List of tallest buildings in the European Union

This list ranks the tallest buildings in the European Union that stand at least 150 metres (492 ft) tall, based on standard height measurement. This means that spires and other architectural details are included in the official height, but not antenna masts, as it is defined by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat. Only habitable buildings are ranked, which excludes radio masts and towers, observation towers, cathedrals, steeples, chimneys and other tall architectural structures.

Tallest buildings in the European Union (as of 2020)

The tallest building in the EU is the Varso Tower in Warsaw, Poland, at 310 metres (1,017 ft). It became the tallest building in the EU on February 20th, 2021.[1]

Existing buildings

Skyline of Warsaw in Poland
Skyline of Frankfurt in Germany
Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid
Skyline of La Défense in Paris
Skyline of Milan in Italy
Zuidas in Amsterdam
Donau City in Vienna

This list includes buildings under construction that have already been architecturally topped out. Architectural height is considered, so masts and other elements added after completion of building are not considered.

  Was the union's tallest building upon completion
  Was the country's tallest building upon completion
Rank Name Image City Height in m (ft)[2] Floors Year built
1 Varso Tower Warsaw 310 m (1,017 ft) 53 2021
2Commerzbank TowerFrankfurt259 m (850 ft)561997
3MesseturmFrankfurt256 m (840 ft)641990
4Torre de CristalMadrid249 m (817 ft)522009
5Torre CepsaMadrid248.3 m (815 ft)452008
6Palace of Culture and ScienceWarsaw237 m (778 ft)[lower-alpha 1]421955
7Torre PwCMadrid236 m (774 ft)522008
8Tour FirstParis231 m (758 ft)522011
Unicredit TowerMilan231 m (758 ft)352011
10Torre EspacioMadrid224.2 m (736 ft)572008
11DC TowersVienna220 m (722 ft)602013
Warsaw SpireWarsaw220 m (722 ft)492016
13Sky TowerWrocław212 m (696 ft)502012
14Allianz TowerMilan209 m (686 ft)502014
15Tour MontparnasseParis209 m (686 ft)591972
Piedmont Region Headquarters[4]Turin209 m (686 ft)422017
17Westendstraße 1Frankfurt208 m (682 ft)531993
Warsaw Trade TowerWarsaw208 m (682 ft)431999
19Millennium TowerVienna202 m (663 ft)501999
Warsaw Unit [pl] Warsaw 202 m (663 ft) 46 2021
21Main TowerFrankfurt200 m (656 ft)551999
Tower 185Frankfurt200 m (656 ft)552011
IntempoBenidorm200 m (656 ft)552014
Tour IncityLyon200 m (656 ft)392015
25SkylinerWarsaw195 m (640 ft)452021
Q22Warsaw159 m (522 ft)472016
27Tour MajungaParis194 m (636 ft)452014
27Złota 44Warsaw192 m (630 ft)542012
