List of mountains in Brazil


Mountain Metres Feet Range Notes
Pico da Neblina2,9959,826Serra do Imeri  Highest in Brazil; 2015 measurement, previous measurements of 3014 m (1966) and 2994 m (2004)
Pico 31 de Março2,9749,757Serra do Imeri  Shared with Venezuela; 2015 measurement, previous measurements of 2992 m (1966) and 2973 m (2004)
Pico da Bandeira2,8919,485   Highest in Minas Gerais, Highest in the Brazilian Highlands
Pico do Cruzeiro2,8619,386   Unconfirmed elevation[1]
Pico do Calçado2,8499,347    
Pedra da Mina2,7989,180Mantiqueira Mountains  Highest in São Paulo state
Pico das Agulhas Negras2,7919,157Mantiqueira Mountains  Highest in Rio de Janeiro State
Pico do Cristal2,7709,088    
Mount Roraima2,7348,970Guiana Shield  Shared with Venezuela and Guyana  Border tripoint elevation[2]
Pico dos Marins2,4207,940Mantiqueira Mountains   
Pico do Barbado2,0336,670   Highest in Bahia
Pico Paraná1,8776,158Serra do Mar  Highest in Paraná
Morro da Boa Vista1,8275,994Serra Geral  Highest in Santa Catarina
Morro da Igreja1,8225,978Serra Geral  
Morro das Antenas1,7505,741Serra Geral  
Monte Caburaí1,4654,806      is the northernmost point of Brazil
Pico do Monte Negro1,3984,587   Highest in Rio Grande do Sul
Pico São Sebastião1,3784,521   Ilhabela island  Highest island peak in Brazil
Pico do Papagaio1,2003,937   Highest in Pernambuco
Pico do Jabre1,1973,927Brazilian Highlands  Highest in Paraíba
Pico do Jaraguá1,1353,724Serra da Cantareira  
Pico Alto1,1143,655Serra de Baturité  Highest in Ceará
Maciço do Urucum1,0653,494   Highest in Mato Grosso do Sul
Pico da Tijuca1,0173,337   Most prominent peak in Urban Area(lifts ca.1000m inside Rio de Janeiro City
Corcovado7102,329   The Peak of o Cristo Redentor
Monte Pascoal5861,923   First land portion observed from sea on discovery of Brazil in April 1500.
Pão de Açúcar3971,302   Famous rock monolith in Rio de Janeiro city

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  1. Not measured by the 2004 GPS expedition Highest Points of Brazil (in Portuguese) by the Brazilian Institute for Geography and Statistics (IBGE) and the Military Institute of Engineering (IME). Pico do Cruzeiro is not officially defined as a "mountain" by IBGE because of prominence issues.
  2. This elevation refers to the border tripoint, which is the highest point on Mt. Roraima that is at least partially in Brazilian territory. The actual summit is higher, but lies in Venezuelan territory.