton ReservoirsRangitikei DistrictNorth of Marton39°59′50″S 175°23′25″E
Ohinetonga LagoonRuapehu DistrictEast of Ōwhango38°59′50″S 175°23′32″E
Omanuka LagoonManawatu DistrictSoutheast of Tangimoana40°19′40″S 175°19′30″E
Pukepuke LagoonManawatu DistrictNortheast of Himatangi Beach40°20′30″S 175°15′55″E
Rotoataha LakeTararua DistrictSoutheast of Dannevirke40°20′43″S 176°10′40″E
RotokawaTongariro N.P.Southwest of Mount Ruapehu39°19′54″S 175°30′18″E
Tokomaru No. 3 ReservoirHorowhenua DistrictSoutheast of Shannon. Part of Mangahao Hydroelectric Scheme40°35′15″S 175°28′55″E
Turitea DamsPalmerston NorthSoutheast of city in Tararua Range40°26′00″S 175°40′35″E
Upper TamaTongariro N.P.In crater between Mount Ruapehu and Mount Ngauruhoe39°11′10″S 175°37′20″E


The following lakes are located in the Wellington Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Battery PondSouth Wairarapa DistrictSmall lake northeast of Lake Pounui41°20′03″S 175°07′16″E
Boggy Pond LagoonSouth Wairarapa DistrictEast of Lake Wairarapa41°15′20″S 175°16′00″E
Cannons Creek LakePorirua CityEast of Porirua City Centre41°08′30″S 174°52′03″E
Horseshoe LagoonSouth Wairarapa DistrictOxbow lake beside Ruamahanga River north of Martinborough41°11′32″S 175°25′30″E
Lake HuritiniKapiti Coast DistrictSoutheast of Waikawa Beach40°42′15″S 175°09′20″E
Lake KohangapiripiriLower Hutt CityClose to Pencarrow Head41°21′40″S 174°51′25″E
Lake KohangateraLower Hutt CityClose to Pencarrow Head41°22′10″S 174°52′00″E
Lake KopureherehereKapiti Coast District40°43′10″S 175°10′25″E
Lake NgānokeSouth Wairarapa District41°21′20″S 175°11′10″E
Lake OnokeSouth Wairarapa DistrictLagoon at the mouth of the Ruamahanga River41°23′00″S 175°07′30″E
Lake PounuiSouth Wairarapa DistrictSouthwest of Lake Wairarapa41°20′40″S 175°06′50″E
Lake WaiorongomaiKapiti Coast DistrictSouth of Waikawa Beach40°42′45″S 175°08′35″E
Lake WairarapaSouth Wairarapa District78 km241°13′00″S 175°15′00″E
Lake WaitawaKapiti Coast DistrictNorth of Otaki40°43′30″S 175°10′15″E
Ngatotara LagoonKapiti Coast District40°44′03″S 175°09′15″E
Okupe LagoonKapiti IslandClose to the island's northern tip40°49′35″S 174°56′50″E
Totara LagoonKapiti Coast DistrictNorthwest of Waikanae40°51′22″S 175°02′30″E
Waimeha LagoonKapiti Coast DistrictAt the mouth of the Waikanae River40°52′20″S 175°00′38″E
Whitby Lower LakePorirua CityNorth of Whitby Upper Lake41°07′00″S 174°53′30″E
Whitby Upper LakePorirua CitySouth of Whitby Lower Lake41°07′12″S 174°53′31″E

South Island


The following lakes are located in the Tasman Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Adelaide TarnNorthern Kahurangi N.P.40°56′30″S 172°32′40″E
Black LakesWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°22′20″S 172°18′00″E
Blue LakeNelson Lakes N.P.North of Lake Constance. Reputedly the world's clearest fresh water lake.42°03′35″S 172°39′30″E
Boulder LakeNorthern Kahurangi N.P.40°53′40″S 172°34′45″E
Camp LakeCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°04′33″S 172°31′35″E
Cleopatras PoolAbel Tasman N.P.Widening at the junction of the Torrent River and a minor tributary40°57′22″S 173°02′14″E
Cobb ReservoirEastern Kahurangi N.P.Not to be confused with Lake Cobb41°07′15″S 172°39′30″E
Darby PondNorthern Kahurangi N.P.Southest of Boulder Lake40°54′03″S 172°34′10″E
Diamond LakeEastern Kahurangi N.P.One of the Diamond Lakes north of Cobb Reservoir41°05′10″S 172°36′40″E
Druggans DamNorthwestern Tasman District40°46′00″S 172°38′15″E
Hinapouri TarnNelson Lakes N.P.Between Lake Rotoroa and Lake Rotoiti41°53′45″S 172°44′35″E
Iron LakeEastern Kahurangi N.P.One of the Diamond Lakes north of Cobb Reservoir41°06′20″S 172°36′55″E
Island LakeCentral Kahurangi N.P.Feeds the Roaring Lion River41°02′10″S 172°29′20″E
Kaihoka LakesNorthwestern Tasman DistrictNorth of Whanganui Inlet40°33′15″S 172°36′00″E
Kinzett TarnSouthern Kahurangi N.P.41°23′25″S 172°28′02″E
Lake AngelusNelson Lakes N.P.In a cirque between Lake Rotoroa and Lake Rotoiti41°53′15″S 172°44′45″E
Lake AorereWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°03′30″S 172°20′00″E
Lake BarfootCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°07′50″S 172°23′50″E
Lake BellbirdCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°19′23″S 172°20′50″E
Lake CaslaniSouthern Tasman District41°53′55″S 172°15′55″E
Lake ClaraNorthern Kahurangi N.P.West of Boulder Lake40°53′50″S 172°33′30″E
Lake CobbCentral Kahurangi N.P.Not to be confused with Cobb Reservoir41°03′20″S 172°30′50″E
Lake ConstanceNelson Lakes N.P.42°04′30″S 172°39′40″E
Lake DoraSouthwestern Tasman DistrictNortheast of Lake Perrine41°31′45″S 172°11′02″E
Lake EllaNelson Lakes N.P.42°05′40″S 172°35′20″E
Lake ElmerWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°03′50″S 172°17′10″E
Lake FiddleSouthwestern Tasman DistrictMountain tarn northwest of Lake Phyllis41°26′09″S 172°13′17″E
Lake HanlonWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°25′30″S 172°06′10″E
Lake HendersonCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°04′30″S 172°30′35″E
Lake JeanetteSouthern Kahurangi N.P.41°31′10″S 172°23′00″E
Lake JewellCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°09′05″S 172°23′00″E
Lake KillarneyTakaka40°51′08″S 172°48′30″E
Lake LillieEastern Kahurangi N.P.One of the Diamond Lakes north of Cobb Reservoir41°05′40″S 172°36′40″E
Lake LindsayEastern Kahurangi N.P.40°59′05″S 172°38′10″E
Lake LockettEastern Kahurangi N.P.One of the Diamond Lakes north of Cobb Reservoir41°04′50″S 172°37′30″E
Lake MarinaSouthwestern Tasman DistrictSouth of Lake Phyllis on the Hemphill River41°28′20″S 172°14′20″E
Lake MatiriSouthern Kahurangi N.P.41°39′20″S 172°20′00″E
Lake OtuhieNorthwestern Tasman District40°41′15″S 172°25′00″E
Lake PeelEastern Kahurangi N.P.Southwest of Cobb Reservoir41°08′45″S 172°36′10″E
Lake PerrineSouthwestern Tasman DistrictWidening of the Mōkihinui River41°32′40″S 172°10′20″E
Lake PhyllisSouthwestern Tasman DistrictNorth of Lake Marina on the Hemphill River41°27′50″S 172°14′20″E
Lake RotoitiNelson Lakes N.P.41°50′00″S 172°50′30″E
Lake RotopaiCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°07′57″S 172°22′02″E
Lake RotoroaNelson Lakes N.P.41°52′00″S 172°39′00″E
Lake SparrowEastern Kahurangi N.P.40°58′35″S 172°37′00″E
Lake StanleyEastern Kahurangi N.P.41°00′30″S 172°36′50″E
Lake SylvesterEastern Kahurangi N.P.North of Cobb Reservoir41°06′25″S 172°37′45″E
Lake WilliamWestern Kahurangi N.P.Mountain tarn41°25′07″S 172°13′40″E
Little Sylvester LakeEastern Kahurangi N.P.North of Cobb Reservoir41°06′40″S 172°37′30″E
Luna LakeSouthern Kahurangi N.P.41°24′40″S 172°27′50″E
Mirror TarnWestern Kahurangi N.P.Small tarn above the Oparara River41°08′48″S 172°11′58″E
Moonstone LakeSouthern Kahurangi N.P.Widening of the Karamea River41°22′45″S 172°25′50″E
Paratitahi TarnsNelson Lakes N.P.Southeast of Lake Rotoiti, north of Paraumu Tarn41°53′50″S 172°50′50″E
Paraumu TarnNelson Lakes N.P.Southeast of Lake Rotoiti41°54′05″S 172°50′50″E
Round LakeCentral Kahurangi N.P.41°03′10″S 172°29′45″E
Ruby LakeEastern Kahurangi N.P.41°04′35″S 172°35′05″E
Saddle LakesWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°23′30″S 172°17′30″E
Shag TarnWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°20′12″S 172°10′35″E
Swampy TarnWestern Kahurangi N.P.41°19′30″S 172°08′55″E


