List of peaks named Cinder Cone

Cinder Cone is the proper name of 2 peaks in Canada and 7 peaks in the United States:

In Canada:

NameCGNDB linkProvinceRegionNTS mapCoordinates
Cinder ConeBritish ColumbiaNew Westminster Land District92G/1449°58′18″N 123°0′26″W
Cindercone PeakBritish ColumbiaRange 3 Coast Land District93C/1452°46′12″N 125°18′59″W

In the United States:

NameUSGS linkStateCountyUSGS mapCoordinates
Cinder Cone and the Fantastic Lava BedsCaliforniaLassenProspect Peak40°32′51″N 121°19′08″W
Cinder ConeCaliforniaShastaCoble Mountain40°55′57″N 121°21′46″W
Cinder ConeCaliforniaSiskiyouHotlum41°28′39″N 122°17′15″W
Cinder ConeCaliforniaSiskiyouLittle Glass Mountain41°31′43″N 121°38′48″W
Cinder Cone ButteIdahoAdaCinder Cone Butte43°13′10″N 115°59′32″W
Cinder ConeOregonDeschutesChina Hat43°39′05″N 121°07′27″W
Cinder ConeOregonWascoBoulder Lake44°50′24″N 121°44′39″W

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