List of political parties in Greenland

This is a list of political parties in Greenland, as of 25 April 2018. Greenland has a multi-party system.

Active parties

Logo Name Abbr. Ideology Position Leader MPs
(Parliament of Greenland)
(Parliament of the Kingdom of Denmark)
S Social democracy
Greenlandic independence
Third way
Centre-left Kim Kielsen 10 1
Community of the People
Inuit Ataqatigiit
IA Democratic socialism[1][2]
Greenlandic independence[2][3]
Left-wing nationalism
Left-wing Sara Olsvig 8 1
D Liberalism[4]
Social liberalism[4]
Economic liberalism[5]
Greenlandic unionism[6]
Centre[9] to Centre-right[10] Niels Thomsen 6 0
Point of Orientation Party
Partii Naleraq
PN Centrism
Greenlandic independence
Centre Hans Enoksen 3 0
A Liberal conservatism[10][12][13]
Market liberalism
Nordic agrarianism
Greenlandic unionism
Centre-right to Right-wing Aqqalu Jerimiassen 2 0
Cooperation Party
SA Greenlandic unionism
Social liberalism[14]
Economic liberalism
Centre-right[15] Michael Rosing 1 0
Descendants of Our Country
Nunatta Qitornai
NQ Greenlandic independence
Centre-left Vittus Qujaukitsoq 1 0
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