The following lakes are located in the Nelson Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Dew LakesNelson41°19′31″S 173°24′38″E
Maitai DamNelsonReservoir41°17′40″S 173°22′30″E
Rush PoolNelson41°18′42″S 173°23′12″E


The following lakes are located in the Marlborough Region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Argyle PondMarlborough DistrictIn Wairau Valley to south of Wairau River41°40′30″S 173°12′00″E
Big LagoonMarlborough DistrictEast of Blenheim, close to the mouth of the Wairau River41°33′00″S 174°06′00″E
Bowscale TarnMarlborough DistrictOne of a cluster of lakes in the upper Wairau Valley42°07′40″S 172°57′15″E
Chandlers LagoonMarlborough DistrictArm of Big Lagoon41°33′10″S 174°04′00″E
Lake ElterwaterMarlborough DistrictSmall lake north of Ward41°48′00″S 174°09′20″E
Fish LakeMarlborough DistrictOne of a cluster of lakes in the upper Wairau Valley42°07′15″S 172°56′00″E
Island LakeMarlborough DistrictOne of a cluster of lakes in the upper Wairau Valley42°09′15″S 172°56′15″E
Lake AlexanderMarlborough District41°44′50″S 173°39′45″E
Lake ChaliceMarlborough DistrictIn Mount Richmond F.P. north of Wairau River41°34′10″S 173°18′30″E
Lake Grassmere/Kapara Te HauMarlborough DistrictShallow lagoon, used for salt production41°44′00″S 174°10′00″E
Lake JasperMarlborough DistrictOn the floodplain of the Awatere River west of Seddon41°39′45″S 173°58′30″E
Lake McRaeMarlborough DistrictIn the Inland Kaikoura Range. Feeds a tributary of the Clarence River42°11′00″S 173°20′00″E
Lake SedgemereMarlborough DistrictOne of a cluster of lakes in the upper Wairau Valley42°08′08″S 172°55′00″E
Lake TimaraMarlborough DistrictOn the floodplain of the Wairau River just south of Renwick41°31′45″S 173°48′40″E
Upper LagoonMarlborough DistrictArm of Big Lagoon41°32′30″S 174°04′00″E
Waikarapi LagoonMarlborough DistrictArm of Big Lagoon41°32′30″S 174°05′00″E