Rondo 1Warsaw159 m (522 ft)402006
30 Turning TorsoMalmö190 m (623 ft)542005
31 Omniturm[5] Frankfurt 189.9 m (623 ft) 45 2019
32TrianonFrankfurt186 m (610 ft)451993
Gran Hotel BaliBenidorm186 m (610 ft)522002
34Tour GDF SuezParis185 m (607 ft)372008
35European Central Bank HeadquartersFrankfurt183.7 m (603 ft)452014
36Tour GraniteParis183 m (600 ft)352008
37Caleido TowerMadrid181 m (594 ft)382020
38Olivia StarGdańsk180.6 m (593 ft)472018
39Cajasol TowerSeville180.5 m (592 ft)402016
40 Grand Tower[6]] Frankfurt 180 m (591 ft) 47 2019
41Tour TotalParis179 m (587 ft)481985
42Tour ArevaParis178 m (584 ft)441974
43Tour Saint-GobainParis178 m (584 ft)392019
44Generali TowerMilan177.4 m (582 ft)442017
45Libeskind TowerMilan175.5 m (576 ft)342020
46Tour D2 Paris171 m (561 ft)372014
47OpernturmFrankfurt170 m (558 ft)422010
Taunusturm[7]Frankfurt170 m (558 ft)402014
49Tours Société Générale (Tour Alicante)Paris167 m (548 ft)371995
Tours Société Générale (Tour Chassagne)Paris167 m (548 ft)371995
Torre Intesa Sanpaolo[8]Turin167 m (548 ft)392014
52Tour CB21Paris166 m (545 ft)421974
SilberturmFrankfurt166 m (545 ft)321978
Tour Carpe DiemParis166 m (545 ft)342013
54Cosmopolitan Twarda 2/4[9]Warsaw165.4 m (543 ft)462013
56Tour Part-DieuLyon165 m (541 ft)421977
MaastorenRotterdam165 m (541 ft)442009
Torre IberdrolaBilbao165 m (541 ft)412011
59InterContinental WarsawWarsaw164 m (538 ft)452003
60Post TowerBonn162 m (531 ft)412002
60Cœur DéfenseParis161 m (528 ft)402001
Palazzo LombardiaMilan161 m (528 ft)442010
63Tour Alto[10]Paris160 m (525 ft)382020
64Tribunal de Paris[11]Paris159.7 m (524 ft)382018
65Westend GateFrankfurt159 m (522 ft)471976
65Torre Lúgano[12]Benidorm158 m (518 ft)432007
New OrleansRotterdam158 m (518 ft)432010
Torre PicassoMadrid156 m (512 ft)431988
69Deutsche Bank IFrankfurt155 m (509 ft)401984
Deutsche Bank IIFrankfurt155 m (509 ft)381984
Torre EuroskyRome155 m (509 ft)352012
Tour EgéeParis155 m (509 ft)401999
Tour AdriaParis155 m (509 ft)402002
Marienturm[13]Frankfurt155 m (509 ft)382019
75Torre MapfreBarcelona154 m (505 ft)401992
Hotel ArtsBarcelona154 m (505 ft)441994
SkyperFrankfurt154 m (505 ft)382004
78Tour ArianeParis152 m (499 ft)361975
MontevideoRotterdam152 m (499 ft)432005
80De Rotterdam[14]Rotterdam151.3 m (496 ft)442013
81Gebouw Delftse Poort IRotterdam151 m (495 ft)411991
Torre PontinaLatina151 m (495 ft)372010
Tour TrinityParis151 m (495 ft)332020
84Tour Les PoissonsParis150 m (492 ft)421970
Rembrandt TowerAmsterdam150 m (492 ft)411992
Hochhaus Neue Donau[15]Vienna150 m (492 ft)332002

