List of municipalities of the Dominican Republic

The municipalities of the Dominican Republic are, after the regions and the provinces, the third level of the political and administrative division of the Dominican Republic.

The division of provinces into municipalities (municipios) is established in the Constitution[1] and further regulated by Law 5220 on the Territorial Division of the Dominican Republic.[2] It was enacted in 1959 and has been frequently amended to create new provinces, municipalities and lower-level administrative units.

Municipalities may be further divided into secciones (literally: sections) and parajes (literally: places or neighborhoods).[3] Municipal districts (distritos municipales) may be formed in the case of municipalities with several urban centres.[4]

The provinces as the second level of political and administrative division contain at least two municipalities. The Distrito Nacional, which is neither a municipality nor a province, consists of only one municipality, Santo Domingo (Constitution: "the city of Santo Domingo de Guzmán is the Distrito Nacional"[5]).


According to the Constitution[6] and the law,[7] the municipalities are administered by the municipality's Municipal Office (ayuntamiento), which is a legal entity in its own right consisting of two bodies: the alcadía (Mayor's Office), with the alcalde (Mayor), and the Municipal Council (concejo de regidores), with at least five members (regidores). The Municipal Council is an exclusively normative, regulatory and supervisory body, the Mayor's Office the executive one.[8] The mayor is a voting member of the Municipal Council.[9] He and his deputy, as well as the regidores and their deputies, are elected by the electorate on the occasion of elections held nationally every four years.[6]

If a municipality consists of more than one urban center, the additional centres may be elevated to the status of municipal district (distrito municipal),[4] with the remaining district of the municipality called cabecera (main municipality).[10] The administration of the municipal district is the responsibility of a municipal district office (junta municipal), which includes the director (director) and a municipal district council (junta de vocales) with at least three members (vocales).[6] The director and his deputy, as well as the vocales and their deputies, are elected by the electorate on the occasion of elections held nationally every four years.[11] They represent the municipal district to the municipality and are subordinate to it.[4]

If a municipality is further divided into secciones, the municipal council appoints an alcalde pedáneo for each of them.[12] He reports to the mayor or, if his sección is in a municipal district, to its director. If the municipality is further divided into parajes, the municipal council appoints an ayudante del alcalde pedáneo for each of them.[13]

Municipalities are often given special designations because of their number of inhabitants: ciudad (city) in the case of urban centers with over 10,000 inhabitants or the capital of a province, villas (town) in the case of towns with over 1,000 inhabitants or seats of a local government, poblados (village) in the case of villages.


The following is a list of the 158[14] municipalities (municipios) of the Dominican Republic as of June 1, 2021.[15]