West Coast

The following lakes are located in the West Coast region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Abel LakeNorthern Westland District43°20′20″S 170°38′20″E
Alpine Lake / Ata PuaiWestland N.P.43°17′10″S 170°08′20″E
Ariels TarnsNorthern Westland District42°56′27″S 171°25′06″E
Argyle Dam Buller District 0.42 KM Was a large man made Dam made by gold miners slightly south of Charleston and was used to feed water races. -41.944954S, 171.438686 E
Bell DamNorthern Westland District42°42′10″S 171°13′35″E
Bessons DamBuller District42°03′30″S 171°23′10″E
Boil HoleSouthern Westland DistrictWidening on the Okuru River43°57′30″S 168°59′20″E
Charlies PondsSouthern Westland District44°07′42″S 168°49′00″E
Cloudmaker LakeSouthern Westland District44°18′20″S 168°43′20″E
Delta TarnSouthern Westland District44°08′15″S 168°28′10″E
Disappearing LakeSouthern Westland District44°04′47″S 168°34′35″E
Douglas LakeCentral Westland DistrictAt the terminal face of Douglas Glacier. Not to be confused with Lake Douglas43°41′45″S 169°57′00″E
Five Mile LagoonWestland N.P.43°16′30″S 170°05′30″E
Gaylor DamNorthern Westland District42°47′00″S 170°59′18″E
Gillows DamWestport41°46′30″S 171°34′40″E
Hikimutu LagoonNorthern Westland DistrictNorth of Saltwater Lagoon43°04′19″S 170°29′00″E
Ice LakeNorthern Westland District43°24′15″S 171°07′45″E
Ivory LakeNorthern Westland District43°07′50″S 170°54′50″E
Kangaroo LakeGrey District42°36′30″S 171°33′00″E
Kapitea ReservoirNorthern Westland District42°40′15″S 171°11′50″E
Kumara ReservoirNorthern Westland District42°42′00″S 171°11′20″E
Lady LakeGrey District42°36′00″S 171°34′30″E
Lake AhauraGrey District42°32′30″S 171°44′00″E
Lake AnnaArthur's Pass N.P.42°52′33″S 171°39′05″E
Lake ArthurNorthern Westland District42°54′15″S 171°05′50″E
Lake AvernusGrey District42°35′22″S 172°04′25″E
Lake BarraMount Aspiring N.P.43°59′05″S 169°16′00″E
Lake BarrowmanCentral Westland District43°28′00″S 170°24′05″E
Lake Browning/WhakarewaNorthern Westland District42°56′50″S 171°20′40″E
Lake Brunner (Moana)Grey District42°37′00″S 171°27′00″E
Lake BuxSouthern Westland DistrictParallel with and to the east of Lake Porm44°09′45″S 168°39′45″E
Lake ChristabelBuller DistrictWest of the Lewis Pass42°24′30″S 172°14′30″E
Lake ClarkeSouthern Westland District44°07′30″S 168°40′20″E
Lake DanSouthern Westland District44°08′37″S 168°40′00″E
Lake DaniellBuller District42°18′00″S 172°17′20″E
Lake DarbyNorthern Westland DistrictOne of a pair of lakes with Lake Joan43°09′45″S 170°24′05″E
Lake DimeCentral Westland District43°49′35″S 169°16′42″E
Lake DouglasMount Aspiring N.P.Not to be confused with Douglas Lake43°58′00″S 169°05′30″E
Lake EggelingMount Aspiring N.P.43°59′10″S 169°08′45″E
Lake EllerySouthern Westland District44°03′00″S 168°39′20″E
Lake FlorenceArthur's Pass N.P.42°52′53″S 171°29′55″E
Lake GaultWestland N.P.43°25′50″S 169°59′15″E
Lake GibbWestland N.P.43°24′47″S 170°00′55″E
Lake GreaneyMount Aspiring N.P.44°05′35″S 168°47′05″E
Lake HamerSouthern Westland DistrictAbove Cascade River, close to Smiths Ponds44°08′25″S 168°31′10″E
Lake HaupiriGrey District42°34′00″S 171°41′30″E
Lake HochstetterGrey District42°27′00″S 171°40′00″E
Lake Ianthe/MatahiNorthern Westland District43°03′30″S 170°37′30″E
Lake IdaGrey District42°42′46″S 171°22′57″E
Lake JoanNorthern Westland DistrictOne of a pair of lakes with Lake Darby43°09′35″S 170°23′50″E
Lake JuliaGrey District42°43′10″S 171°22′10″E
Lake JumbuckSouthern Westland District44°01′45″S 168°23′45″E
Lake KaniereNorthern Westland District42°50′00″S 171°09′00″E
Lake KaurapatakaArthur's Pass N.P.42°47′10″S 171°42′00″E
Lake KiniCentral Westland District43°36′15″S 169°37′20″E
Lake LawCentral Westland District43°48′35″S 169°16′15″E
Lake LeebSouthern Westland District44°08′15″S 168°40′05″E
Lake LyesNorthern Westland District43°04′12″S 171°02′35″E
Lake LyttleWestland N.P.43°25′15″S 169°57′30″E
Lake MahinapuaNorthern Westland District42°47′30″S 170°55′00″E
Lake MapourikaWestland N.P.43°19′00″S 170°12′00″E
Lake MargaretGrey District42°17′17″S 171°24′10″E
Lake MarySouthern Westland District44°02′30″S 168°42′42″E
Lake MathesonWestland N.P.43°26′25″S 169°58′00″E
Lake MiroWestland N.P.43°15′20″S 170°08′15″E
Lake MiseryArthur's Pass N.P.Beside SH 7342°54′00″S 171°33′33″E
Lake MoerakiCentral Westland District43°45′50″S 169°17′00″E
Lake MorganGrey District42°40′20″S 171°42′25″E
Lake MudgieNorthern Westland District42°43′15″S 171°10′40″E
Lake MuellerWestland N.P.43°25′20″S 170°02′00″E
Lake NissonSouthern Westland District44°01′20″S 168°47′45″E
Lake NivalusGrey District42°21′25″S 171°57′01″E
Lake ParingaCentral Westland District43°43′00″S 169°24′30″E
Lake PoeruaGrey District42°42′30″S 171°29′30″E
Lake PormSouthern Westland DistrictParallel with and to the west of Lake Bux44°09′45″S 168°39′38″E
Lake PrattNorthern Westland District43°21′05″S 170°10′15″E
Lake RahuiBuller District41°49′10″S 171°52′05″E
Lake RasselasCentral Westland DistrictNortheast of Lake Paringa, into which it flows43°41′50″S 169°21′00″E
Lake RochfortBuller DistrictEast of Westport41°45′50″S 171°43′30″E
Lake Roto Te KoetiCentral Westland District43°38′25″S 169°46′00″E
Lake RotokinoNorthern Westland District43°09′30″S 170°25′50″E
Lake RubyGrey District42°42′15″S 171°21′45″E
Lake RyanGrey District42°25′33″S 171°12′27″E
Lake SallyArthur's Pass N.P.42°52′30″S 171°39′50″E
Lake SwanGrey District42°39′15″S 171°31′50″E
Lake SweeneyCentral Westland District43°47′10″S 169°25′00″E
Lake TarletonNorthern Westland District42°45′47″S 170°55′45″E
Lake TopsyCentral Westland District43°45′30″S 169°18′00″E
Lake WahapoCentral Westland DistrictSoutheast of Ōkārito Lagoon43°15′00″S 170°16′00″E
Lake WhitestoneGrey District42°38′09″S 171°31′52″E
Lake WindermereCentral Westland DistrictNorth of Ōkārito Lagoon, into which it flows43°09′15″S 170°14′00″E
Lake WombatWestland N.P.Close to Franz Josef village43°24′12″S 170°10′04″E
Macs LagoonSouthern Westland DistrictOxbow lake close to the mouth of the Turnbull River43°55′30″S 168°55′15″E
Manks TarnNorthern Westland DistrictSouth of Lake Kaniere42°52′15″S 171°07′45″E
Minim MereMount Aspiring N.P.44°05′00″S 168°47′25″E
Morgan TarnBuller District41°57′25″S 171°35′45″E
Mueller TarnGrey District42°21′57″S 172°19′46″E
Ogilvie LagoonNorthern Westland District42°50′45″S 170°54′25″E
Okari LagoonBuller District41°49′15″S 171°27′45″E
Ōkārito LagoonCentral Westland District43°12′00″S 170°12′00″E
Okuku ReservoirNorthern Westland District42°43′55″S 171°13′45″E
Orowaiti LagoonWestport41°44′45″S 171°38′00″E
Otoko LakeCentral Westland District43°48′55″S 169°42′36″E
Ounatai LagoonNorthern Westland District42°58′30″S 170°38′00″E
Peters PoolWestland N.P.Close to Franz Josef village43°25′11″S 170°10′20″E
Pororari LagoonBuller DistrictNear Punakaiki, at the mouth of the Pororari River42°06′05″S 171°20′20″E
Pukaki LagoonNorthern Westland DistrictIn area of wetland between Lake Mahinapua and the Hokitika River42°49′35″S 170°56′00″E
Reid LakeNorthern Westland District43°09′08″S 170°54′02″E
Saddle LakeWestland N.P.43°32′46″S 170°01′05″E
Saltwater LagoonNorthern Westland District43°06′00″S 170°21′00″E
Smiths PondsSouthern Westland District44°07′50″S 168°30′50″E
Surprise PondsNorthern Westland District42°56′05″S 170°57′40″E
Swans Retreat LagoonGrey DistrictClose to the shore of Lake Brunner42°35′35″S 171°28′55″E
Tawharekiri LakesCentral Westland DistrictNorth of the mouth of the Haast River43°50′00″S 169°05′10″E
Teal TarnNorthern Westland DistrictImmediately to the southeast of Zalas Pond42°54′21″S 170°55′30″E
Theta TarnSouthern Westland District44°12′15″S 168°26′45″E
Three Mile LagoonWestland N.P.43°14′45″S 170°08′00″E
Totara Lagoon (West Coast)Northern Westland District42°48′40″S 170°52′45″E
Townson TarnBuller District41°53′03″S 171°38′36″E
Tukes LagoonsNorthern Westland DistrictIn area of wetland between Lake Mahinapua and the Hokitika River42°49′55″S 170°55′50″E
Waiatoto LagoonSouthern Westland District43°58′20″S 168°48′20″E
White Heron LagoonNorthern Westland DistrictSouth of Lake Rotokino, into which it flows43°10′30″S 170°26′20″E
Woodhen PondSouthern Westland District44°10′40″S 168°29′00″E
Zalas PondNorthern Westland DistrictImmediately to the northwest of Teal Tarn42°54′13″S 170°55′12″E


