List of years in television

This is a list of years in television. It shows some of the history of television and lists the first broadcast of many television shows.


  • 1922: Charles Francis Jenkins' first public demonstration of television principles. A set of static photographic pictures is transmitted from Washington, D.C. to the Navy station NOF in Anacostia by telephone wire, and then wirelessly back to Washington.
  • Philo Farnsworth first describes an image dissector tube, which uses caesium to produce images electronically, but will not produce a working model until 1927.
  • 1923: Charles Jenkins first demonstrates "true" television with moving images. This time 48-line moving silhouette images are transmitted at 16 frames per second from Washington to Anacostia Navy station.
  • Vladimir Zworykin applies for a patent for an all-electronic television system, the first ancestor of the electric scanning television camera. The patent is not granted until 1938 after significant revisions and patent interference actions.
  • 1924: John Logie Baird demonstrates a semi-mechanical television system with the transmission of moving silhouette images in England.
  • Vladimir Zworykin files a patent application for the kinescope, a television picture receiver tube.
  • Charles Francis Jenkins achieves the first synchronized transmission of a moving silhouette (shadowgraphs) and sound, using 48 lines, and a mechanical system.
  • Vladimir Zworykin applies for a patent for color television.
  • Zworykin first demonstrates his electric camera tube and receiver for Westinghouse corporation executives, transmitting the still image of an "X".
  • John Baird achieves the first live television image with tone graduations (not silhouette or duotone images) in his laboratory. Baird brings office boy William Taynton in front of the camera to become the first face televised.
  • 1926: John Logie Baird demonstrates the world's first television system to transmit live moving images with tone graduations, to 40 members of the Royal Institution.
  • 1927: The BBC begins broadcasting as the British Broadcasting Corporation under the Royal Charter.
  • 1928: John Logie Baird's Television Development Company demonstrates their model A, B, and C 'televisors' to the general public.
  • 1929: John Logie Baird begins broadcasting 30-minute-long programmes for his mechanically scanned televisions.











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