List of prime ministers of Luxembourg

The Prime Minister of Luxembourg (Luxembourgish: Premier Minister vu Lëtzebuerg; French: Premier ministre luxembourgeois; German: Premierminister von Luxemburg) is the head of government of Luxembourg. His official residence and office is in the Hôtel de Bourgogne at 4 Rue de la Congrégation in the city of Luxembourg.

Prime Minister of Luxembourg
Luxembourgish: Premier Minister vu Lëtzebuerg
French: Premier ministre luxembourgeois
German: Premierminister von Luxemburg
Xavier Bettel

since 4 December 2013
Executive branch of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
StatusHead of government
Member ofCabinet of Luxembourg
European Council
ResidenceHôtel de Bourgogne
AppointerGrand Duke of Luxembourg
Term lengthNo fixed term
Formation1 August 1848
First holderGaspard-Théodore-Ignace de la Fontaine
Salary232,906.90 euro

Since 1989, the title of Prime Minister has been an official one,[1] although the head of the government had been unofficially known by that name for some time. Between 1857 and 1989, the Prime Minister was styled the President of the Government,[2] with the exception of the 25-day premiership of Mathias Mongenast.[3] Before 1857, the Prime Minister was the President of the Council. In addition to these titles, the Prime Minister uses the title Minister of State, although this is usually relegated to a secondary title.

This is a list of prime ministers and governments since the post was founded, in 1848. In larger font are the dates of the prime ministers entering and leaving office. The smaller dates, during the respective premierships, are those of the prime ministers' governments. Luxembourg has a collegial governmental system; often, the government will present its resignation, only for the successor government to include many, if not most, of the previous ministers serving under the same Prime Minister. Each of the smaller dates reflects a change in the government without a change of Prime Minister.

The annual salary of the prime minister is 250,000 EUR.[4]