The following lakes are located in the Canterbury region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Acland LagoonMackenzie DistrictNorth of Lake Pukaki43°50′07″S 170°06′40″E
Albert LakeChristchurch CityImmediately east of Victoria Lake in Hagley Park43°31′39″S 172°37′27″E
Amberley Beach LagoonHurunui DistrictNorth of Amberley Beach43°10′08″S 172°46′58″E
Ashworths PondsAshburton DistrictCoastal lakes south of Leithfield43°13′55″S 172°44′30″E
Blackwater LakeSelwyn District43°07′00″S 171°55′30″E
Blue LagoonHurunui District42°43′21″S 172°32′43″E
Blue LakesAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.Southeast of Tasman Lake43°41′40″S 170°09′55″E
Boltons Gully LagoonMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Pukaki43°58′27″S 170°15′00″E
Boundary TarnsMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°54′45″S 170°24′35″E
Bowscale TarnHurunui District42°07′40″S 172°57′15″E
Braemar KettleholesMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Pukaki43°59′15″S 170°12′55″E
Brooklands LagoonChristchurch CitySouth of the mouth of the Waimakariri River43°25′00″S 172°42′20″E
Casey TarnSelwyn District43°07′00″S 171°26′30″E
Cluster TarnsMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°54′00″S 170°24′35″E
Coopers Lagoon/MuriwaiSelwyn District43°51′50″S 172°18′25″E
Fish LakeHurunui District42°07′15″S 172°55′50″E
Forks LagoonMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Alexandrina43°56′40″S 170°22′55″E
Fred's TarnMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°54′55″S 170°21′25″E
Gabriel TarnHurunui DistrictNortheast of Lake Sumner42°41′11″S 172°18′26″E
Glenmore TarnsMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°53′30″S 170°25′15″E
Grebe TarnMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°53′55″S 170°25′48″E
Hartley TarnMackenzie DistrictNorth of Lake Alexandrina43°52′55″S 170°26′25″E
Hooker LakeAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.Proglacial lake at the terminal face of the Hooker Glacier43°40′45″S 170°06′30″E
Horseshoe LakeChristchurch CityOxbow lake to the north of the Avon River43°29′48″S 172°40′43″E
Horseshoe LakeHurunui District42°35′52″S 172°31′20″E
Island LakeHurunui District42°09′15″S 172°56′15″E
Jimmeys LagoonMackenzie DistrictSouth of Lake Alexandrina43°58′43″S 170°27′43″E
Kaituna LagoonChristchurch City and Selwyn DistrictArm of Lake Ellesmere43°47′30″S 172°39′00″E
Kellands PondMackenzie DistrictArm of Lake Ruataniwha44°17′50″S 170°04′00″E
Lake AlexandrinaMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Tekapo43°56′00″S 170°27′30″E
Lake AviemoreNorthern Waitaki DistrictHydroelectric lake, on border with Otago44°37′00″S 170°18′00″E
Lake CampAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°37′00″S 171°03′30″E
Lake CatherineSelwyn District43°13′20″S 171°33′35″E
Lake ClearwaterAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°36′20″S 171°03′00″E
Lake ColeridgeSelwyn District43°18′00″S 171°30′00″E
Lake CrichtonSelwyn DistrictArtificial water-skiing course near Dunsandel43°41′35″S 172°10′00″E
Lake DennyAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°40′15″S 171°07′20″E
Lake DonneAshburton DistrictSouth of the Spider Lakes, part of the Ashburton Lakes group43°36′30″S 171°06′55″E
Lake Ellesmere (Te Waihora)Christchurch City and Selwyn DistrictLarge shallow lagoon, separated from the sea by Kaitorete Spit43°48′00″S 172°28′00″E
Lake EmilyAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°33′05″S 171°14′40″E
Lake EmmaAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°38′10″S 171°06′30″E
Lake EvelynSelwyn DistrictEast of Lake Coleridge43°15′10″S 171°32′15″E
Lake Forsyth (Wairewa)Banks PeninsulaFormer inlet in the southwest coast of Banks Peninsula, now separated from the sea by a shingle bank43°48′00″S 172°45′00″E
Lake George Scott (Scott Pond)Mackenzie DistrictArtificial lake below Lake Tekapo on Tekapo River44°00′55″S 170°27′50″E
Lake GeorginaSelwyn DistrictEast of Lake Coleridge43°19′00″S 171°34′00″E
Lake GraceArthur's Pass N.P.42°55′28″S 171°58′35″E
Lake GrasmereSelwyn District43°03′45″S 171°46′30″E
Lake GuyonHurunui District42°17′30″S 172°39′00″E
Lake HawdonSelwyn DistrictNamed after Joseph Hawdon43°06′15″S 171°51′00″E
Lake HenriettaSelwyn DistrictNortheast of Lake Coleridge43°13′45″S 171°30′00″E
Lake HeronAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°28′00″S 171°11′00″E
Lake IdaSelwyn DistrictEast of Lake Coleridge43°14′05″S 171°32′15″E
Lake JanetHurunui District43°08′10″S 172°33′15″E
Lake LetitiaSelwyn District43°03′15″S 171°57′00″E
Lake LilianSelwyn District43°10′30″S 171°31′15″E
Lake LyndonSelwyn District43°18′15″S 171°41′50″E
Lake ManHurunui DistrictWithin Lake Sumner Forest Park42°32′40″S 172°18′26″E
Lake MarionHurunui DistrictWithin Lake Sumner Forest Park42°40′40″S 172°13′55″E
Lake MaryHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner42°45′10″S 172°14′50″E
Lake MarymereSelwyn District43°07′00″S 171°51′15″E
Lake MasonHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner. Actually two lakes connected by a 50-metre stream42°44′00″S 172°10′10″E
Lake MavisSelwyn District42°54′10″S 171°38′40″E
Lake McGregorMackenzie DistrictBetween Lake Alexandrina and Lake Tekapo43°56′10″S 170°28′0″E
Lake MerinoMackenzie DistrictBetween Lake Pukaki and Lake Ruataniwha, beside the Pukaki Canal44°12′55″S 170°03′17″E
Lake MinchinArthur's Pass N.P.42°49′40″S 171°48′55″E
Lake MurrayMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Tekapo43°54′15″S 170°28′08″E
Lake OhauMackenzie District and northern Waitaki District44°15′00″S 169°51′00″E
Lake OpuhaMackenzie DistrictArtificial lake formed by Opuha Dam44°00′00″S 170°52′00″E
Lake PagetHurunui District42°16′20″S 172°32′42″E
Lake PearsonSelwyn District43°06′00″S 171°47′00″E
Lake PegasusWaimakariri District43°18′45″S 172°42′05″E
Lake PoakaMackenzie District0,32 km2Southwest of Lake Pukaki, beside the Pukaki Canal44°12′20″S 170°06′00″E
Lake PukakiMackenzie District44°07′00″S 170°10′00″E
Lake Roto KohatuChristchurch CityArtificial lake formed for recreation purposes from former gravel pit43°27′50″S 172°34′25″E
Lake RotoitiKaikoura DistrictEast of Kaikoura, close to the larger Lake Rotorua42°23′50″S 173°35′35″E
Lake RotoruaKaikoura DistrictEast of Kaikoura, close to the smaller Lake Rotoiti42°24′20″S 173°34′50″E
Lake RoundaboutAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°37′25″S 171°05′40″E
Lake RuataniwhaMackenzie District44°16′45″S 170°04′00″E
Lake RubiconSelwyn District43°17′50″S 171°49′55″E
Lake SarahSelwyn District43°03′00″S 171°46′35″E
Lake SedgemereHurunui District42°08′08″S 172°55′00″E
Lake SelfeSelwyn District33ha[20] or 0.65 km2[21]Oligotrophic lake[21] east of Lake Coleridge43°14′30″S 171°31′15″E
Lake SheppardHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner42°45′40″S 172°15′00″E
Lake StellaHurunui District42°27′56″S 173°08′20″E
Lake SumnerHurunui DistrictPartially within Lake Sumner Forest Park42°42′00″S 172°13′00″E
Lake TaylorHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner42°46′00″S 172°14′00″E
Lake TekapoMackenzie District43°55′00″S 170°32′00″E
Lake TennysonHurunui District42°12′00″S 172°43′40″E
Lake ThompsonHurunui DistrictA source of the Waiau Uwha River42°07′30″S 172°38′25″E
Lake TrinityAshburton District43°38′00″S 171°09′20″E
Lake WardellMackenzie DistrictSouth of Lake Pukaki, beside the Pukaki Canal44°11′48″S 170°07′22″E
Lambies LagoonAshburton District43°36′45″S 171°04′55″E
Leithfield Beach LagoonHurunui District43°12′25″S 172°45′22″E
Little LakeHurunui District42°20′05″S 172°36′40″E
Loch CameronMackenzie DistrictBetween Lake Pukaki and Lake Ruataniwha, beside the Pukaki Canal44°13′12″S 170°03′17″E
Loch KatrineHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner42°43′00″S 172°12′00″E
Manuka LakeAshburton District43°31′55″S 171°14′45″E
Maori LakesAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group43°34′20″S 171°10′30″E
Margarets TarnArthur's Pass N.P.42°54′56″S 171°33′09″E
Mata Kopae LagoonHurunui District42°46′50″S 173°16′00″E
Mimimoto LagoonHurunui DistrictSouth of Amberley Beach43°10′49″S 172°46′28″E
Morris TarnHurunui DistrictWithin Lake Sumner Forest Park42°37′15″S 172°14′55″E
Muddy LakesHurunui District42°21′10″S 172°36′30″E
Mueller LakeAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.Proglacial lake at the terminal face of the Mueller Glacier43°42′30″S 170°05′30″E
Murchison LakeAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.Proglacial lake at the terminal face of the Murchison Glacier43°36′00″S 170°19′50″E
Mystery LakeAshburton DistrictNot to be confused with Mystery Tarn43°32′30″S 171°01′35″E
Mystery TarnSelwyn DistrictNot to be confused with Mystery Lake43°12′22″S 171°4′18″E
Paradise LakeHurunui District42°23′00″S 172°36′40″E
Patersons PondsMackenzie DistrictSeries of small ponds beside Tekapo River44°03′30″S 170°25′50″E
Phantom LagoonMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Tekapo43°56′05″S 170°35′44″E
Pierce PondMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Tekapo43°54′10″S 170°29′20″E
Princess BathHurunui District42°11′05″S 172°41′30″E
Quagmire TarnAshburton District43°19′20″S 171°07′17″E
Rakaia LagoonSelwyn DistrictAt the mouth of the Rakaia River43°53′20″S 172°14′30″E
Rapuwai LagoonMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Tekapo43°51′10″S 170°30′22″E
Raupo PondHurunui DistrictSouth of Lake Sumner42°46′25″S 172°15′37″E
Red LakesSelwyn DistrictSoutheast of Lake Coleridge43°19′45″S 171°36′55″E
Red TarnsAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.South of Mount Cook Village43°45′00″S 170°06′10″E
Roys LagoonMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Tekapo43°59′00″S 170°32′40″E
Saint Anne's LagoonHurunui DistrictPart of the Mata Kopae Lagoon system43°08′10″S 172°33′15″E
Seagull LakeAshburton District43°30′40″S 171°14′45″E
Spider LagoonTimaru District44°15′00″S 171°23′33″E
Spider LakesAshburton DistrictPart of the Ashburton Lakes group42°46′40″S 173°16′15″E
Stony TarnMackenzie DistrictNorth of Lake Alexandrina43°52′28″S 170°26′45″E
Sunday TarnMackenzie DistrictNorthwest of Lake Alexandrina43°54′15″S 170°25′15″E
Swan LagoonMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Pukaki43°58′25″S 170°18′10″E
Tasman LakeAoraki/Mount Cook N.P.Proglacial lake at the terminal face of the Tasman Glacier43°41′00″S 170°11′00″E
The Black HoleMackenzie DistrictEast of Lake Pukaki44°00′10″S 170°15′00″E
Trig 'N' TarnMackenzie DistrictWest of Lake Tekapo43°57′18″S 170°28′19″E`
Tui TarnMackenzie DistrictNorth of Lake Alexandrina43°52′10″S 170°27′00″E
Tutaepatu LagoonWaimakariri District43°19′35″S 172°42′15″E
Twin LakesMackenzie DistrictBetween Lake Pukaki and Lake Ruataniwha44°13′40″S 170°03′55″E
Vagabonds InnSelwyn District43°08′20″S 171°51′25″E
Victoria LakeChristchurch CityImmediately west of Albert Lake in Hagley Park43°31′40″S 172°37′20″E
Wainono LagoonWaimate District44°42′00″S 171°09′30″E
Wairepo ArmMackenzie DistrictArm of Lake Ruataniwha44°17′50″S 170°05′00″E
Washdyke LagoonTimaru District44°21′45″S 171°15′10″E
Windy TarnAshburton District43°18′23″S 171°06′38″E