Buildings by pinnacle height

Some skyscraper enthusiasts prefer this measurement, claiming that the extensions that can or cannot be deemed "architectural" are subjective. However, many non-architectural extensions (such as radio antennas) are easily added and removed from tall buildings without significantly changing the style and design of the building, which is seen as a significant part of the value of these buildings.

The list includes all skyscrapers of at least 180 metres (591 ft) tall. However the height data is subject to fluctuations due to simple changing of mast extensions. This list includes buildings under construction that have already been architecturally topped out.

bold †Denotes building with pinnacle height higher than architectural
Name City Height in m (ft) Floors Completed
Varso Tower Warsaw 310 m (1,017 ft) 53 2021
Commerzbank TowerFrankfurt300 m (984 ft)561997
MesseturmFrankfurt256.5 m (842 ft)551990
DC TowersVienna250 m (820 ft)602013
Torre de CristalMadrid250 m (820 ft)452007
Allianz TowerMilan249 m (817 ft)502014
Torre CepsaMadrid248.3 m (815 ft)452008
Main TowerFrankfurt240 m (787 ft)551999
Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw 237 m (778 ft) 44 1955
Torre PwCMadrid236 m (774 ft)522007
Tour FirstParis231 m (758 ft)562010
Unicredit TowerMilan231 m (758 ft)352011
Torre EspacioMadrid230 m (755 ft)572007
Warsaw SpireWarsaw220 m (722 ft)492016
European Central Bank HeadquartersFrankfurt217.3 m (713 ft)452014
Sky TowerWrocław212 m (696 ft)502012
Tour MontparnasseParis209 m (686 ft)591972
Piedmont Region Headquarters[4]Turin209 m (686 ft)422017
Westendstrasse 1Frankfurt208 m (682 ft)531993
Warsaw Trade TowerWarsaw208 m (682 ft)431999
Millennium TowerVienna202 m (663 ft)511999
Tour IncityLyon202 m (663 ft)392015
Tower 185Frankfurt200 m (656 ft)512011
IntempoBenidorm200 m (656 ft)552014
Tour MajungaParis194 m (636 ft)452014
Złota 44Warsaw192 m (630 ft)542012
Generali TowerMilan191.5 m (628 ft)442017
Turning TorsoMalmö190 m (623 ft)542005
Omniturm[16] Frankfurt 189.9 m (623 ft) 45 2019
Grand Tower†[17] Frankfurt 187 m (614 ft) 47 2019
TrianonFrankfurt186 m (610 ft)451993
Gran Hotel BaliBenidorm186 m (610 ft)522002
Tour GDF SuezParis185 m (607 ft)372008
Tour GraniteParis183 m (600 ft)352008
Cajasol TowerSeville180.5 m (592 ft)402016
many lower buildings

Buildings under construction

This lists buildings that are under construction in European Union and are planned to rise at least 150 metres (492 ft). Approved or proposed buildings are not included in the table. Included are renders of the finished towers or images of the current construction sites.

Image Name City Metres Feet Floors Planned
Karlatornet Gothenburg 245 804 73 2022
Four Frankfurt 1 Frankfurt 228 748 59 2023
Tour Hekla Paris 220 722 51 2022
Zalmhaven Toren Rotterdam 215 705 58 2021
Sky Fort Sofia 202 666 47 2022
ONE[18] Frankfurt 191 627 49 2022
Tours Duo 1[19]Paris180591392021
Four Frankfurt 2 Frankfurt 172 564 50 2023
One Limassol Limassol 170 558 38 2021
Eurovea Tower[20] Bratislava 168 552 46 2023
Trilogy West Tower[21][22] Limassol 161 528 39 2022
Limassol NEO Limassol 156 512 39 2023
Skysawa[citation needed]Warsaw155508362021

Timeline of the tallest buildings in the EU/EEC

The following is a timeline of the tallest buildings in the European Union (EU) and its direct predecessor, the European Economic Community (EEC) established in 1957.

Name City Years as tallest Metres Feet Floors
Varso Tower Warsaw 2021–present 310 1,017 53
Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt 2020–2021 259 850 56
The Shard London 2011–2020 306[lower-alpha 2] 1,004 73
Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt 1997–2011 259 850 56
Messeturm Frankfurt 1990–1997 257 843 55
Tour Montparnasse Paris 1972–1990 210 689 59
Tour du Midi / Zuidertoren Brussels 1966–1972 150 492 38
Pirelli Tower Milan 1958–1966 127 416 32

Prior to 1966, Edificio España and Torre de Madrid in Madrid surpassed the height of the then tallest EU building, but Spain didn't become a European Union member until 1986. Similarly, before 1990, the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw surpassed the height of the then tallest EU building; however, Poland did not become a member of the European Union until 2004.

The Shard ceased to be tallest building in the EU in 2020 due to the United Kingdom exiting the European Union. The title then returned to the previous holder, Frankfurt's Commerzbank Tower.

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Footnotes and references

  1. Height according to the official website of the Palace of Culture which claims that the additional 6-meter spire-antenna addition is an integral part of the spire[3]
  2. Height according to Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat methodology, according to other sources the height is 309.6 m (1,016 ft)[23]