List of members of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg 2018–2023

This is a list of members of the Chamber of Deputies of Luxembourg during the 2018–2023 legislature. The Chamber of Deputies is Luxembourg's national legislature, and consists of sixty deputies. They are elected once every five years by the Hagenbach-Bischoff method (a variation on the D'Hondt method) from one of four of Luxembourg's circonscriptions. The members in this list were elected in the 2018 election. As in Luxembourg, voters vote for party lists, should a seat become vacant (through a resignation or death) there is no by-election. Instead the party nominates a new Deputy to fill the seat.

The composition of the Chamber after the 2018 election

The government during this legislature was the Bettel–Schneider II Government, a coalition of the Democratic Party (DP), the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party (LSAP), and The Greens.

Name Party Circonscription Notes Reference
André Bauler [fr] DP Nord [1]
Fernand Etgen DP Nord President of the Chamber of Deputies since 2018.[2] [3]
Claude Haagen [fr] LSAP Nord [4]
Stéphanie Empain Greens Nord [5]
Emile Eicher [fr] CSV Nord [6]
Martine Hansen [fr] CSV Nord Leader of the CSV group [7]
Ali Kaes CSV Nord [8]
Marco Schank CSV Nord [9]
Jeff Engelen [fr] ADR Nord [10]
Gilles Baum [fr] DP Est Leader of the DP group [11]
Carole Hartmann [fr] DP Est [12]
Tess Burton [fr] LSAP Est [13]
Chantal Gary [fr] Greens Est Gary replaced Henri Kox [fr] in October 2019.[14] [15]
Léon Gloden [fr] CSV Est [16]
Françoise Hetto-Gaasch [de] CSV Est [17]
Octavie Modert CSV Est [18]
Guy Arendt [fr] DP Centre [19]
Simone Beissel [fr] DP Centre [20]
Frank Colabianchi [fr] DP Centre [21]
Claude Lamberty [fr] DP Centre [22]
Lydie Polfer DP Centre [23]
Francine Closener [fr] LSAP Centre [24]
Cécile Hemmen [fr] LSAP Centre [25]
Carlo Back [fr] Greens Centre [26]
François Benoy [fr] Greens Centre [27]
Djuna Bernard Greens Centre [28]
Charles Margue [fr] Greens Centre [29]
Diane Adehm CSV Centre [30]
Paul Galles [fr] CSV Centre [31]
Marc Lies [fr] CSV Centre [32]
Laurent Mosar CSV Centre [33]
Viviane Reding CSV Centre [34]
Serge Wilmes [fr] CSV Centre [35]
Claude Wiseler CSV Centre [36]
Roy Reding ADR Centre [37]
David Wagner [fr] Left Centre [38]
Sven Clement Pirate Centre [39]
Gusty Graas [fr] DP Sud [40]
Max Hahn [fr] DP Sud [41]
Pim Knaff [lb] DP Sud [42]
Simone Asselborn-Bintz LSAP Sud [43]
Dan Biancalana [fr] LSAP Sud [44]
Yves Cruchten [fr] LSAP Sud [45]
Mars Di Bartolomeo LSAP Sud [46]
Georges Engel [fr] LSAP Sud Leader of the LSAP group [47]
Lydia Mutsch LSAP Sud [48]
Semiray Ahmedova Greens Sud Ahmedova replaced Roberto Traversini [fr] in October 2019.[14] [49]
Marc Hansen Greens Sud [50]
Josée Lorsché [fr] Greens Sud Leader of the Green group [51]
Nancy Arendt CSV Sud [52]
Félix Eischen [fr] CSV Sud [53]
Jean-Marie Halsdorf CSV Sud [54]
Georges Mischo [fr] CSV Sud [55]
Gilles Roth [fr] CSV Sud [56]
Marc Spautz CSV Sud [57]
Michel Wolter CSV Sud [58]
Gaston Gibéryen ADR Sud [59]
Fernand Kartheiser [fr] ADR Sud [60]
Marc Baum Left Sud [61]
Marc Goergen [fr] Pirate Sud [62]