The following lakes are located in the Otago region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Arethusa PoolQueenstown-Lakes DistrictLake on an island (Mou Waho) on a lake (Wanaka) on an island (the South Island)44°33′15″S 169°05′02″E
Blue LakeCentral Otago DistrictAt Saint Bathans. Created by gold mining operations44°52′05″S 169°48′40″E
Butchers DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Alexandra45°17′40″S 169°20′20″E
Catlins LakeThe CatlinsEstuarial lake at the mouth of the Catlins River46°29′00″S 169°38′00″E
Cloudmaker LakeMount Aspiring N.P.44°18′20″S 168°43′20″E
Coalpit DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Naseby45°01′15″S 170°07′10″E
Conroys DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Alexandra45°16′55″S 169°19′10″E
Crucible LakeMount Aspiring N.P.44°10′25″S 169°00′20″E
Diamond LakeQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNear GlenorchyParadise Road44°44′20″S 168°22′30″E
Diamond LakeQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNear Lake Wanaka44°38′50″S 168°57′50″E
Downeys DamQueenstown-Lakes District44°57′42″S 168°42′28″E
Dukes TarnQueenstown-Lakes DistrictSouth of Lake Luna44°57′50″S 168°29′35″E
Dumb-bell LakeSouthern Waitaki District44°14′40″S 169°45′30″E
Falls DamCentral Otago DistrictOn the upper Manuherikia River44°52′00″S 169°54′30″E
Fohn LakesMount Aspiring N.P.44°31′00″S 168°15′50″E
Fraser DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Alexandra45°12′40″S 169°12′40″E
Gem LakeCentral Otago District45°34′15″S 169°06′25″E
Greenland ReservoirCentral Otago DistrictSouth of Manorburn Reservoir45°26′00″S 169°37′30″E
Hawkers DamClutha District45°55′55″S 169°47′07″E
Hawksbury LagoonDunedin CityIn Waikouaiti45°36′20″S 170°40′30″E
Hoffmans DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Naseby45°01′25″S 170°07′38″E
Idaburn DamCentral Otago DistrictNeat Oturehua45°01′40″S 169°53′22″E
Kaikorai LagoonDunedin CityNear Waldronville45°55′00″S 170°23′50″E
Kellands PondSouthern Waitaki DistrictSouth of Lake Ruataniwha44°18′00″S 170°04′00″E
Knights DamClutha DistrictNorth of Lake Mahinerangi45°47′45″S 169°53′40″E
Lake AltaQueenstown-Lakes DistrictAt The Remarkables Skifield45°03′50″S 168°48′40″E
Lake BenmoreSouthern Waitaki District74 km²Hydroelectric lake formed behind the Benmore Dam, on the boundary with Canterbury44°25′00″S 170°13′00″E
Lake CastaliaMount Aspiring N.P.44°13′20″S 168°55′10″E
Lake DianaMount Aspiring N.P.44°15′22″S 168°53′33″E
Lake DisputeQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNorth of Lake Wakatipu45°02′30″S 168°33′00″E
Lake DunstanCentral Otago DistrictHydroelectric lake formed on the Clutha River behind the Clyde Dam45°01′00″S 169°13′00″E
Lake HarrisMount Aspiring N.P.Along the Routeburn Track, south of Lake Wilson44°43′30″S 168°10′30″E
Lake HāweaQueenstown-Lakes District141 km²44°30′00″S 168°17′00″E
Lake HayesQueenstown-Lakes District2.0 km²Near Arrowtown44°59′00″S 168°48′30″E
Lake HopeQueenstown-Lakes District45°08′10″S 168°49′45″E
Lake IsobelQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNorth of Lake Wakatipu45°01′20″S 168°29′30″E
Lake JohnsonQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNear Frankton45°00′20″S 168°44′00″E
Lake KirkpatrickQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNorth of Lake Wakatipu45°01′40″S 168°34′25″E
Lake LunaQueenstown-Lakes District44°57′00″S 168°29′30″E
Lake MahinerangiClutha District18.6 km²45°50′00″S 169°55′00″E
Lake McKayCentral Otago DistrictIn the Pisa Range above Lake Dunstan44°51′00″S 169°12′45″E
Lake McKellarQueenstown-Lakes District1.0 km²44°51′00″S 168°08′30″E
Lake MiddletonSouthern Waitaki DistrictNear Lake Ohau Alpine Village44°16′40″S 169°51′00″E
Lake MysteryMount Aspiring N.P.44°34′05″S 168°18′30″E
Lake NedSouthern Queenstown-Lakes District45°17′15″S 168°26′00″E
Lake NerineMount Aspiring N.P.44°38′10″S 168°12′20″E
Lake NigelSouthern Queenstown-Lakes District45°17′45″S 168°25′40″E
Lake OnslowCentral Otago District3.5 km²East of Roxburgh45°33′00″S 169°37′00″E
Lake ReidQueenstown-Lakes District44°45′45″S 168°23′25″E
Lake RereQueenstown-Lakes DistrictAlong the Greenstone Track44°57′05″S 168°19′25″E
Lake RoxburghCentral Otago District6 km²Hydroelectric lake formed on the Clutha River behind the Roxburgh Dam45°28′00″S 170°19′50″E
Lake SylvanMount Aspiring N.P.44°42′20″S 168°19′10″E
Lake Te KohuaQueenstown-Lakes District45°08′35″S 168°51′30″E
Lake TuakitotoClutha District3.4 km²Near Balclutha46°13′30″S 169°49′30″E
Lake Unknown/Lake DaveMount Aspiring N.P.44°37′50″S 168°16′30″E
Lake WaiholaClutha District6.1 km²Separated from Lake Waipori by wetlands46°01′30″S 170°04′00″E
Lake WaiporiClutha District2.3 km²Separated from Lake Waihola by wetlands45°58′00″S 170°06′45″E
Lake WaitakiSouthern Waitaki District5.6 km²Lake formed as part of the Waitaki hydroelectric scheme, on the boundary with Canterbury44°40′30″S 170°24′00″E
Lake WakatipuQueenstown-Lakes District293 km²45°05′00″S 168°30′00″E
Lake WanakaQueenstown-Lakes District193 km²44°30′00″S 168°08′00″E
Lake WilkieThe Catlins0.017 km²Inland from Tautuku Beach46°34′50″S 169°26′20″E
Lake WilliamsonMount Aspiring N.P.Source of the Williamson River44°24′30″S 168°24′00″E
Lake WilmotMount Aspiring N.P.1.7 km²44°23′00″S 168°13′00″E
Lake WilsonQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNorth of Lake Harris44°42′20″S 168°10′40″E
Lindsays TarnQueenstown-Lakes District44°42′20″S 168°43′35″E
Loch LoudonClutha DistrictArm of Lake Mahinerangi45°52′40″S 169°58′45″E
Loch LuellaClutha DistrictArm of Lake Mahinerangi45°52′15″S 169°56′45″E
LochnagarQueenstown-Lakes District44°35′30″S 168°36′00″E
Loganburn ReservoirCentral Otago DistrictIn upper catchment of Taieri River45°33′00″S 169°55′00″E
Lower Manorburn DamCentral Otago DistrictNear Alexandra45°14′30″S 169°26′50″E
Lucidus LakeMount Aspiring N.P.44°14′30″S 168°54′00″E
Malones DamClutha DistrictNear Lawrence45°53′35″S 169°43′20″E
Manorburn ReservoirCentral Otago District1.6 km²North of Greenland Reservoir45°23′00″S 169°37′00″E
Milburns Pond (Victoria Dam)Clutha DistrictClose to Gabriel's Gully45°52′30″S 169°40′25″E
Moa Creek ReservoirCentral Otago DistrictEast of Alexandra45°14′35″S 169°38′25″E
Moke LakeQueenstown-Lakes DistrictNorth of Lake Wakatipu45°00′00″S 168°34′00″E
Phoenix DamClutha DistrictNear Lawrence45°53′00″S 169°42′40″E
Pinders PondCentral Otago DistrictClose to the banks of the Clutha River south of Roxburgh45°34′40″S 169°19′12″E
Poolburn ReservoirCentral Otago District4.0 km²45°18′45″S 169°44′30″E
Raupo LagoonSouthern Waitaki DistrictSouth of Lake Ohau44°19′10″S 169°54′10″E
Red LagoonSouthern Waitaki DistrictSouth of Lake Ohau44°18′40″S 169°52′35″E
Ross Creek ReservoirDunedin City45°50′50″S 170°29′55″E
Sheehey LakeCentral Otago District45°09′25″S 169°16′50″E
Southern ReservoirDunedin City45°53′20″S 170°26′55″E
Sullivans DamDunedin City45°48′25″S 170°31′25″E
Sutton Salt LakeCentral Otago DistrictNew Zealand's only inland salt lake. Located south of Middlemarch.45°34′35″S 170°05′12″E
Swan LagoonSouthern Waitaki DistrictSouth of Lake Ohau44°18′40″S 169°55′30″E
Three LagoonsQueenstown-Lakes DistrictOn the slopes of Cecil Peak45°07′30″S 168°37′20″E
Tomahawk LagoonDunedin City0.30 km²Twin-lobed lagoon close to the isthmus of Otago Peninsula. Watershed: 4.66 km²45°54′00″S 170°32′40″E
West Eweburn DamCentral Otago District45°00′00″S 170°04′40″E


