List of pansexual people

This is a list of people who identify as pansexual and who are the subjects of articles on the English Wikipedia.

Name Dates Nationality Comments Reference
Courtney Act Born 1982 Australian Drag performer, singer [1]
Madison Bailey Born 1999 American Actress [2]
Nayland Blake Born 1960 American Artist [3]
Bob the Drag Queen Born 1987 American Drag performer [4]
Boyfriend Born 1988 American Rapper, songwriter, producer, and performance artist [5]
Brooke Candy Born 1989 American Rapper [6][7]
Greta Christina Born 1961 American Blogger, speaker, and author [8]
Christine and the Queens Born 1988 French Singer, songwriter, pianist [9]
Miley Cyrus Born 1992 American Singer, songwriter and actress [10][11]
Cara Delevingne Born 1992 British Model, actress and singer [12]
Asia Kate Dillon Born 1984 American Actor [13]
Mary González Born 1983 American Texas legislator; the first openly pansexual elected official in the United States [14][15]
Gigi Gorgeous Born 1992 Canadian YouTuber, socialite, actress and model [16]
Laci Green Born 1989 American YouTuber [17]
Emily Hampshire Born 1981 Canadian Actress, singer [18]
Dalton Harris Born 1991 Jamaican Singer [19]
Kimberly Hart-Simpson Born 1987 Welsh Actress and businesswoman [20]
Sophie B. Hawkins Born 1964 American Singer and songwriter [21]
Angel Haze Born 1992 American Rapper and lyricist [22]
Clara Henry Born 1994 Swedish Blogger, comedian, television presenter and author [23]
Tess Holliday Born 1985 American Model, make-up artist, blogger [24][25]
Jazz Jennings Born 2000 American Reality television personality, LGBTQ rights activist [26]
Demi Lovato Born 1992 American Singer and actor [27]
Joe Lycett Born 1988 British Comedian [28]
Declan McKenna Born 1998 British Singer, LGBT+ rights advocate and political activist. "I might call [my sexuality] pansexual, depending on who I’m talking to." [29]
Janelle Monáe Born 1985 American Singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, actress, and model [30]
Layla Moran Born 1982 British Member of House of Commons of the United Kingdom [31]
Valentina Nappi Born 1990 Italian Pornographic actress [32]
Natasha Negovanlis Born 1990 Canadian Actress, singer [33]
Sarah Peters Born 1987 American Politician, environmental engineer [34]
Griffon Ramsey Born 1980 American Artist [35]
Patruni Sastry Born 1992 Indian Dancer, Drag Performer and Actor [36]
Rina Sawayama Born 1990 Japanese Singer and musician [37]
JoJo Siwa Born 2003 American Dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality. "Technically I would say that I am pansexual, because that’s how I have always been my whole life is just like, my human is my human." [38]
Tyler Spencer Born 1972 American Singer, songwriter, musician, author [39]
Caitlin Stasey Born 1990 Australian Actress [40]
Jim Sterling Born 1984 American Journalist, Youtuber, video game critic [41]
Chris Stuckmann Born 1988 American Youtuber, film critic, filmmaker [42]
Bella Thorne Born 1997 American Actress, singer [43]
Brendon Urie Born 1987 American Actor, musician, lead singer of Panic! at the Disco [44]
Dreya Weber Born 1961 American Actress, producer and aerialist [45]
Mae Whitman Born 1988 American Actress, singer [46]
Yungblud Born 1997 British Singer, songwriter and actor [47]
Rapper Angel Haze identifies as pansexual.