List of mountains and hills of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

This is a list of mountains and hills in Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha, the British Overseas Territory, listed by height.

List of mountains and hills

Saint Helena island seen from above
The Barn on Saint Helena
The lava field terrain on Ascension Island
The terrain at Edinburgh of the Seven Seas on Tristan da Cunha

Over 1000m

Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Queen Mary's Peak2,062 metres (6,765 ft)Tristan da Cunhaan Ultra prominent peak
tallest in whole overseas territory and on the island
Mount Olav1,969 metres (6,460 ft)Tristan da Cunha

750m to 1000m

Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Edinburgh Peak910 metres (2,990 ft)Gough Island
(Tristan da Cunha)
tallest on the island
Expedition Peak909 metres (2,982 ft)Gough Island
Green Mountain
"The Peak"
859 metres (2,818 ft)Ascension Islandtallest on the island
Centre Rowett836 metres (2,743 ft)Gough Islandhighest of the Mount Rowett peaks
Diana's Peak818 metres (2,684 ft)Saint Helenatallest on the island
Nigel's Cap811 metres (2,661 ft)Gough Island
North Rowett808 metres (2,651 ft)Gough Islandone of the Mount Rowett peaks
West Rowett805 metres (2,641 ft)Gough Islandone of the Mount Rowett peaks
High Peak798 metres (2,618 ft)Saint Helena
False Peak757 metres (2,484 ft)Gough Island

500m to 750m

Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Sandy Bay Ridge747 metres (2,451 ft)Saint Helena
Sea-hen Crag710 metres (2,330 ft)Gough Island
High Hill707 metres (2,320 ft)Saint Helena
White Point694 metres (2,277 ft)Saint Helena
Hag's Tooth692 metres (2,270 ft)Gough Island
Hooper's Ridge691 metres (2,267 ft)Saint Helena
Flagstaff Hill688 metres (2,257 ft)Saint Helena
Halley's Mount680 metres (2,230 ft)Saint Helenanamed for Edmond Halley
Tavistock Crag640 metres (2,100 ft)Gough Island
The Saddle639 metres (2,096 ft)Saint Helena
Triple Peak634 metres (2,080 ft)Gough Island
The Haystack616 metres (2,021 ft)Saint Helenahighest point of The Barn
Weather Post608 metres (1,995 ft)Ascension Island
Long Range588 metres (1,929 ft)Saint Helena
Mount Argus587 metres (1,926 ft)Gough Island
High Knoll584 metres (1,916 ft)Saint Helena
Joan Hill579 metres (1,900 ft)Saint Helena
Blue Point573 metres (1,880 ft)Saint Helena
Green Hill570 metres (1,870 ft)Gough Island
Stone Top Ridge566 metres (1,857 ft)Saint Helenaheight given near "The Bellstone"
Swale's Fell561 metres (1,841 ft)Inaccessible Island
(Tristan da Cunha)
tallest on the island; on Gony Ridge
Red Hill546 metres (1,791 ft)Ascension Island("The Ring")
White Hill543 metres (1,781 ft)Saint Helena
Devil's Ashpit536 metres (1,759 ft)Ascension Islandlocation of NASA Challenger Centre
Piccolo Hill529 metres (1,736 ft)Saint Helena
White Hill525 metres (1,722 ft)Ascension Island
Boulder Hill510 metres (1,670 ft)Inaccessible Islandon Gony Ridge

250m to 500m

Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Great Stone Top494 metres (1,621 ft)Saint Helena
Lot's Wife462 metres (1,516 ft)Saint Helena(also a rock off the north coast of Gough Island)
Lot454 metres (1,490 ft)Saint Helena
Cairn Peak323 metres (1,060 ft)Inaccessible Island
Sisters Peak445 metres (1,460 ft)Ascension Island
Boxwood Hill434 metres (1,424 ft)Saint Helena
Sandy Bay Barn431 metres (1,414 ft)Saint Helena
Rupert's Hill405 metres (1,329 ft)Saint Helena
Horse Point403 metres (1,322 ft)Saint Helena
Round Hill388 metres (1,273 ft)Inaccessible Island
Denstone Hill384 metres (1,260 ft)Inaccessible Island
Spoon Crater364 metres (1,194 ft)Ascension Island
Traveller's Hill357 metres (1,171 ft)Ascension Islandalso name of nearby RAF base
The Fid355 metres (1,165 ft)Gough Island
South East Crater349 metres (1,145 ft)Ascension Island
337 metres (1,106 ft)Nightingale Island
(Tristan da Cunha)
tallest on the island
Joe's Hill330 metres (1,080 ft)Inaccessible Island
Lady Hill329 metres (1,079 ft)Ascension Island
South Hill323 metres (1,060 ft)Inaccessible Island
Sugar Loaf Hill272 metres (892 ft)Saint Helena
Ladder Hill268 metres (879 ft)Saint Helena
Cross Hill263 metres (863 ft)Ascension Island

50m to 250m

Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Bears Back240 metres (790 ft)Ascension Island
Dark Slope Crater234 metres (768 ft)Ascension Island
Broken Tooth228 metres (748 ft)Ascension Island("East Crater")
South Gannet Hill228 metres (748 ft)Ascension Island
Goat Pound Ridge227 metres (745 ft)Saint Helena
Richmond Hill210 metres (690 ft)Gough IslandSE of the island, near the Meteorological Station
Pig Beach Hill207 metres (679 ft)Inaccessible Island
Egg Island79 metres (259 ft)Saint Helena

Other hills and hill features

NB: Many of these hills and features are over 200m.

Lot and Lot's Wife (in background)
Ascension Island (note the volcanic craters)
Tristan da Cunha island
Mountain or hill HeightIslandNotes
Cat HillAscension Islandlocation of the main US base
Letter BoxAscension Island
Devil's Riding SchoolAscension Islanda crater
Devil's CauldronAscension Islanda crater, near Weather Post
Round HillAscension Island
Booby HillAscension Island
Holland's CraterAscension Island
Dune HillsInaccessible Island
Long RidgeInaccessible Island
Little Stone TopSaint Helena
Mount VeseySaint Helena
Drummond's PointSaint Helena
Munden's MountSaint Helena
Green HillSaint Helena
Cuckold's PointSaint Helenanear Diana's Peak
Mount ActaeonSaint Helenanear Diana's Peak
Mount RossSaint Helena
Bunker's HillSaint Helena
Silver HillSaint Helena
Blue HillSaint Helena
The SaddleSaint Helena
Beach HillSaint Helena
Horse PointSaint Helena
Turk's CapSaint Helena
Thompson's HillSaint Helena
King & Queen RocksSaint Helena
Horse RidgeSaint Helena
Dry Gut HillSaint Helena
Botley's PointSaint Helena
Rock MountSaint Helena
Sheep KnollSaint Helena
Powell's Valley HillSaint Helena
Brown's HillSaint Helena
Bonfire RidgeSaint Helena
Woodland's HillSaint Helena
Isaac's HillSaint Helena
Round HillTristan da Cunha
Cave Gulch HillTristan da Cunha
Red HillTristan da Cunha


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