List of universities and colleges in Sweden

This list of universities in Sweden is based on the Higher Education Ordinance of 1993 (as amended until January 2006). With few exceptions, all higher education in Sweden is publicly funded.

The Swedish higher education system differentiates between universitet and högskola (university and university college respectively). The universities are research-oriented and may award Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctor's degrees in many academic fields, whereas the högskolor usually are more focused on applied sciences, and only have limited rights granting doctor's degrees. Note, however, that some universities still call themselves högskola in Swedish, mainly older specialised institutions in engineering and medicine (for instance KTH Royal Institute of Technology is called "Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan" and Chalmers University of Technology is called "Chalmers Tekniska Högskola"). Also, both proper universities and högskolor translate their official names to "university" in English, where in the latter case "university college" would be more correct.

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