The following lakes are located in the Southland region.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Acheron LakesNorthwestern Southland District45°10′00″S 168°05′45″E
Big LagoonSouthern Southland District46°21′10″S 168°10′30″E
Black LakeNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°44′43″S 168°00′54″E
Blue LakeNorthern Southland District45°28′30″S 168°55′40″E
Bog LakeCentral Fiordland N.P.Close to eastern shore of Lake Te Anau45°10′30″S 167°49′40″E
Buttercup LakeNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°46′55″S 167°56′05″E
Crescent LakeNorthwestern Southland District44°22′50″S 168°20′18″E
Deadwood LagoonCentral Fiordland N.P.45°00′40″S 167°30′23″E
Double LakesNorthern Stewart Island46°49′25″S 167°49′10″E
False LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°49′15″S 166°54′20″E
Gair LochSouthern Fiordland N.P.On the Seaforth River45°37′25″S 167°06′30″E
Green LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°47′45″S 167°23′45″E
Hidden LakeCentral Fiordland N.P.45°14′45″S 167°18′20″E
Island LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°46′45″S 167°22′00″E
Jane LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°42′45″S 167°06′40″E
Lake AdaNorthern Fiordland N.P.2.5 km²Along the Milford Track44°42′40″S 167°51′30″E
Lake AdelaideNorthern Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²44°43′20″S 168°02′30″E
Lake AgnesNorthwestern Southland District44°34′30″S 168°03′40″E
Lake Alabaster/Wāwāhi WakaNorthwestern Southland District4.2 km²44°31′00″S 168°09′30″E
Lake AlexanderNorthern Stewart Island46°49′42″S 167°51′30″E
Lake AliceCentral Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²44°58′20″S 167°27′40″E
Lake AnnieCentral Fiordland N.P.45°23′00″S 167°16′45″E
Lake AsteliaSecretary Island, Fiordland N.P.45°13′00″S 166°58′10″E
Lake BeattieCentral Fiordland N.P.45°30′15″S 166°47′00″E
Lake BeddoesNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°54′30″S 167°33′00″E
Lake BennettSouthern Southland District46°19′45″S 168°25′40″E
Lake BernardNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°53′00″S 167°38′15″E
Lake BloxhamCentral Fiordland N.P.45°08′30″S 167°25′30″E
Lake BoomerangCentral Fiordland N.P.45°18′10″S 167°21′45″E
Lake BrightSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°41′30″S 167°08′30″E
Lake BrownNorthern Fiordland N.P.Above Milford Sound44°44′00″S 167°49′40″E
Lake BrowneCentral Fiordland N.P.Above Doubtful Sound45°24′00″S 167°04′20″E
Lake BrownleeNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°53′30″S 167°43′30″E
Lake BruntonThe Catlins46°39′10″S 168°53′10″E
Lake CadmanSouthern Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²45°52′10″S 166°43′30″E
Lake CalderNorthern Stewart Island46°49′35″S 167°51′22″E
Lake CarinaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°30′20″S 167°15′30″E
Lake CarrickSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°50′30″S 166°46′00″E
Lake CecilCentral Fiordland N.P.45°18′15″S 167°23′00″E
Lake ChamberlainCentral Fiordland N.P.45°22′50″S 167°03′20″E
Lake CharlesThe Catlins46°37′53″S 168°51′42″E
Lake ClarkCentral Fiordland N.P.West of Lake Hankinson45°03′50″S 167°31′50″E
Lake ColwellCentral Fiordland N.P.45°31′50″S 167°09′40″E
Lake CookThe Catlins46°39′05″S 168°55′10″E
Lake DaleNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°46′35″S 167°39′55″E
Lake DobsonGreat Island, Fiordland N.P.45°59′55″S 166°33′50″E
Lake DoraCentral Fiordland N.P.Immediately south of Lake Pan, between Te Awa-o-Tū / Thompson Sound and Hinenui / Nancy Sound45°12′30″S 167°03′15″E
Lake DuncanCentral Fiordland N.P.45°13′40″S 167°23′10″E
Lake EarnshawSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°35′50″S 167°11′20″E
Lake EchoWestern Southland District45°24′05″S 167°58′15″E
Lake ErskineNorthern Fiordland N.P.Above Lake Te Anau44°50′15″S 167°59′45″E
Lake EsauGreat Island, Fiordland N.P.45°59′25″S 166°33′40″E
Lake EvaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°17′10″S 167°20′10″E
Lake EylesCentral Fiordland N.P.45°15′00″S 167°28′10″E
Lake FergusNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°50′40″S 168°06′40″E
Lake ForestThe Catlins46°37′50″S 168°52′55″E
Lake ForsterSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°48′00″S 166°33′50″E
Lake FraserSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°53′20″S 166°30′50″E
Lake FreemanCentral Fiordland N.P.45°20′40″S 167°20′15″E
Lake GeorgeSouthern Southland District1.5 km²46°21′30″S 167°51′30″E
Lake GowNorthern Southland District45°28′30″S 168°53′45″E
Lake GraveNorthern Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²Flows into Sutherland Sound44°49′00″S 167°37′00″E
Lake GunnNorthern Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²44°52′30″S 168°05′30″E
Lake HakapouaSouthern Fiordland N.P.5.0 km²46°11′00″S 166°56′00″E
Lake HallCentral Fiordland N.P.45°17′45″S 167°22′45″E
Lake HankinsonCentral Fiordland N.P.2.5 km²45°04′00″S 167°34′30″E
Lake HaurokoSouthern Fiordland N.P.68.3 km²New Zealand's deepest lake (462 metres (1,516 ft))46°00′00″S 167°20′00″E
Lake HaySouthern Fiordland N.P.45°48′20″S 167°03′00″E
Lake HectorSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°59′00″S 166°30′50″E
Lake HenryWestern Southland DistrictSpring-fed lake close to Te Anau45°25′50″S 167°43′00″E
Lake HerriesCentral Fiordland N.P.45°22′00″S 167°23′00″E
Lake HildaCentral Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²45°16′30″S 167°23′30″E
Lake HorizonSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°41′50″S 167°07′35″E
Lake HowdenNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°49′10″S 168°08′10″E
Lake HyslopNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°39′00″S 168°09′40″E
Lake IcebergNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°34′40″S 168°02′05″E
Lake InnesSouthern Fiordland N.P.46°10′30″S 166°57′30″E
Lake IoneCentral Fiordland N.P.45°16′50″S 167°20′15″E
Lake JaquierySouthern Fiordland N.P.45°50′05″S 167°14′30″E
Lake KakapoSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°55′15″S 167°03′00″E
Lake KatherineCentral Fiordland N.P.45°00′00″S 167°27′10″E
Lake KiriruaAnchor Island, Fiordland N.P.45°45′20″S 166°32′00″E
Lake KiwiSouthern Fiordland N.P.46°09′40″S 166°48′20″E
Lake LaffySouthern Fiordland N.P.45°42′15″S 167°08′30″E
Lake LauraNorthern Southland District45°27′45″S 168°54′05″E
Lake LochieNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°49′50″S 168°06′55″E
Lake LoisCentral Fiordland N.P.45°30′45″S 167°21′00″E
Lake LouiseCentral Fiordland N.P.45°32′15″S 167°07′50″E
Lake LucilleCentral Fiordland N.P.45°29′45″S 167°15′45″E
Lake LucyCentral Fiordland N.P.45°27′35″S 167°11′50″E
Lake LuxmoreWestern Southland District45°28′00″S 167°50′45″E
Lake MacarthurSouthern Fiordland N.P.1.0 km²45°54′40″S 166°35′50″E
Lake MackinnonCentral Fiordland N.P.45°07′00″S 167°23′10″E
Lake MainwaringCentral Fiordland N.P.45°29′40″S 167°12′05″E
Lake ManapouriCentral Fiordland N.P.153 km²45°30′00″S 167°30′00″E
Lake MantleNorthwestern Southland District44°31′20″S 168°07′00″E
Lake MarchantCentral Fiordland N.P.2.5 km²45°04′00″S 167°20′00″E
