List of road routes in Western Australia

Road routes in Western Australia assist drivers navigating roads in urban, rural, and scenic areas of the state.[1] The route numbering system is composed of National Highways, National Routes, State Routes, and Tourist Drives. Each route has a unique number, except for National Highway 1 and National Route 1, which mark Highway 1 in Western Australia. Routes are denoted on directional signs and roadside poles by appropriately numbered markers, the design of which varies according to route type.[1]

National Highways and Routes in Western Australia
Highways in south-west Western Australia
Road routes in Perth

National Highways and National Routes are designated by the Federal Government along roads of national importance, whilst State Routes and Tourist Drives are designated by the State Government. Highways and some arterial roads are controlled and maintained by Main Roads Western Australia,[2][3] although National Highways are federally funded. The remaining roads are generally the responsibility of local governments, though there are also some private roads and Department of Environment and Conservation roads.[2]

Many major roads in Perth[4] and in rural Western Australia[5] are not assigned a route number. Not many routes have been added since the 1990s; exceptions include the Graham Farmer Freeway, Mandjoogoordap Drive and Port Gregory Road/George Grey Drive.[citation needed]