Name Province Created Population
Census 2010[16]
Area (km2)DensityOld names /
Full names
AltamiraPuerto PlataJuly 6, 188922,323179.32124/km2
ArenosoDuarteJanuary 1, 199419,299142.20136/km2
AzuaAzuaMarch 5, 1845143,934416.30346/km2Azua de Compostela
Baitoa[17]SantiagoFebruary 27, 201623,23345.22514/km2
Bajos de HainaSan CristóbalOctober 27, 1980142,32338.493,698/km2
BaníPeraviaMarch 5, 1845201,292540.40372/km2
BánicaElías PiñaMarch 5, 184512,123265.9846/km2
BarahonaBarahonaMarch 5, 1845183,232163.021,124/km2Santa Cruz de Barahona
BayaguanaMonte PlataMarch 5, 184540,912877.9947/km2
BisonóSantiagoOctober 20, 196175,67392.60817/km2Villa Bisonó
Boca ChicaSanto DomingoJanuary 1, 2003201,292145.671,382/km2
BohechíoSan JuanMarch 2, 197612,332407.8230/km2
BonaoMonseñor NouelMarch 5, 1845200,102664.37301/km2
CabralBarahonaSeptember 9, 190719,293149.30129/km2
CabreraMaría Trinidad SánchezFebruary 27, 187039,929297.58134/km2Tres Amarras
Cambita GarabitosSan CristóbalMay 2, 198742,123202.52208/km2
CastañuelasMonte CristiFebruary 27, 197621,22380.90262/km2
CastilloDuarteSeptember 9, 190726,455133.68198/km2
Cayetano GermosénEspaillatJanuary 1, 19949,12017.75514/km2
CevicosSánchez RamírezJanuary 27, 189521,232305.6469/km2
ComendadorElías PiñaApril 25, 188050,349252.93199/km2
ConstanzaLa VegaMarch 9, 185875,344848.7989/km2
ConsueloSan Pedro de MacorísSeptember 19, 199654,324131.52413/km2
CotuíSánchez RamírezMarch 5, 1845154,234619.88249/km2
CristóbalIndependenciaAugust 3, 20039,912151.7265/km2
DajabónDajabónMarch 5, 184569,953253.41276/km2
DuvergéIndependenciaJuly 27, 189363,874521.64122/km2
El CercadoSan JuanSeptember 9, 190730,132283.05106/km2
El FactorMaría Trinidad SánchezApril 25, 198832,323149.23217/km2
El LlanoElías PiñaMarch 1, 197610,202104.4998/km2
El PeñónBarahonaDecember 16, 20025,02329.02173/km2
El PinoDajabónJanuary 18, 200214,20388.35161/km2
El SeiboEl SeiboMarch 5, 1845119,2831,344.3389/km2Santa Cruz del Seibo
El ValleHato MayorMarch 9, 197612,343161.1277/km2
EnriquilloBarahonaSeptember 9, 190719,988354.1056/km2
EsperanzaValverdeSeptember 9, 1907121,233215.24563/km2
EstebaníaAzuaNovember 20, 20019,887159.2062/km2
FantinoSánchez RamírezDecember 15, 196129,88895.97311/km2
FundaciónBarahonaJuly 16, 200312,12352.59231/km2
GalvánBahorucoJuly 1, 199821,019214.6698/km2
Gaspar HernándezEspaillatSeptember 9, 190760,394366.18165/km2
GuananicoPuerto PlataNovember 30, 19929,03357.32158/km2
GuayabalAzuaAugust 3, 200410,003262.8738/km2
GuayacanesSan Pedro de MacorísMay 3, 200635,034129.78270/km2
GuaymateLa RomanaOctober 1, 195923,323309.8075/km2
GuayubínMonte CristiMay 9, 185560,934899.2668/km2
Hato Mayor del ReyHato MayorMarch 5, 1845102,039659.65155/km2
HigüeyLa AltagraciaMarch 5, 1845422,9342,029.14208/km2Salvaleón de Higüey
Hondo ValleElías PiñaAugust 12, 195515,445120.63128/km2
HostosDuarteMarch 5, 200414,53378.23186/km2Eugenio María de Hostos
ImbertPuerto PlataSeptember 9, 190734,245170.70201/km2Blanco
Jamao al NorteEspaillatMay 25, 200112,213115.48106/km2
JánicoSantiagoSeptember 9, 190733,233403.2082/km2
JaquimeyesBarahonaJuly 7, 20048,374178.6347/km2
JarabacoaLa VegaMarch 9, 185872,019665.88108/km2
