List of motorways and expressways in New Zealand

This is a list of motorways and expressways in New Zealand, including some proposed and under construction. There are currently 360 km of motorways and expressways in New Zealand, with 103 km under construction and a further 65 km expected to be completed by 2029 providing a total of 516 km of motorway and expressway in New Zealand expected by 2029.

Expressways in New Zealand are high standard all-purpose roads, usually dual carriageway, mainly for through traffic with no restrictions. Intersections may be controlled at-grade with roundabouts or traffic signals, or fully grade separated.[1][2]

Motorways in New Zealand are dual carriageway roads designed for efficient high volume motor vehicle traffic. They have a no stopping restriction and are closed to pedestrian, cycle and animal traffic. Intersections are grade-separated.[1][3]