Lake MarianNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°47′10″S 168°04′40″E
Lake MarianaNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°45′15″S 168°03′05″E
Lake MarianetteNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°45′25″S 168°03′20″E
Lake MarshallSouthern Fiordland N.P.46°10′00″S 166°57′35″E
Lake MatildaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°27′40″S 167°12′20″E
Lake McIvorCentral Fiordland N.P.45°06′00″S 167°31′00″E
Lake MackenzieNorthern Fiordland N.P.Along the Routeburn Track44°45′45″S 167°46′55″E
Lake McKerrow/Whakatipu WaitaiNorthwestern Southland District18.3 km²44°28′00″S 168°03′30″E
Lake MikeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°49′35″S 166°53′40″E
Lake MinervaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°19′30″S 167°20′40″E
Lake MintaroNorthern Fiordland N.P.Along the Milford Track44°48′31″S 167°56′45″E
Lake MonkSouthern Fiordland N.P.1.7 km²46°01′00″S 166°57′40″E
Lake MonowaiSouthern Fiordland N.P.32.5 km²45°53′00″S 167°26′00″E
Lake MoretonNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°41′20″S 167°44′10″E
Lake MouatSouthern Fiordland N.P.1.5 km²46°02′00″S 167°01′20″E
Lake MurihikuInvercargill46°24′20″S 168°15′50″E
Lake NeverNorthwestern Southland District44°29′10″S 168°14′20″E
Lake Never-neverNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°33′25″S 167°57′10″E
Lake NormaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°20′15″S 167°16′25″E
Lake NorwestCentral Fiordland N.P.1.0 km²45°27′50″S 167°19′45″E
Lake OgleCentral Fiordland N.P.45°05′00″S 167°32′35″E
Lake OrbellCentral Fiordland N.P.Outflow (Tunnel Burn) flows through Te Ana-au Caves45°17′40″S 167°40′30″E
Lake PanCentral Fiordland N.P.Immediately north of Lake Dora, between Te Awa-o-Tū / Thompson Sound and Hinenui / Nancy Sound45°12′10″S 167°03′00″E
Lake ParadiseCentral Fiordland N.P.45°27′00″S 166°50′00″E
Lake PercyCentral Fiordland N.P.West of Lake Manapouri45°32′42″S 167°15′50″E
Lake PoteriteriSouthern Fiordland N.P.42.5 km²45°06′00″S 167°08′00″E
Lake PukutahiNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°33′15″S 167°56′20″E
Lake PurserSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°49′20″S 166°47′30″E
Lake QuillNorthern Fiordland N.P.0.53 km²Source of the Sutherland Falls44°48′30″S 167°43′30″E
Lake RakatuSouthern Fiordland N.P.1.0 km²45°37′30″S 167°35′30″E
Lake RichterCentral Fiordland N.P.45°29′10″S 167°30′20″E
Lake RimmerSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°55′40″S 166°34′50″E
Lake RobertsNorthwestern Southland District44°48′15″S 168°10′00″E
Lake RoeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°42′25″S 167°09′10″E
Lake RonaldNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°38′10″S 167°42′50″E
Lake RossNorthern Fiordland N.P.Above Lake Te Anau44°53′45″S 167°56′45″E
Lake RoxburghCentral Fiordland N.P.45°00′30″S 167°40′30″E
Lake Saint PatrickSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°37′15″S 167°13′00″E
Lake ScottNorthern Southland District45°27′35″S 168°54′40″E
Lake SheilaNorthern Stewart Island46°49′40″S 167°50′25″E
Lake ShirleyCentral Fiordland N.P.45°04′00″S 167°15′00″E
Lake SpedenNorthwestern Southland District44°30′00″S 168°08′10″E
Lake StorySouthern Fiordland N.P.45°44′30″S 167°10′20″E
Lake SumorNorthern Fiordland N.P.North of Lake Brownlee44°52′25″S 167°43′15″E
Lake SutherlandCentral Fiordland N.P.45°00′00″S 167°33′45″E
Lake SwanCentral Fiordland N.P.45°28′40″S 166°48′30″E
Lake Te AnauCentral Fiordland N.P.352 km²Largest lake in the South Island45°12′00″S 167°48′00″E
Lake Te ArohaWestern Southland District45°19′30″S 167°48′10″E
Lake Te AuCentral Fiordland N.P.2.5 km²45°15′20″S 167°22′50″E
Lake ThomasSouthern Fiordland N.P.Near the mouth of Chalky Inlet45°59′15″S 166°30′10″E
Lake ThomasWestern Southland DistrictEast of Te Anau45°28′15″S 167°56′45″E
Lake ThompsonNorthern Fiordland N.P.Near the Homer Saddle44°47′45″S 167°58′45″E
Lake ThomsonCentral Fiordland N.P.Above Lake Te Anau45°02′20″S 167°32′20″E
Lake TroupCentral Fiordland N.P.45°28′45″S 167°07′50″E
Lake TruthNorthwestern Southland District44°32′25″S 168°01′20″E
Lake TuarakiCentral Fiordland N.P.45°18′30″S 167°20′20″E
Lake TurnerNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°39′20″S 168°02′00″E
Lake UrsulaSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°42′00″S 167°07′40″E
Lake VictorSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°54′45″S 166°48′00″E
Lake VictoriaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°25′10″S 167°27′10″E
Lake VincentThe Catlins46°35′40″S 168°49′40″E
Lake VirginiaCentral Fiordland N.P.45°31′20″S 167°18′30″E
Lake WadeCentral Fiordland N.P.45°02′30″S 167°31′10″E
Lake WapitiCentral Fiordland N.P.45°04′00″S 167°27′00″E
Lake WelcomeCentral Fiordland N.P.Between George and Caswell Sounds45°00′45″S 167°22′58″E
Lake WidgeonSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°54′30″S 166°55′00″E
Lake WiselyCentral Fiordland N.P.45°12′30″S 167°25′20″E
Loch MareeSouthern Fiordland N.P.On the Seaforth River45°41′10″S 167°03′30″E
Long White LagoonSouthern Southland District46°21′15″S 168°09′35″E
McKenzie LagoonNorthwestern Southland DistrictInland from Martins Bay, close to the mouth of the Hollyford River44°19′45″S 168°05′40″E
Mirror LakesCentral Fiordland N.P.45°01′40″S 168°00′40″E
Misty TarnNorthern Southland District45°26′50″S 168°54′50″E
Moana Putakitaki LagoonRuapuke Island46°46′20″S 168°32′00″E
Moose LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°38′35″S 166°55′35″E
Myth TarnCentral Fiordland N.P.45°07′45″S 167°21′45″E
North Mavora LakeNorthwestern Southland District10.8 km²45°13′00″S 168°10′00″E
Prong LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°50′25″S 166°54′00″E
Rainbow LakeNorthern Fiordland N.P.44°53′45″S 167°56′45″E
Secretary LakeSecretary Island, Fiordland N.P.45°16′10″S 166°58′00″E
Shallow LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.44°41′25″S 168°05′35″E
Shy LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°36′10″S 166°53′15″E
Skeleton LakesNorthern Southland District45°27′10″S 168°55′20″E
South Mavora LakeNorthwestern Southland District1.2 km²45°18′00″S 168°10′30″E
Sphinx LakeSouthern Fiordland N.P.45°50′20″S 167°05′40″E
Stump LakeCentral Fiordland N.P.Above the Hall Arm of Doubtful Sound45°31′25″S 167°02′55″E
Swan MereNorthern Fiordland N.P.Flows into Lake Grave44°50′35″S 167°38′00″E
Tauatemaku LagoonRuapuke Island46°47′05″S 168°30′55″E
Tawera TarnCentral Fiordland N.P.45°09′50″S 167°21′35″E
Te Awatuiau LagoonRuapuke Island46°46′20″S 168°29′30″E
Teardrop LakeCentral Fiordland N.P.Above Bradshaw Sound45°05′00″S 167°32′35″E
The ReservoirThe Catlins46°39′20″S 169°03′30″E
Three Duck LakeCentral Fiordland N.P.44°59′55″S 167°17′20″E
Trinity LakesCentral Fiordland N.P.45°13′45″S 167°11′30″E
Waitokariro LagoonRuapuke Island46°46′30″S 168°30′20″E
Waituna LagoonSouthern Southland DistrictEast of Bluff46°34′00″S 168°35′00″E
Waiuna LagoonNorthwestern Southland DistrictNorth of Lake Alabaster44°18′20″S 168°08′20″E
West MereCentral Fiordland N.P.Above Lake Manapouri45°28′20″S 167°30′10″E

