Lithuania–United Kingdom relations

Lithuania – United Kingdom relations are foreign relations between the United Kingdom and Lithuania. The UK never recognised de jure the Soviet annexation of 1940. The UK recognised the restoration of Lithuanian independence on 27 August 1991. Both countries re-established diplomatic relations in October 1991. The United Kingdom has an embassy in Vilnius and an honorary consulate in Klaipėda. Lithuania has an embassy in London and five honorary consulates (in Northern Ireland, Northumberland, Scotland, Wales and the West Midlands).

British–Lithuanian relations

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There are around 100,000 Lithuanian people living in the United Kingdom. Both countries are full members of NATO.

The current ambassador to Lithuania is Brian Olley, ambassador to the UK is Renatas Norkus.

In 2006, the queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II paid a visit to Lithuania.[1]


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