List of tallest Eastern Orthodox church buildings

This is a list of tallest Orthodox church buildings in the world, all those higher than 70 metres.

Peter and Paul Cathedral in Saint Petersburg, with its tallest Orthodox bell tower (122 m).

Traditionally, an Orthodox church building is crowned by one or several domes with Orthodox crosses on the top of each. The overall height of the temple is measured by the highest point of the cross above the main temple.

The number of domes is symbolical. One dome is a symbol of Christ or God, three domes are symbolic of Trinity, five domes symbolize Christ and Four Evangelists, seven domes are often used because seven is a holy number, and thirteen domes correspond to Christ and his twelve Apostles. Other numbers are also encountered.

An Orthodox church building may also have a bell tower or zvonnitsa, either a part of the main church building, or standalone structure. Typically, bell tower is higher than the main temple.

This list is divided into two sections, one listing the highest temples and the other listing the highest bell towers or zvonnitsas.

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