Jima AbajoLa VegaSeptember 19, 199650,394132.72380/km2
JimaníIndependenciaJune 4, 194520,192458.4944/km2
Juan de HerreraSan JuanJune 10, 199216,543146.85113/km2
Juan SantiagoElías PiñaMay 9, 20057,472107.1570/km2
La CiénagaBarahonaJuly 30, 200412,334112.30110/km2
La DescubiertaIndependenciaJune 27, 193813,233206.8564/km2
La MataSánchez RamírezAugust 7, 200250,394174.64289/km2
La RomanaLa RomanaFebruary 27, 1897239,987185.521,294/km2
La VegaLa VegaMarch 5, 1845310,203639.85485/km2
Laguna SaladaValverdeMarch 6, 197645,546184.54247/km2
Las CharcasAzuaSeptember 15, 200119,877251.2379/km2
Las GuáranasDuarteJuly 22, 199829,19386.49338/km2
Las Matas de FarfánSan JuanMarch 5, 184572,303636.64114/km2
Las Matas de Santa CruzMonte CristiMarch 18, 198514,234109.51130/km2
Las TerrenasSamanáSeptember 19, 199645,944113.10406/km2
Las Yayas de ViajamaAzuaMay 1, 200124,573472.5452/km2
Licey al MedioSantiagoJuly 13, 198449,43227.041,828/km2
Loma de CabreraDajabónJune 27, 193823,234238.5197/km2
Los AlcarrizosSanto DomingoJanuary 31, 2005345,32952.146,623/km2
Los CacaosSan CristóbalFebruary 2, 200415,334145.62105/km2
Los HidalgosPuerto PlataMarch 10, 197617,384101.10172/km2
Los RíosBahorucoNovember 27, 200113,234149.8788/km2
LuperónPuerto PlataJune 18, 194525,443272.0794/km2Bajabónico
MaimónMonseñor NouelSeptember 22, 198223,13390.07257/km2
MaoValverdeMay 4, 1878145,309423.60343/km2Santa Cruz de Mao
Matanzas[18]PeraviaAugust 19, 201454,234203.39267/km2
MellaIndependenciaMarch 22, 20045,233508.8110/km2
MichesEl SeiboAugust 8, 188325,423442.4757/km2El Jovero
MocaEspaillatMarch 5, 1845213,244239.36891/km2
MonciónSantiago RodríguezSeptember 9, 190739,993101.61394/km2
Monte CristiMonte CristiMarch 5, 184541,933842.9550/km2San Fernando de Monte Cristi
Monte PlataMonte PlataMarch 5, 184567,473623.55108/km2
NaguaMaría Trinidad SánchezJuly 10, 1882132,394552.71240/km2San José de Matanzas
NeibaBahorucoMarch 5, 1845100,987423.46238/km2
NizaoPeraviaApril 14, 198834,34548.54708/km2
OviedoPedernalesMarch 3, 195012,345799.8615/km2
Padre Las CasasAzuaJune 27, 193845,394496.9891/km2
ParaísoBarahonaFebruary 29, 197623,124138.63167/km2
PartidoDajabónSeptember 19, 199617,029157.29108/km2
PedernalesPedernalesJune 27, 193894,3971,274.6774/km2
Pedro BrandSanto DomingoJanuary 31, 2005100,192212.29472/km2
Pedro SantanaElías PiñaMarch 3, 195212,442575.0222/km2
Pepillo SalcedoMonte CristiAugust 28, 194914,244149.3295/km2Manzanillo
PeraltaAzuaMarch 7, 197620,394115.85176/km2
PeralvilloMonte PlataJune 16, 200429,493153.35192/km2
Piedra BlancaMonseñor NouelNovember 30, 199134,245237.95144/km2
PimentelDuarteSeptember 9, 190730,492124.67245/km2
PoloBarahonaSeptember 30, 200111,234200.6156/km2
Postrer RíoIndependenciaMay 4, 19829,394158.9359/km2
Pueblo ViejoAzuaMay 1, 200315,34445.38338/km2
Puerto PlataPuerto PlataMarch 5, 1845301,344509.01592/km2San Felipe de Puerto Plata
PuñalSantiagoApril 7, 200674,24460.801,221/km2
QuisqueyaSan Pedro de MacorísJuly 1, 199825,944155.45167/km2
Ramón SantanaSan Pedro de MacorísApril 25, 189413,493249.9254/km2
Rancho ArribaSan José de OcoaMay 8, 198914,938203.5373/km2