Other islands

Auckland Islands

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Lake HinemoaNorthern Auckland Island0.17 km2Upper reaches of a moraine-dammed fjord. Lower reaches form Musgrave Inlet.[22]50°38′55″S 166°08′20″E
Lake SpeightSouthwestern Auckland Island0.04 km2Stream flows from lake to Coleridge Bay, Carnley Harbour.[22]50°49′15″S 165°58′50″E
Lake TurbottSouthern Adams Island0.20 km2Moraine dammed fjord.[22]50°54′30″S 166°02′50″E
Lake TutanekaiNorthern Auckland Island0.08 km2Upper reaches of a moraine-dammed fjord. Lower reaches form Granger Inlet.[22]50°37′40″S 166°09′20″E
Teal LakeEnderby Island0.003 km2Small pool close to south shore of the island.[22]50°30′21″S 166°18′31″E

Campbell Island

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Six Foot LakeSouthern Campbell Island0.08 km2Separated from Monument Harbour on the south coast by a narrow channel.[23]52°35′20″S 169°08′50″E

Chatham Islands

Many of the lakes in the Chatham Islands are either lagoons filling sinkholes in the island's limestone structure, or low-lying peat lakes. The island chain is dominated by Te Whanga Lagoon, which occupies the centre of the main island and accounts for one sixth of the surface area of the archipelago.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Lake HuroCentral Chatham Island, near Waitangi7.8 km243°56′00″S 176°31′00″W
Lake KaimoumiNortheastern Chatham Island43°45′20″S 176°24′05″W
Lake KaingarahuNortheastern Chatham Island43°49′30″S 176°22′40″W
Lake KairaeNortheastern Chatham Island43°51′20″S 176°24′10″W
Lake KoomutuNorthern Chatham Island43°45′00″S 176°25′25″W
Lake MakukuNortheastern Chatham Island43°50′30″S 176°23′30″W
Lake MarakapiaNorthern Chatham Island43°50′30″S 176°33′20″W
Lake MatangirauSouthwestern Chatham Island44°04′45″S 176°34′40″W
Lake OmatuNortheastern Chatham Island43°44′35″S 176°14′55″W
Lake PaterikiNortheastern Chatham IslandLagoon43°45′10″S 176°18′30″W
Lake PukawaSouthwestern Chatham Island44°04′05″S 176°33′40″W
Lake RakeinuiSouthwestern Chatham Island44°05′30″S 176°35′00″W
Lake RangitaiNortheastern Chatham Island43°46′00″S 176°21′00″W
Lake RotoekaNorthern Chatham Island43°46′30″S 176°35′40″W
Lake RotokawauNorthern Chatham Island43°45′00″S 176°35′15″W
Lake RotoparaoeNorthern Chatham Island43°48′50″S 176°35′30″W
Lake RotoruaNortheastern Chatham Island43°45′40″S 176°17′30″W
Lake TaiaNortheastern Chatham Island43°52′00″S 176°24′15″W
Lake Te RangatapuSouthwestern Chatham Island44°06′20″S 176°35′20″W
Lake Te WapuNortheastern Chatham Island43°44′30″S 176°15′45″W
Lake Tuka a TaupoSouthern Chatham Island44°04′05″S 176°31′30″W
Lake WaikauiaNorthern Chatham Island43°43′05″S 176°37′25″W
Lake WharemanuNortheastern Chatham Island43°45′15″S 176°24′55″W
Lake WharoNorthern Chatham Island43°44′35″S 176°30′15″W
Long PondEastern Chatham Island43°52′50″S 176°24′50″W
Morgans HollowWestern Pitt Island44°16′35″S 176°14′40″W
Pakauwera PondNorthern Chatham Island43°44′50″S 176°29′15″W
Rangitahi LakeNorthwestern Chatham Island43°46′00″S 176°21′00″W
Te RotoNorthern Chatham Island43°49′15″S 176°35′00″W
Te Whanga LagoonCentral Chatham Island150 km2Lagoon43°52′00″S 176°28′00″W
Tennant's LakeNorthern Chatham Island43°49′45″S 176°34′10″W

Cook Islands

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Lake TiriaraMangaia21°57′03″S 157°55′45″W
Lake TirotoAitu Island20°00′35″S 158°07′25″W
Te RotonuiMitiaro19°52′02″S 157°41′34″W

Kermadec Islands

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Blue LakeRaoul Island0.80 km²Crater lake29°15′20″S 177°54′50″W
Green LakeRaoul Island0.15 km²Crater lake29°15′50″S 177°55′09″W

Ross Dependency

The following lakes are located in Ross Dependency, New Zealand's claim in Antarctica.

Lake Location Area Notes Coordinates
Alph LakeScott CoastPart of Alph River system78°11′50″S 163°42′30″E
Don Juan PondMcMurdo Dry Valleys0.03 km2Hypersaline lake77°33′52″S 161°10′30″E
Howchin LakeScott CoastPart of Alph River system78°13′10″S 163°31′00″E
Lake BonneyMcMurdo Dry Valleys4.3 km2Endorheic lake77°44′00″S 162°10′00″E
Lake BrownworthMcMurdo Dry ValleysGlacial meltwater lake77°26′10″S 162°46′00″E
Lake ChadMcMurdo Dry ValleysEndorheic lake77°38′35″S 162°45′30″E
Lake ChapmanGranite HarbourCovered in Ice77°01′00″S 162°23′00″E
Lake ColeBlack IslandCovered in Ice78°09′00″S 166°13′00″E
Lake FryxellMcMurdo Dry Valleys7.8 km2Endorheic lake77°36′40″S 163°10′20″E
Lake HoareMcMurdo Dry Valleys1.9 km2Endorheic lake77°37′50″S 162°52′00″E
Lake VandaMcMurdo Dry ValleysEndorheic lake77°31′50″S 161°34′30″E
Lake VidaMcMurdo Dry Valleys6.8 km2Endorheic lake77°23′20″S 161°55′40″E
Mount Erebus Lava LakeRoss Island0.01 km2Crater lake77°31′37″S 167°09′55″E
Pyramid PondsScott CoastPart of Alph River system78°17′00″S 163°27′10″E
Trough LakeScott CoastPart of Alph River system78°16′40″S 163°29′10″E
Walcott LakeScott CoastPart of Alph River system78°14′25″S 163°27′20″E

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