RestauraciónDajabónJune 23, 189213,293283.5847/km2
Río San JuanMaría Trinidad SánchezMarch 27, 194631,233272.19115/km2
Sabana de la MarHato MayorMarch 5, 184528,912508.5257/km2
Sabana Grande de BoyáMonte PlataMarch 5, 184539,292535.0873/km2
Sabana Grande de PalenqueSan CristóbalSeptember 19, 199622,12330.13734/km2
Sabana IglesiaSantiagoMay 18, 200721,02358.30361/km2
Sabana LargaSan José de OcoaApril 7, 199112,394167.0074/km2
Sabana YeguaAzuaMay 1, 200322,394101.58220/km2
SabanetaSantiago RodríguezMarch 5, 184559,833804.4774/km2San Ignacio de Sabaneta
SalcedoHermanas MirabalMarch 5, 184578,333190.60411/km2Juana Núñez
SalinasBarahonaMarch 8, 20017,383123.4760/km2
SamanáSamanáMarch 5, 1845102,939412.11250/km2Santa Bárbara de Samaná
San Antonio de GuerraSanto DomingoMarch 24, 200497,889288.25340/km2
San CristóbalSan CristóbalMarch 5, 1845294,394226.521,300/km2
San Francisco de MacorísDuarteMarch 5, 1845279,443727.15384/km2
San Gregorio de NiguaSan CristóbalJanuary 11, 200144,33348.76909/km2
San José de las MatasSantiagoMarch 5, 184569,8871,549.0645/km2
San José de los LlanosSan Pedro de MacorísMarch 5, 184534,332436.4679/km2
San José de OcoaSan José de OcoaMarch 5, 184595,633484.87197/km2
San Juan de la MaguanaSan JuanMarch 5, 1845233,3921,876.21124/km2
San Pedro de MacorísSan Pedro de MacorísMarch 5, 1845272,873152.331,791/km2
San Rafael del YumaLa AltagraciaAugust 11, 195929,2961,123.8528/km2
San Víctor[19]EspaillatAugust 29, 201478,38399.85785/km2
SánchezSamanáSeptember 9, 190729,303328.5389/km2
Santiago de los CaballerosSantiagoMarch 5, 18451,000,009428.882,332/km2
Santo DomingoDistrito NacionalMarch 5, 18451,443,384104.4413,820/km2
Santo Domingo EsteSanto DomingoOctober 8, 2001773,628106.297,278/km2
Santo Domingo NorteSanto DomingoOctober 8, 2001685,037388.962,107/km2
Santo Domingo OesteSanto DomingoOctober 8, 2001468,28454.108,656/km2
SosúaPuerto PlataMarch 4, 197682,093276.89296/km2
Tábara ArribaAzuaJanuary 20, 200423,123209.84110/km2
TamayoBahorucoJune 27, 193840,293374.01108/km2
TamborilSantiagoSeptember 9, 190791,38470.631,294/km2Peña
TenaresHermanas MirabalJune 27, 193840,293159.71252/km2
VallejueloSan JuanMarch 8, 197615,898218.8273/km2
Vicente NobleBarahonaMarch 3, 197628,583225.63127/km2
Villa AltagraciaSan CristóbalSeptember 9, 1907129,394482.05268/km2
Villa GonzálezSantiagoOctober 19, 199170,494100.78699/km2
Villa HermosaLa RomanaJuly 28, 2004159,544158.631,006/km2
Villa IsabelaPuerto PlataMay 16, 198924,392212.60115/km2
Villa JaraguaBahorucoFebruary 28, 197614,843120.23123/km2
Villa Los AlmácigosSantiago RodríguezSeptember 19, 199618,392205.0690/km2
Villa MontellanoPuerto PlataJanuary 21, 200626,34573.89357/km2
Villa RivaDuarteMarch 5, 184542,343309.93137/km2San Antonio del Yuna
Villa TapiaHermanas MirabalMarch 5, 184542,12390.12467/km2La Jagua
Villa VásquezMonte CristiJune 27, 193824,293229.86106/km2Santa Ana, Villa Isabel
YaguateSan CristóbalMarch 5, 197654,663121.81449/km2
YamasáMonte PlataSeptember 9, 190790,129441.61204/km2

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Municipalities of the Dominican Republic


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